Blood Support Elixir


Blood support elixir helps to enhance the function of your dog’s blood. The formula improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It also aids the eradication of toxins from the blood, a critical component in overall wellbeing and healthy blood for dogs.

What Conditions is the Product Good For?

  • Blood Cancers (leukemia)
  • Bleeding Disorders (hemophilia)
  • Anemia
  • Kidney, Liver & Spleen Function

This blood reinforcement elixir focuses on supporting bone marrow, kidney, liver, and spleen function. These organs are fundamental to the production of high-quality blood in the body, a crucial component of health few people actually think about.

Those suffering blood diseases and disorders, however, are likely well-acquainted with the quality of blood in the body. Common blood disorders like anemia, blood cancers like leukemia, and bleeding disorders like hemophilia can lead to a host of physical problems.

Anemia, for example, occurs when the body does not have enough red blood cells. Red blood cells are abundant in the iron-rich protein known as hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to tissues throughout the body. Anemia can lead to a host of symptoms, from weakness and dizziness to shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat.

Blood Support Elixir is the perfect solution to address and prevent problems of anemia because it focuses on healing through vibrational energy. Vibrational energy is all about balance, using dedicated momentum to impact out-of-balance systems. The theory goes that vibrational healing sets diseases right by providing restoration of ideal bodily function.

This elixir utilizes this principle by transferring energy to the cells using vibration. This energy then “communicates” with the cells, modifying structure and operation along the way. According to vibrational energy healing principles, the pulsation basically encrypts how energy is used by the cells.

Blood Support Elixir utilizes laser technology to enhance artesian water with high-quality vibrational frequencies. It uses oil to support the frequencies in the water to work more effectively, creating “stable concentrated energy” to transport the body to a state of healing that subsequently cleanses the blood.

This may sound rather sophisticated, but the elixir is rather straightforward in approach.

Vibrational healing is supported by thousands of years of human medicine and history. It features a range of health modalities like breathing and movement techniques, acupuncture, and all sorts of natural herbal remedies. Meditation also fits under the umbrella of vibrational healing, creating a vigorous picture of human health facilities.

Blood Support Elixir draws on that history for its formulation and function, setting the stage for holistic healing that sends toxins on their way and certifies optimum blood function. This aids in the therapeutic treatment of complications from different blood conditions and disorders, aiding the attainment of overall health.

This elixir utilizes the essential oils of orange and rosemary as part of its recipe, preparing these oils in frequency-enhanced purified structured water.

Orange essential oil is taken from the rind of sweet orange through the method of cold pressing. In essential oils circles, orange oil is noted for its ability to lift mood and produce antimicrobial effects. It also aids in pain relief and may have anticancer properties.

Rosemary essential oil is drawn from the evergreen shrub of the same name and is noted for being one of the most popular and beneficial aromatic medicinal plants in the world. Rosemary essential oil is not known as a “true oil” and contains no fat, but it does have a range of prospective health benefits. Rosemary oil has been used to do everything from improve memory function to promote hair growth.

Blood Support Elixir is administered in a two ounce dropper bottle.


  • Frequency-enhanced purified structured water
  • Organic orange essential oil
  • Organic rosemary essential oil


Dosage information for Blood Support Elixir varies by patient, but consumers should utilize roughly one to three bottles per months. For more information on direct dosage, see the bottle or contact us.

Weight 4.4 oz

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