Dog Lyme Disease Natural Treatment & Prevention Tips

Lyme disease is a terrible, debilitating disease that you NEVER want your dog to endure. EVER! It is transmitted to dogs 24-48 hours after a tick bite. However, it’s important to understand [...]

Allergies and Your Dog’s Weakened Immune System

Did you know that like many people, dogs too are suffering from one form of allergy or another?  Whether the cause of the allergy is from food, environment or both; allergies are a major problem [...]

Using Gelatin Protein for Dogs with Hip and Joint Pain

It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories about older dogs suffering with arthritis and joint pain.  We’re hoping this post will help those of you whose old friend is having a hard time [...]


Inflammation is Your Dog’s Number One Enemy

Did you know that inflammation affects EVERY aspect of your dog’s health? It is the key symptom that something is not right in the body and needs your immediate attention. To ignore it just [...]

How to Safely Use Ginkgo Biloba for Dogs

You’ve probably heard of ginkgo before in many different applications for human beings, but today we’re going to look at what this genus of unusual non-flowering plants can benefit dogs in [...]

Can Dogs Cry?

We’ve often seen stories that have us wondering about the levels of emotion dogs can feel, from whether or not they actually miss us humans when we’re gone to whether or not dogs can cry.  [...]


Exploring Four Dog Barking Triggers

We’ve looked at the wonders of dog barking before, but getting at the meat of the matter when it comes to dog behavior is a significant issue. After all, an estimated 10 percent of all dogs [...]


Study Reveals How Smart Dogs Really Are By Identifying Faces from Photos

We’re learning more and more about dog intelligence, with new studies and research emerging all the time about how bright our four-legged friends are. We’ve all got stories about how smart our [...]


Do Dogs Smile? Solving One of Life’s Great Mysteries

There’s no doubt about it, dogs definitely do smile!  Just look at the pictures here. Plus, I’ve witnessed (witness) my own dogs sharing some pretty nice sized grins on more than one [...]


Musing About Dog IQ: What Breeds Are “Smartest” and Does It Matter?

After 35 years of being owned by many dogs 🙂 — I’m not entirely convinced that breed determines how smart a dog actually is unless your dog is a true “working dog”. This [...]

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