Pet Owner Testimonials

Below are some examples of testimonials from pet owners

Limp Gone & Digestion Better!

Hello Janie, I just wanted to send an email to update you about Gracie. I can't say thank you enough for all your help. Gracie is a whole new dog and at her last yearly vet check-up, the vet told me that she looks great for a girl in double digits. Her limp is gone, her stool looks 100% better and she is like a puppy when she has doggie playdates with her neighbor friends. She does really well keeping up with them considering they are all almost a year old.

Thank you again!

Megan P.

Dog has lymphoma and given 1-2 months - STILL with us after 10 months!

I reached out to Janie from your old dog when Jax was diagnosed with lymphoma and she put together this protocol for him and essiac tea was one of the supplements she recommended. I honestly believe this stuff is the “magic” that keeps Jax cancer from spreading. He’s not supposed to be here. He did no western treatment for they gave him 1-2 months to live. He’s thriving remarkably at almost 10 months and still growing strong. There’s something to holistic care he’s living proof and i thank everything to Janie and her knowledge.

Debra R.

Finally! Relief for my old dog!

Yes, finally. After loosing most of her fur from a horrible yeast overgrowth followed by antibiotics and anti fungal meds, a two UTIs and colitis. Then the dreaded Elephant Skin and black flakes and the sour odor of yeast and skin infections. Five shampoos, over a hundred baths, and 21 months later, I find Canine Relief. Coco, at 13 years old, feels, looks, and smells soooooo much better. I can see the black skin fading to pink in some places. I will continue to use the Dog Yeast Infection Kit and watch as she continues to heal. She’s been eating raw since September 2019 with supplements to address her gut health. Thanks to Your Old Dog, my old dog is finally on the mend!

Sherry C.

Excellent Customer Service

I was shipped the wrong BioPreparation product by mistake and the lovely people at Your Old Dog corrected the problem and sent me the right product. This is a wonderful company to deal with and BioPreparation is a wonderful product my dog has been using as a supplement in her food for years.

Jean C.

Dog with IBD - Miracles do happen

I came across this product as a solution to recovery and repair from giardiasis and vaccination reaction. Works great for IBDI also recommend giving it at bedtime. My Australian cattle dog is doing so great, I now give it to all my cats and dogs.

Susan L.

Amazingly effective!

This skin care treatment is truly exceptional! My 14 year old maltese has severe skin allergies and the shampoo and conditioner spray has alleviated her symptoms. Her rashes are clearing quickly and in less than a week, her fur has turned glossy and transformed from dullness to bright white. This will be the absolute product I will continue to use.

Miko B.

Something's Working!

I have been giving my 9 year old German Shepherd Essiac Tea everyday since she was diagnosed with Adeno carcinoma of the nose in early October 2019. Her prognosis at that time was weeks to possibly a few months. Since she was not having severe breathing problems and did not seem to be in pain, we opted to take a wait and see approach. I decided to start her on Essiac Tea along with some other Chinese remedies and vitamins and she is still with us. She has had minimal nose bleeds, no reverse sneezing and no difficulty breathing since starting this regime. Not sure if it’s helping, but doesn’t seem to be hurting.

Donna P.

Great Results using the Clay- and love Your Old Dog personnel!

My dog was diagnosed with both elevated liver and kidney levels. The Vet put her on liver meds, changed her food for the kidney issue and put her on antibiotic medicine. 12 months later there were no changes in the high level. I was doing research on the internet and came across Your Old Dog. I emailed and Janie sent me her phone number and we spoke about Sunny's issues. I got a recipe book, and ordered the clay and vitamins. In less than a year, my dogs kidney and liver levels are back to normal and she is very lively (she's 12 1/2). I highly recommend the clay! Janie, the owner at Your Old Dog is kind and thoughtful and very helpful.


Home Cooking for Sick Dogs Cookbook is Great!

I found this book very easy and helpful to use. I’m not a cook by any means and am able to make these recipes. My dog won’t eat any prescription foods and was very sick with more than one diagnosis addressed in the book. He loves the recipes. Also, any questions I had were answered immediately by email with kindness and expertise with a passion for what they are doing.

Thank you!

Kim B.

Works very well & loaded with nutrients

As a Natural Practitioner of pets and horses I have been looking for a comprehensive blend of nutrients no longer found in horse or dog feeds, along with vitamins etc. I found this product on Your Old Dog website and it gives such a great explanation of all their products they offer. I am very pleased with the results on my 32 yr old horse who has never had a vaccine , and my rescue dogs. Eyes brighter, more energy in my old girl & she seems to be putting on some weight along with the probiotics I give her and beautiful Hay. Dogs coats look better & rescue dogs skin issues seem to be clearing up. Well worth the $$ as to try an purchase everything in this formula would cost a huge amount. This is an excellent addition to the natural regimen to keep my horses and pets healthy.

Janice W.

Beef heart

Good product my doggies seem to like it!!

Regina C.

My dog has liver cancer. I'm using ox bile to help with her digestion along with other products that I am trying to combat her disease. I mix it in her food; so far she is tolerating it well.

Veronica K.

Herbsmith Senior Dog Wisdom chews
Great Product. Really helped my senior dog's manner and concentration. Always a quick ship, too!

Brenda S.

Recipe book
Love this had so much information plus easy good for your dog recipes!

Sue T.

Colloidal Silver is Great
Great & quick delivery! Thanks!

Budd N.

The Senior Dog Chews work great! Our dog had a vestibular episode and progress plateaued with his anxiety. This supplement has been well received (he’s fussy) and he’s made productive changes (brighter, more engaged, less head tilt) in the last week since starting Restore.

Stephanie A.

This has worked pretty well
The Adrenal Calm has worked pretty well for my 14 y/o male dog. His panting has decreased and he seems to sleep more calmly. Be careful with the dosage though, I gave him the full recommended dose and he was extremely constipated. I would definitely start low and work up to a working dose.

Carrie S.

We love this stuff! Colostrum is great for my dogs and I use It too!!

Nicolle C.

Great recipe book and so much more! Great book and very helpful with good advice on supplement support and sound advice thank you!

Stacey P.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you Janie. Hannah is SUPER! First,.... she loves those tabs. I give her daily dose after she finished her dinner as a "treat". That with her Cosequin.... have turned back the clock. She is far more aware of her surroundings. She does have her days when she is still a bit "fuzzy".... but IRead more about review stating Hi Janie Sorry it has would say her overall reaction has been unbelievable! And.... I want to add I began noticing a huge difference within about 5 days. She was far more alert and HAPPY.
Great product... WELL worth the money!

Alison R.

Adrenal Calm seems to be helping!!!
Seems to be helping!!!My little old man has no problem with me adding this to his food. Noticing his belly bloating going down more and more and his energy level coming back. Very grateful for your website and all the natural options for our best friends.

Lindsey V.

We see a big difference in using this product. We are almost out and started feeding my dog less and her symptoms are returning. So, thank you very much for having this product!

Jennifer F.

Adrenal Calm has seemed to make a difference for my 15 year old Golden retriever-mix! She has stopped losing hair in such large clumps, she seems to be panting less, and I think she is sleeping better. Thanks for this product; I think it has made my sweet Abby more comfortable, which makes me very HAPPY!

Jennifer B.

Colostrum hasn't worked yet. Going to try again ...
Hasn't worked yet. Going to double the dose.

Jim W.

Works great. My dog now has normal bowel movements. No more "back blast" my dog has more energy and is back to his normal self. I tried everything and nothing worked. This works.

Carol S.

Strongly recommend Home Cooking for Sick Dogs cookbook and following Janie's advice! I cannot thank Janie enough for giving me the gift of time with my dog.Ordering this book and following Janie's advice has given my dog Pedro a new lease on life! I would STRONGLY recommend purchasing this book and following every bit of advice on this site and from Janie directly. If you're going through the pain and struggle with a sick dog, Janie will help ease your own anxiety while helping your dog recover from Read more about review stating Strongly recommend this book and following Janie's advice! I cannot thank Janie enough for giving me the gift of time with my dog.illness and have a much better quality of life. Pedro is 14 and became very ill, wasn't able to digest food, was in a lot of pain where it got to the point where a hospice vet gave a prognosis of barely 4 weeks. Later that night I found this cookbook and reached out in desperation to Janie and followed her advice. It has almost been 7 weeks since then and Pedro is thriving on his new diet and supplement routine. His digestive system is back on track and he isn't in any pain. These recipes are easy to prepare and the supplement products quality are top notch. I am so thankful that my little dog is comfortable and forever grateful to Janie. Trust me, the only thing I wish I did differently was be able to find Janie sooner. Thank you thank you thank you!


Recipe Book Makes Cooking for Your Old Dog Foolproof!It was a blessing to come across this site! I'd already started cooking for my dog but I knew there were probably vital nutrients that were missing. This is book is wonderful and I recommend it 1,000%! It makes cooking for your dog so easy (most everything is done in a crockpot) and gives you all the supplements and additives you need so your dog Read more about review stating Recipe Book Makes Cooking for Your Old Dog Foolproof!can have a completely balanced meal. I have recommended this book to countless other owners of sick dogs (even not sick ones!) My dog loves her food and I am so grateful to have found this resource. I keep it on my phone so it's handy when I shop and cook. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin A.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Kit: These products are excellent
These 3 products are excellent! I have a senior dog, a Lab-Chow mix who was rescued at 15 years I have been his mommy for a little over a year. He was doing great up until a few months ago when all of a sudden he developed IBS/IBD after a bout of Vestibular Disorder. His stools were the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Up until the Vestibular Read more about review stating These products are excellent IDisease, he had well-formed stool. The vet prescribed probiotics and herbs which were quite expensive. After much web research I came across these products and bought them. My dog’s stools became better and healthier pretty quickly. I expected it to take longer but it happened faster than I thought! I have just re-ordered the Core Bowel Treatment Package again for the second time! It is well worth the money! Not expensive at all compared to what the vet charges! And works amazingly well! Well worth the money!

Haleigh T.

IBD Kit works great!
My dog now has normal bowel movements. No more "back blast" my dog has more energy and is back to his normal self. I tried everything and nothing worked. This works.

Carol S.

Excellent quality and results using the Essiac Tea for my dog!

Lawrence C.