Ancestral 5 Organ Meat for Dogs


Give Your Dog 5 of the Major Organ Meats He Needs in Capsule Form

The Capsules

Each capsule of desiccated beef organ meats contains liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen organ meats from bovine sources. All beef organs are grass-fed and grass-finished, taken from pasture-raised cattle in New Zealand. The product is hormone, pesticide and GMO free, with no fillers or flow agents to plug the capsules with superfluous “stuff.”

In other words, consumers are getting the purest and most advantageous desiccated beef organ meats for dogs in each capsule.

The entire product line is taken from inspected animals based on a system of stringent monitoring and devotion to natural values. New Zealand is celebrated the world over for its certification procedures, while the freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of heat-sensitive minerals, vitamins and co-factors.

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This conserves natural balance.

Is it healthy to eat desiccated beef organ meats?

About the Organ Meat:

Each organ present in each capsule of desiccated beef organs for dogs plays an important role in the overall health of the animal.

Beef Liver

Liver is one of the densest super foods available in the natural world. It holds an abundance of vitamin A and is also heavy with iron, vitamin B12 and folate. The consumption of liver as part of desiccated beef organs for dogs holds the key to liver health and provides a boost to metabolism and methylation, which provides complete health to the immune system.

Beef Heart

Consuming the heart is one of the best ways to add coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10. CoQ10 is essentially the storehouse for powering the mitochondria, plus it supports inclusive heart health and appropriate blood pressure.

Beef Kidney

Kidney is an intensely powerful organ to consume. Its presence in desiccated beef organ meats for dogs provides an intense source of selenium and B12. As with the ancient principle of “like supports like,” the consumption of kidney meats reinforces kidney health and helps detoxification by clearing pathways. It also boosts the immune system and guards against various infections.

Beef Pancreas

Grass-fed pancreas is another superfood included in desiccated beef organs for dogs. Each capsule contains this all-natural enzyme source. By supporting a robust pancreas, this organ meat helps balance blood sugar signing and augments digestion by providing a wealth of enzymes.

Beef Spleen

Finally, the consumption of spleen organ meats is essential for providing one of the best sources of heme iron found in nature. This meat gives a lift to the immune system and supports allergy health, granting more resistance to allergens and other difficulties. Spleen benefits the metabolic health of blood cells, which contributes to building blood in the body.

Ancient Wisdom for Your Dog

Using the ancient wisdom that “like supports like” when it comes to nutrition, the consumption of desiccated beef organs for dogs can make all the difference in the world. The benefits of eating organ meats have been known since the beginning of recorded time, with tribes and clans of early peoples consuming every piece of the animal as part of their approach to total body health.

The same truism holds for pets, with animals readily consuming full organ meats in the wild.

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There is no waste in the natural diet, which is what makes desiccated beef organs for dogs such an exciting product.

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Weight 32 oz

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