Kidney Tonic

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  • Created for dogs & cats suffering from kidney, urinary tract infections and renal failure.
  • Our herbal blend includes the most powerful herbs known for treating kidney & urinary tract health.
  • Created by a Master Herbalist using only organic, all natural ingredients.
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Give the Product 4 Weeks to Work Efficiently

The goal with this product is to strengthen your dog or cat’s kidneys.  With that in mind, we recommend that you purchase enough to last at least 2-4 weeks; ideally 4 weeks which will give the product time to do its job.

A 1oz. bottle contains 30ml.ounce bottle contains 30 ml. You should use the remedy at least 3 times daily at first, until you see the desired results.  So, this means for a twenty-five pound dog,  he would need 3ml daily.  As a

result, a 1oz. bottle will you 10 days.  It would be best to purchase the 2oz. bottle.  The idea is to not disrupt the dosage for a month, because you run out of product.

Use: For dogs suffering with urinary tract issues including Renal Failure, Infection and FLUTD (cats).

Active Ingredients: Cornsilk, astragalus, couch grass, marshmallow root, hawthorn berries, ginkgo leaf, dandelion leaf & root.


Dogs: Give 1 ml for every 25 pounds. Do this 2-3 times daily. You can add directly to the mouth by pulling out the lower lip in the back near the jaw and applying the tincture there between the cheek and gums.  Don’t try to simply drop down the back of the throat. *Note: Better absorbed when given alone and not with a meal.  If necessary, you can add to the meal though.  Rinse off the dropper after each use.

Long term use: Feed for 5 days a week (providing your pet isn’t deteriorating). Or you can talk to your pet’s holistic vet for recommendations.

How to store Whole Body Tonic: Refrigerate once opened!

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