For dog and owner, dealing with a yeast infection can be one of the most difficult health problems to solve.  BUT, don’t get discouraged.  Just take it slow and STEADY.  Be diligent in the care of your dog.  Stay NATURAL!

This article is an attempt to help you weed through and determine those reasons while eliminating your dog’s skin problems once and for all.

It’s important to understand that when a dog has an uncontrolled yeast overgrowth, it all goes back to a breakdown in the immune system. There are a lot things that cause the immune system to get lazy or crash. Poor nutrition (a biggy), chemicals used to treat fleas and ticks, antibiotic, steroid and vaccine overuse, and any other pesticide that gets in contact with your dog, and finally an underlying health issue such as an auto-immune disease.

As a dog owner, you have to wear several hats in order to determine the root cause or causes that are destroying your dog’s immune system and his or her ability to fight against the fungus.

Lets simplify it though.  There are several reasons that cause a breakdown in immune health and lead to these types of infections.

You have to look at each one carefully and go through the process thoroughly.

Let’s get started and look at each step in the order of importance!

Food and Nutrition

POOR nutritional choices wreak havoc on your dog’s body, PERIOD!  The longer the dog goes without the diet he needs to thrive, the harder it is for him to fight off illness and infection. It all starts with food. This is the best place to put your money with regard to your dog’s health and repairing his broken immune system.  Plus, it’s never too late to start feeding correctly, no matter what the age.

Since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that your dog does indeed have a yeast infection and you’re struggling with how to correct it.  Food and supplements are where you start — NOT  antibiotics and steroids which will make the condition worse long-term, but with a good, healthy diet.

Our Recommendations for Feeding a Dog with Yeast Infections

You’ll find tons of blogs and articles all  screaming which diets and foods are good for dogs suffering with candida.

Before we go any further, my point regarding clearing up yeast is that, no two dogs are the same, and just because one particular diet works for one dog, doesn’t mean that it will work for another.

This is why I’m sharing 4 different diets with you that have all worked for different dogs with yeast problems.

The point is that you need to start with an exceptional diet made up of WHOLE, FRESH food and ANTIOXIDANTS, keeping in mind that every dog isn’t the same, and isn’t going to respond the same.

Start with any of the following diets and/or foods …


  • A raw diet can work very well for dogs with yeast issues.  You can also use a partially raw diet meaning that you partially cook the meat keeping it still very pink inside for the dog. You would need to add soft, steamed green vegetables avoiding starchy vegetables and all carbs.
  • You can also choose a commercial semi-homemade diet such as The Honest Kitchen which is considered a dehydrated formula of dog food.  This diet is very much like home made, but much easier. You just add hot filtered water.  We always recommend adding a little more protein to their formula, no matter which one you choose, but avoiding grain if you can, is also recommended.
  • We’re not big on dry foods, and typically NEVER recommend them.  However, we understand that there are those of you that will refuse, for whatever reason to do either of the above options.  So, with that in mind, there’s a dry food called Nutrisca that seemed promising at first (based upon the ingredients) for many dogs with yeast issues.  But, while the label shows an American flag on the front of the package and clearly says “made in USA”, from what we understand, many of their ingredients (including the main ingredient chicken) are sourced from China.  However, there’s another dry formula, pretty similar but made by Precise Pet Products here in the U.S.A. with   Precise offers a “Naturals Grain Free” formula and a “Holistic Grain Free” formula.  Both are potato and gluten free.  If you choose to feed this food, we still recommend adding fresh protein regularly for your dog to avoid problems later in life.
  • Our last recommendation would be to cook a healthy home-cooked meal.  You can use any of the recipes in our cookbook that include mostly 5 ingredients and can be placed in the crock pot.  Add fresh garlic which is known for it’s anti-fungal properties.

These Supplements are a MUST!

1. Coconut Oil must be fed routinely. Actually, I recommend it regardless of whether or not your dog has a bacterial problem or not. It does wonders for the skin and loose hair and shedding problems.  The high amounts of lauric acid in the oil are what makes it a super supplement for fighting bacteria such as yeast and other fungus. It’s also a must for dogs with any type of allergies, digestive and heart problems, and any auto-immune issues which I’ll discuss more on later.  Coconut oil dosage for dogs (work up to the maximum amount): 1 tsp per 10 lbs of body weight or if you have a large dog, use roughly 1 tablespoon for every 30 pounds daily.   You can find pure, organic, extra virgin coconut oil at Costco or Sams Club.

daily multivitamin powder for dogs2. Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes are also critical to the healing of these infections.  They both do different things, but are equally important.

When your dog is dealing with a yeast/fungal infection, his body is over populated with bad bacteria; a good source of probiotics provides your dog’s body with the healthy bacteria it needs.

3. Just like it’s important for you to take your vitamins to stay healthy, it’s no different for your dog.  If you want a healthy dog, a good diet and a GOOD multivitamin are the foundation of good health.  When dealing with an unhealthy dog, it is critical to include a good multi-vitamin like our Daily Multi Complete.

Support the Thyroid …

There are those dogs that require more than just the perfect diet and lifestyle change, usually due to an underlying auto-immune disease that was left undetected.

Many traditional veterinarians weren’t taught how to read a thyroid panel correctly. So, what happens is the vet uses temporary fixes for the dog (antibiotics, steroids, etc) instead of trying a thyroid medication that could indeed help. If your dog was tested and the results came back negative; there’s a chance that your vet didn’t read the results accurately.

Many of these dogs are borderline low thyroid and the vet doesn’t follow through with medication. Our point is, if you’ve tried everything that we discussed in the article, but your dog still isn’t responding, then there is a chance that there’s an underlying condition such as a thyroid problem.

We highly recommend that you see a holistic vet to in order to have a thyroid panel done.

celtic sea salt for dogsOr, try supporting the thyroid on your own first with the following…

Only Natural Pet makes a very good herbal thyroid support supplement. Read the reviews here.

Adding iodine to your dog’s daily diet can help.  Every living creature on the planet needs iodine which a vital mineral and sadly most owners and dogs aren’t getting enough of this vital nutrient.


Iodine deficiencies are believed to play a large role in thyroid problems and thyroid problems are believed to play a large role in chronic yeast infections.  We recommend Celtic Sea Salt (the bottle won’t say that it contains iodine), but it does contain NATURAL iodine.

We recommend Selina Naturally Kosher Celtic Sea Salt which is kosher.  Add 1/4 teaspoon to a quart of water.  Once your dog starts to show signs of better health, you can back off and just sprinkle some of the Celtic Sea Salt on his or her food daily.  The iodine supplementation should be continued for life.


If your dog has a serious thyroid problem, you MUST get him or her to a holistic vet and on the proper medication if you don’t see improvement.  DO NOT IGNORE THIS PROBLEM, PLEASE!

moosh all natural dog shampooTopical Hygiene

While the above recommendations help internally with your dog’s largest organ (the skin); it’s equally important to keep the skin clean and help it to heal.  You absolutely MUST bathe your dog.  Moosh is the best product available for dogs with any type of skin issues. It’s also very economical because it’s concentrated:

  • Yeast Infections
  • Fungis
  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Open Sores on Skin
  • Patches of Hair Loss
  • Dry Skin

Stress, Drugs and Other Chemicals That Can Cause or Make The Condition Worse

Here’s a list of things that can upset that delicate balance and destroy your dog’s immune system, leaving your best friend wide open to disease, illness and the inability to heal naturally. When you combine the following with a poor diet; you can understand why your dog’s immune structure is in distress.  Pay close attention to the first three:

  1. Antibiotics (on/off – chronic use such as with chronic ear infections – read more here)
  2. Chemical Flea and Tick Medicines
  3. Vaccines – Learn more about vaccinations on this page
  4. Yard Pesticides
  5. Steroids
  6. Hormones
  7. Over the Counter Medications
  8. Stress and Anxiety
  9. Lack of Exercise (this is a big factor in stress for dogs)


We hope this article has helped you with regards to the necessary steps involved in healing a dog with a yeast infection.  Don’t mask the problem with antibiotics and steroids; this will ultimately hinder your dog’s recovery long term.

Be patient and most of all, be consistent!


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