Helpful Tips For a Dog That Has The Blues

Like people, dogs are emotional and sadness is one more way that they let us know just how emotional they really are. There are many circumstances for causing sadness in our best friends and [...]

A Brushless Dog Toothpaste Delivering Superior Results

Finally A Dog Toothpaste With Guaranteed Results – No Need For Your Dog To Go Under Anesthesia Wow, finally a brushless, natural dog toothpaste that can really remove plaque, tarter and [...]


Crate Training An Older Dog

Tips For Crate Training An Older Dog For many including myself, the thought of crate training an older dog is difficult. Most dog lovers want their best friend to have free roam of the house. One [...]


5 Reasons Adopting An Older Dog Might Work For You

The Many Benefits Of Adopting An Older Dog Adopting an older dog is always the first thing on my mind when we lose one of our dogs. While most people rush to adopt or bring a puppy into their [...]

An Easy Natural Fix for Your Dog’s Anal Gland Problems

These two little pouches are inside the rectum of the dog, with one on the left and one on the right.  I typically share articles about circumstances that I have a good bit of experience with, [...]

Dog Incontinence Help – What Worked for Our Dog

Our Dog’s Struggle with Incontinence Ever since our doberman was 2-3 years old, incontinence had been a problem for her. Jenna came to us from the Doberman Rescue in our area and she was [...]


Ten Tips To Choosing A Dog

Your Guide To Choosing A Dog The topic of choosing a dog or choosing a dog breed really touches my heart, because I’m a firm believer that all dogs, no matter what the breed, are products [...]


Dog Car Sick Tips

Tips For Dog Car Sick Issues We’ve been very lucky with our own furry pack as far as dog car sick problems go and we sympathize with those who aren’t as lucky. It’s common for [...]

Raised Dog Bowls – The Controversy Surrounding Them

If there’s one topic that can really get us going, it’s probably the issue surrounding elevated feeders for dogs. For those of you that might not be familiar with this controversy, [...]


How To Handle Dog Food Allergies

As long time dog owners and rescuers of older dogs, we've certainly dealt with our own share of dog food allergies. We know first hand how frustrating it is for dog owners to diagnose dog food [...]

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