Using Gelatin Protein for Dogs with Hip and Joint Pain

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories about older dogs suffering with arthritis and joint pain.  We’re hoping this post will help those of you whose old friend is having a hard time [...]


Comfrey for Dogs and How to Safely Use It

If you’re looking for an herb to topically treat pain in your dog, then comfrey is it.  Comfrey is a name for plants in the Symphytum genus species.  Also known as knitbone or boneset, [...]

About Holistic Arthritis Treatments for Dogs

Arthritis in dogs is a debilitating disease which attacks the cartilage in the joints.  This happens when there is no longer enough cartilage covering the bone, exposing the nerve endings that [...]

Comprehensive Guide for Natural and Prescription Pain Treatment for Dogs

This page is dedicated to pain relief therapies for dogs who need relief due to Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Hip-Dysplasia. Choose Your Dog’s Pain Meds Very Carefully Our goal was to [...]


Pain In Older Dogs

I wanted to share how to recognize pain in older dogs. Remember, dogs are masters at hiding and disguising how they really feel. Plus, I’m hoping to reach those out there that still believe [...]