Did you know that inflammation affects EVERY aspect of your dog’s health?

It is the key symptom that something is not right in the body and needs your immediate attention. To ignore it just opens the door to bigger long-term chronic health problems and disease.

Controlling inflammation at its root is a must! If you ignore it, you are opening the door to other health concerns that will eventually manifest themselves into larger health issues for your dog.

Understanding Inflammation in Dogs

Most of us have an idea what inflammation is, but what many of us don’t realize is that inflammation is a response from the immune system and often a normal part of the healing process, but it can also indicate bigger problems.

You twist your ankle, it swells. Your dog decides to do battle with a bee and loses. The area of the sting becomes inflamed.

Without the presence of inflammation in Dogs, the body won’t heal! The above examples are short lived circumstances that typically require little more than an ice pack (if necessary) to reduce the inflammation.

But, bigger problems occur when the inflammation in dogs becomes chronic due to health problems being left untreated, or because of directly bombarding the body with disease caused by pesticides and over vaccinating.

When your dog has a persistent health problem such as allergies, thyroid issues, arthritis, tooth decay, skin problems, whatever it may be, that means that chronic inflammation is present within the body and this can take time off of your dog’s life because of the effects of the constant inflammation.

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Here’s some classic symptoms of internal inflammation

  • Joint swelling (limping)
  • Muscle wasting (noticeably thin around the hips) or pain
  • Skin abscesses or lesions
  • Enlarged kidney or liver
  • High antibodies
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Lets face it, they’re not with us long enough as it is!

Your dog might not seem sick, but inside is a slow-burning fire disrupting the fragile balance of every system in the entire body: cardiovascular and respiratory, endocrine, central nervous and digestive.

So, what does this mean? When you allow your dog’s ongoing health problem to go unattended, or you never really address the core root of what’s causing the health problem, the inflammation inside the body becomes chronic, and this is what leads to lifelong conditions and disease.

image of bone for inflammation artice about dogsYour goal should be to either eliminate the source of inflammation within your dog’s body if he’s already sick (or chronically sick), or if your dog is healthy, keep the inflammation at bay by following practices that maintain your dog’s good health.

How do I reduce inflammation in my dog? What Should You Do to Keep Inflammation at Bay or Eliminate It?

It all begins in the gut!!!!! Remember what Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut”.

Yes, here we go again. Diet, diet and diet. You can’t feed your dog garbage food and expect him to be healthy. That’s not how it work for us or them. You have to feed a good food and include HIGH QUALITY proteins such as meat and egg.  Make sure that food you are feeding is gluten free!

Yes, gluten is in cheap dog foods and it’s just as bad for them as it is for us.  It’s believed to cause inflammation in the gut!

Steroids and Antibiotics WILL NOT Fix the Problem

Using colostrum for immune health in dogsDespite what your traditional vet may tell you, you can’t control inflammation with steroids or any other chemical. It’s a temporary fix on the outside, but that’s it.

Repeat Vaccinations and Chemical Flea and Tick Products Take a Toll on Your Dog’s Immune System

Plus, every time you use chemical flea and tick products or get your dog vaccinated, you are truly poisoning your dog and opening the door to more internal inflammation which leads to chronic illness and disease.  It adds fuel to that already slow burning fire going on inside your dog’s body leading to disease and early death.

What Can I Give My Dog for Inflammation?

You MUST avoid vaccinating your sick or older dog.  Vaccinations cause a major attack on your on your dog’s immune system.  If your traditional vet gives you a hard time, move on!   Find a good holistic vet in your area and voice your concerns. Tell the veterinarian that you want a Waiver for vaccination because of your dog’s health issues and age.

Include a good multivitamin supplement daily as well as the immune builder such as Colostrum.

Exercise is vital. Just like you, your dog MUST stay mobile.  Get em movin!

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  • Frances

    what else can we do when our old dog gets really stiff in the hips and the back legs do not function properly? giving all the recommended supplements from blue lipped mussels to efas etc etc also giving accupressure massages regularly, have had acupuncture and shots of Cartrophen 10 ml – thanks for this wonderful blog!

    • janie

      Hi Frances:

      You’re welcome and I’m so glad you like the blog.

      I will tell you what else you can do, if you’re not already doing it. Be sure to feed a high quality, kibble free diet. Please!

      Next, include Celtic Sea Salt for your old dog by adding 1/4 to tsp of the salt to 1 quart of FILTERED, FRESH water daily – no more. I recommend that you mix the salt and the water into a pitcher and pour it into your dog’s bowl as he needs it through out the day. This is often the missing mineral that they need (and we need). Once you see your old friend better, you can stop the salt in the water and just add a little to his meal daily.

      DO NOT USE STORE BOUGHT TABLE SALT. It MUST be Celtic Sea Salt and not Himalayan Rock salt either. Here is a link to the only brand that I recommend: Celtic Sea Salt

      This salt is a huge help to arthritic dogs, dogs with thyroid issues and so much more.

      I would love to hear back from you Frances to see how your old friend does.


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