Blood Sugar Control



Using frequencies to reduce the abnormal production of glucose by the liver, Blood Sugar Control may well be a lifesaver. This product also increases the ability of the liver and muscle tissue to absorb excess glucose, thus optimizing the release of glucagon by the pancreas.

High and low blood sugar levels produce a range of problems, which makes management a vital part of total body health. But keeping blood sugar levels within a beneficial range can be a challenge in and of itself. It requires a lot of time and attention, with vigilant dietary and physical calculating integral to the process.

Blood Sugar Elixir helps restore that balance in a natural way, taking the guesswork out of blood sugar management and creating a nutritional, energy-rich and restorative addition to a holistic health approach.

Blood sugar that’s dropped below its target range is known as hypoglycemia. This may result in feelings of nausea, light-headedness, confusion, hunger, and weakness. It also produces sweatiness, an increased heartrate, and numbness in the tongue or lips. Symptoms of extremely low blood sugar can include confusion and loss of consciousness, as well as seizures.

Blood sugar that is higher than its target range is known as hyperglycemia. This produces symptoms such as tiredness and may result in excessive thirst and urination, especially at night. Hyperglycemia occurs when the body is not in balance, plus sickness and stress can sometimes cause blood sugar levels to exceed their target range.

Keeping blood sugar within normal ranges is part of a holistic approach to body health. This includes the use of Blood Sugar Elixir but also features regular exercise, proper diet, and other nutritional principles.

Managing the intake of bodily carbohydrates is important in maintaining blood sugar balance, for example. Because the body breaks carbs down into sugars, the system recalls insulin to help process what is being delivered. But if the body has too many carbs and the insulin isn’t sufficient, blood glucose levels will rise. A diet low in carbs can help get the body’s sugar processing system back in balance.

Fiber is also helpful in digesting carbohydrates, keeping the rise in blood glucose levels more gradual and therefore more balanced. The body requires soluble fiber in particular to improve management of blood sugar levels, which means introducing things like whole grains and vegetables.

Ensuring the body has plenty of water also helps. Water assists the kidneys in flushing out excessive levels of sugar, subsequently rehydrating the blood and reducing risks of diabetes.

Using Blood Sugar Elixir allows patients to take control of blood sugar health and reduce abnormal levels of glucose in the blood, thus restoring balance.

Blood Sugar Elixir is a frequency enhanced energized elixir that utilizes subtle vibrational energy to discharge disease patterns. Based on ancient wisdom, this product achieves results through principles of energy healing and vibrations. Subtle energy is transmitted to the cells by the process of vibration, thus communicating new “instructions” to the body’s cells to alter structure and function all at once.

This vibration process subsequently adds new coding to the cellular structure itself.

Blood Sugar Elixir utilizes laser technology to frequency enhance the highest quality artesian water, introducing vibrational frequencies for use. This frequencies become encoded in the artesian water, created stable and concentrated energy useful for generating better cellular results.

Frequency enhanced water is essentially water that is “alive.” By working in conjunction with the body’s energy structure, this water is infused with frequencies that balance any disruptions caused by factors like environmental toxins. This, in turn, repairs the body when it is in a state of distress and recalibrates to achieve maximum energy balance.


  • Frequency enhanced purified structured water
  • Organic orange essential oils
  • Organic rosemary essential oils


It is recommended to use Blood Sugar Elixir in the quantity of one to three bottles per month. The bottle includes a dropper for ease of use.

Weight4.4 oz