Prana Pets Sinu Support for Sinus Problems in Dogs

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For dogs, the nose knows everything and that’s what makes sinus problems in dogs so much trouble, as any issue related to the nose can create a wide range of symptoms and issues to undermine overall quality of life.

The good news is that sinus problems in dogs can be treated and managed effectively.

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Thanks to products like Sinu Help, homeopathic medicines can provide total relief for a number of symptoms and can address the inflammation and uneasiness often associated with sinus problems in dogs.

Sinus Problems in Dogs

There are many sinus problems that can impact dogs, but rhinitis and sinusitis are among the most prevalent.

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the dog’s nose, while sinusitis references an inflammation of the dog’s nasal cavity. Both conditions carry similar symptoms and can lead to infections if treatment is not effective.

The first and most common symptom of rhinitis and sinusitis is a runny nose or a mucus discharge. While most people do not consider a runny nose to be of much concern, there may be greater issues at play. A runny nose can become a problem if it is caused by inflammation, as this can give a dog trouble breathing and can lead to infections down the line.

Along with a runny nose, there are other symptoms of sinus problems in dogs. These include:

  • Sneezing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased airflow in nasal passages
  • Facial deformities
  • Gasping, also known as “reverse sneezing”

Rhinitis and sinusitis can be caused by a number of things, from a foreign object in the nose to types of fungi and parasites. Viral and bacterial infections are among the most common causes of sinus problems, but complications like abnormal tissue growths can also play a role in the irritation of the nose or nasal cavities.

How do you clear a dog’s sinuses?

Prana Pets Sinu Support Helps for Nose and Sinus Inflammation in Dogs

Treating Nose and Sinus inflammation in dogs is a matter of taking an inclusive approach. A product like Sinu Help, which uses an all-natural homeopathic formula, can build a foundation for total nasal and sinus health.

There are other courses of treatment that can be built into the Sinu Help approach, however.

If pet owners are seeing some of the symptoms of sinus problems arise, seek professional help. The veterinary examination will identify exactly what kind of sinus problem a dog has and the treatment can begin. Treatment options may vary across the board, but Sinu Help can assist in easing many of the symptoms of sinus problems in dogs.

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Some veterinarians will prescribe antibiotics in instances of infection. If the infection is caused by fungal cultures, an antifungal medication will be on the proverbial menu. This cuts down the inflammation and undoes damage done by the fungus. Viral infections are not aided by antibiotics, but these infections can be managed with home care.

It is important to keep dogs warm and dry.

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Limiting outdoor time ensures comprehensive health during the treatment period. Vaporizers help, while plenty of water will aid in flushing the system. And, of course, Sinu Help will contribute to the improvement of symptoms and get dogs back to racing around the yard in no time.

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