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When it comes to our pets, nothing is too good. As vital members of our families and communities, animals are the lifeblood of society and draw us together in ways nothing else can.

But when those pets get older, the process of maturing can be difficult to navigate for even the most loving or pet parents.

That’s where we come in. Here at, we’re going through what you’re going through. We know the ins and outs and ups and downs of senior dogs and recognize just how important information can be in the ongoing fight against aging. That’s why we’ve compiled a library of resources on everything from dietary considerations to pain management.

Best of all, believes in doing things the NATURAL way.


Thankfully, we have the time and passion to do the legwork for you and provide the best information possible – without the biases and interests of corporate pet supply chains.

If you’re seeking passionate, truly independent data, you’ve come to the right place. The trouble is that finding information isn’t easy – or cost-free. That’s where you come in.

As a valued supporter of, you’ll be supporting the most comprehensive resource of senior dog information on the planet. And you’ll be giving to the cause of supporting senior dog health in natural, holistic, healthy ways.

By joining our community with your generous contribution, you are making a difference and providing support for senior dog owners and pet enthusiasts around the world. Those who frequent know they can trust that passion for pets will always be a guiding light, that discovering the best information will always be a primary principle.

Through the years, has grown by leaps and bounds and seen success stories the likes of which we could not have imagined.

Founded by Janie, this site has become a flourishing community for pet owners and animal lovers. Bound by the common love for pets, this community has shared in the joys and struggles of our furry family members. From using herbal treatments to managing pain to exploring the stresses and trials of pet loss, continues to be a prominent resource and gathering place.

Janie’s 30 years of experience have been a benefit far and wide, as she’s lovingly shared her passion for pets with anyone and everyone. From her resolute exploration of studies in whole nutritional health and herbal therapy to her relentless desire to learn more about Chinese medicine and stress relief for senior dogs, we are ever guided by Janie’s zeal for helping ease pain and extending the lives of old dogs everywhere.

If this is your passion too or if you are inspired by the work you see on, consider participating today. Know that your contribution is cherished and utilized toward the continuous construction and maintenance of this incredible resource. Whether through the authoring of a cookbook or the establishment and maintenance of a growing online store, continues to grow with each passing moment.

Your input and contributions help in distributing information that puts pets first and leaves the corporate-led spin behind. With our developing resource of educational blogs, beneficial articles, workbooks, products, and other online resources, we here at are proud to offer an alternative that works.

Along with our enormous selection of online resources, we also offer consultation services. These include ongoing private email consultations and telephone calls to help pet owners traverse serious health concerns like liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer in dogs. Because of our wealth of experience and our passion for the health and wellbeing of our four-legged friends, these consultations are incredibly valuable.

Here at, we can help with numerous health concerns in a direct and productive way. We help from start to finish, helping your pet find and maintain good health through holistic, natural means.

Because of the time-consuming nature of this service, we respectfully ask for a small $50 contribution to This allows us to compensate for time and resources and ensures that we can maintain a high level of quality regarding our consultations. In order to participate in this beneficial service, refer to the contact form and confirm your consent to the valued donation.

As Benjamin Franklin knew, old dogs are among the only faithful friends we truly have in this life.

Watching those most faithful friends live through their twilight years is not always easy, but with the right tools, we can ease pain and suffering and create many happy memories with our senior dogs. By contributing to today, you’re helping the discovery, preservation, and provision of many of those tools and giving back to a community that loves and cares about pets as much as you do.

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