Is a Raw Diet Safe for Sick and/or Older Dogs?

I’m a HUGE fan of raw diets for dogs and I encourage them to anyone with a younger dog, or an adult dog for that matter. However, my problem has always been with whether or not it’s [...]


Dogs and Sugar: Why You Should Avoid It

The list of foods you should avoid giving to your four-legged friend can seem as long as the list of foods you should and determining the difference between the two can be a confusing maze. I [...]

Why Dogs Act Hungry All The Time

As much as we may love our dogs, we might also wonder about some of their stranger habits and mannerisms. Among the most commonly questioned of these behaviors is that of “acting hungry,” which [...]


Why You Should Rotate Your Dog’s Food Every Day

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t feed your dog the same food every day. Let’s start with the obvious. Would you want to eat the same thing, every day for the rest of your [...]


Dispelling The Myths About Raw Food Diets for Dogs

I want to talk a little about raw feeding and the myths surrounding it.  I also want to offer a little more supportive evidence as to what I deem to be the ideal way to feed a dog providing your [...]

The Surprising Challenge of Dogs with Eating Disorders

It’s not something most of us think about, but the problem of dogs with eating disorders is in fact very real and very complex. There are a number of eating disorders in dogs, from overeating to [...]


The Dangers of Aflatoxin Contamination in Commercial Pet Food

Whether it’s salmonella or aflatoxin in dog food, it seems that we’ve seen more recalls and horror stories from pet owners over the past several months. So, I’ve been talking a lot [...]


Natura Dog Food Recall Expanded

Last month, Natura Pet Products Ltd. announced a recall of its dry cat and dog foods after discovering that they may be contaminated with salmonella. Now, that recall has been expanded to include [...]


Five People Foods Dogs Should Not Eat

I’d like to take a moment to talk about some less discussed foods that can be hazardous for Fido. I’m sharing an additional five people foods dogs should not eat. These aren’t the [...]

People Food for Dogs: 15 Foods You Can Share with Your Dog

In the wild world of pets, we often wonder exactly what we can feed them and if people food for dogs is appropriate. The good news is that it is. The less-than-good news is that you can’t just [...]

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