janie knetzerHi!  My name is Janie and if you are a proud senior dog owner, then I’m hoping that this will be a really nice stop for you.

I’m known by many as a connoisseur for older dogs and a helpful advisor and consultant to their loving owners.

I offer the best ways to keep your best friend young in mind and body, naturally!

A little about my achievements and goals…

I’m the founder and the heart of YourOldDog.com. All things dog!

However, older dogs are and always have been, my true passion. I offer over 30 years of experience with training, nutrition, research and studies on what works and what doesn’t.

Next to older dogs, WHOLE nutrition and natural therapy including the use of herbs and traditional Chinese medicine are my other passion and I’ll soon be continuing my education in both nutrition and herbal therapy for dogs.

I was pretty much hooked on dogs from the time I received my first pup many, many years ago.  Sadly, Joe only lived to be eight years old and died from parvo virus.  I was a young teenager when Joe died and was devastated at the loss.  This is where my journey all started into the health and well-being of dogs and how I could change their quality of life and life expectancy.

My philosophy…

While I believe that traditional medicine has its place, I’m convinced that too much isn’t a good thing whether for ourselves OR our dogs.  YourOldDog.com is dedicated to sharing safe, effective, natural and holistic methods and products for your older dog.  We also discuss traditional practices that can both help and/or harm the well-being of your old friend.

Our own miracles…

Through our many years of working with dogs, we’re proud to say that we’ve cured or at least greatly improved the life quality and life expectancy of many dogs who were diagnosed with cancer, liver disease, irritable bowel disease, allergies, kidney problems and even dogs that were no longer able to walk using a whole, natural approach.

A little about our business…

Nutrition has been at the forefront of everything I do involving the care of dogs.  After all, it’s the foundation for improving health.

This is why I co-authored a simplified cookbook (with a certified nutritionist) for dogs with cancer, kidney, liver & heart disease, pancreatitis and seizures; so that pet owners can easily cook for their sick pet with little fuss, yet know that their best friend is getting whole, nutritional needs. You can read more here if you like.

all natural pet store for older dogs

Years ago my husband and I also created a specialty line of dog treats tailored to the needs of older dogs and they were the first to enter the market for our senior friends.  They had to be nutritionally sound to enter the very competitive market while including a healthy shelf life as well.  This is no easy thing, but we managed to make it work.

We perfected the texture so that older dogs with bad teeth could enjoy a soft, tasty, natural treat.  They were sold in major super market chains, small independent pet stores and specialty stores throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.

However, I realized that in order for me to reach more dog owners and help them with serious issues surrounding their senior dogs, I had to dedicate more time to my cause.  So, I decided to sell the business in 2009 and solely dedicate my time to growing Your Old Dog.  We’re happy to say that the dog treat business we started called Paws Barkery is still in business today with new owners.

About our store and product line…

Unlike other online shops, our objective is to truly make a difference in the life of your senior dog. We’re not interested in just making a sale. We’re “old school” and truly care about quality customer service. We hold the bar high for ourselves and go out of our way to help you to help your dog.

When  you shop with us, we can guarantee quality. Not imitation synthetic garbage. Whole, natural and holistic.  The majority of our products are created by Master Herbalists and Holistic Veterinarians and you can feel safe knowing that you are purchasing healthy, top of the line products for your best friend that work!   Visit our shop here.

Need help figuring out which product(s) your dog needs, or where to get started?  No problem, just reach out to us here on our contact form and we’ll get back to you asap!


All of our dogs come from rescue groups whether humane societies, breed specific rescue groups or someone’s back yard.  I started rescuing dogs at the young age of 20.

Our dog Maggie with her basketballmy dog abby

What You Can Expect If You Subscribe

My goal is to provide you with the best information possible regarding how you can maintain your dog’s health through natural and holistic methods FIRST! I know how expensive the cost of veterinarian care is, and I want you to understand just how far good food, avoiding the over use of chemicals and applying natural methods can really go for your dog; if you do it right!

I update my blog when I can, with fresh content. But, like you, I’m pretty busy holding down a real job, a home, a husband and so on. If you do subscribe to my blog and my newsletter (and I hope you are because my readers tell me it’s good), then you may get 2-4 emails from me a month, maybe less!

Please chime in and help!

I would also like to encourage you to get involved with the other dog owners that are reaching out. Dog people are typically friendly and caring, so why not pay it forward and help someone else with your own knowledge by responding to comments. Give back!

I hope that you enjoy the blog and our natural store for dogs. We look forward to sharing all we can with you and helping you as best we can!


What Our Clients Say

  • I just wanted to say that I purchased your cook book a few days ago, and have found it truly wonderful. My sweet old boxer Bessie has been wolfing down every last morsel! She has been a fussy eater her whole life, and especially disinterested in food the last week or two since we discovered her illness, but is loving her kidney diet.
    I have looked online at so many diets for dogs with kidney disease and your has been the most simple and easy to manage. And obviously tasty! So thank you!
    Celia (Bessie's Mom)
    Celia (Bessie's Mom)
  • People who knew Zoe before say her new found health is a miracle! But we know it’s just Janie, her advice and her genuine concern. We will forever be in her debt for saving our sweet Zoe!

    The McNamara Family (Zoe’s family)
    The McNamara Family (Zoe’s family)
  • Natural is God’s way .. it’s the only reason I can think of why He and Mother Nature have provided this earth with such bounty .. .. I am so happy but, Jasper is delighted AND an absolute delight. His old self again, or should I say, his YOUNG self again? Thank you Janie for all your beautiful wisdom.

    C. Howard (Jasper’s mom)
    C. Howard (Jasper’s mom)
  • Janie:  Thanks for your reply!  Our littlest dog, Mayble, is still a little thinner, but she is completely back to her normal self. Here is a photo of Mayble (in the purple jacket) along with her pack from a couple of weeks ago. She's in the thick of things as usual. I will continue to use your website for advice as our dogs grow older. I do appreciate the effort you have made to help guide other owners of older dogs. Thank you again!  Have a great day!

    Gwen Farrington (Mayble's Mom)
    Gwen Farrington (Mayble's Mom)
  • Maisy is doing really well (I probably mentioned the vet said she had 1-3 months as of Jan 26th). She's happy and sweet, wants to play and go on walks, has a lot of energy (like when she was a puppy), appetite is great, and she acts like the pain is managed well. I'm doing everything you recommended. I'm so grateful to have found your website with such good information, and thank you again for all of the advice you provided. My head was spinning and I was completely overwhelmed and devastated at the time. You gave me the info I needed to get started on a good protocol for her quickly. Thank you Janie!

    Ali (Maisy's Mom)
    Ali (Maisy's Mom)
  • Hi Janie Here is Maizy enjoying a second breakfast of fresh fish risotto. I must say I was tempted to join her it smells so good! I find so much joy in making her food! Thank you again!

    Lou (Maizy's Dad)
    Lou (Maizy's Dad)
  • On October 4, 2017  I contacted Janie in hopes for help to know what to do for our little Kinsler whom was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Failure. She recommended the cookbook and supplements. At that time he was not eating and Janie suggested the fresh greens in coconut water and Bentonite Clay. I had a time getting the greens down him, but it worked! He is now eating everyday! We are so pleased with the cookbook and the recipes along with the variety of meals that it offers.They are really easy to make in the crock pot. Once the recipe were done, I would then divide it up into serving sizes, placing them into ziplock snack baggies and then into the freezer. Pulling out what I've chosen for him to eat the night before. So easy and he loves the variety. (Beef with sweet potatoes & green beans, turkey with Kale, chicken with rice and spinach) His favorite is the Beef recipe.  Tomorrow I will preparing the Salmon Rizzuto can't wait to see how he will like that one. Kinsler when first trying out his new food, he would spit out the vegetables so I placed the cooked recipe into a chopper which blended it. He now eats all his vegetables and really likes the texture. He thinks he's getting gourmet dog food! He is now running around  the house playing with his toys and out in the yard chasing his little sister Callie. Your cookbook and the recipes you've created have truly turned his life around. Thank you Janie for always being there to give us support and the knowledge to help us in saving our little Kinsler!  You are truly an angel! Here is a picture of Kinsler  for you.

    Betty Bradford
    Betty Bradford
  • Hi Janie, I thought you should know that my shepadoodle has had some very itchy skin. Poor thing was kept up at night just scratching and scratching. Your recipes have made all the difference. Let's face it, using your recipes is the only diet change we made for him. The winter was particularly rough, but now he's much less irritated and seems much happier. He's always had lots of energy, but we just couldn't get over the scratching. I know you're not a vet, but even my vet didn't have answers. All they seem to do is shrug their shoulders and say; "Sometimes that's the way it is." Which, of course, is no help at all. Let's do the math. One vet visit $120 dollars vs your cookbook $9.99. It's a no brainer! I highly recommend these recipes for your old dog. Even though mine's only three 🙂 Thank you Janie!

    Tom Heibel Web Coder/Sys Admin
  • My husband will be sharing your website with several of his co-workers on Monday. I got the chance to peruse the new cookbook edition and it looks really good!  Congrats! Thanks for all your help!

    Melanie Garbe
  • Hi, Janie, Your information really helped!  I took your advice and found a holistic vet too.  We changed Walter's diet to your recipes and he is doing much better.  Thank you for caring about our dogs!

    J. Mack
    J. Mack

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