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There are a number of products out there with benefits for pets, but it’s hard to imagine a product with more benefits than bentonite clay. Used for pets with a host of conditions, from arthritis to dental plaque, this clay for pets is somewhat of a miracle product. And this healing clay, which is also used by humans, has a number of cleansing properties.

What is Bentonite Clay?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Bentonite clay is gaining popularity because of its purported healing effects among humans and animals alike. Also known as montmorillonite clay, this product is composed of ash taken from volcanos. In fact, bentonite clay gets its name because much of it comes from a Wyoming locale known as Fort Benton. There are a number of volcanos there, hence the name for the clay.

The clay was first discovered in the French region of Montmorillon, which gives it the name of montmorillonite clay.

Despite the modern popularity and trendiness of this clay, it has actually been used for centuries. And it has a number of applications that go beyond the health of pets. Bentonite clay is used in drilling fluids, for instance, as a way to lubricate and cool the cutting tools used in mining and other operations. It’s also used in foundries as a binder, both in steel and iron mills. And it can be used to decolorize oils, which makes it ideal for clarifying things like beer and wine.

Its health application pertains to its capacity to clear toxins, which is a result of its internal chemistry. Bentonite clay is used by people to draw toxins out of the body. By ingesting the clay, it actually draws the toxins and produces what can be described as an “electrical charge” by binding to those toxins and aligning them for removal.

What is bentonite clay used for?

Bentonite Clay for Pets

When it comes to pets, bentonite clay has similar effects. Clay for pets can be used to help with toxins, which in turn helps treat a host of conditions from arthritis to vomiting. If toxins need to be flushed from the body of a four-legged friend, this clay is the answer.

Bentonite clay can be taken internally by pets, which is where this tasteless and odorless formula comes in handy. It features the clay as a powder, making it easy to digest with food. Dogs and cats will not even know they are ingesting the clay when they consume their food.



We never recommend kibble, period, using clay or not. Kibble is definitely not recommended for dogs that are sick or weak.

The clay will absorb toxins in the blood and your dog will naturally expel the toxins. It’s believed to be very good for renal failure and kidney disease. DO NOT FEED FROM A METAL BOWL OR USE METAL UTENSILS TO STIR THE CLAY. The clay absorbs toxins in the blood and that means it will absorb metal from the utensil or bowl. We don’t want the toxins going back into your dog’s system. Use a ceramic or glass bowl to feed and and a plastic spoon to stir the clay into WET food to activate it. AGAIN: it has to be be wet to be activated.
Feed only a homemade wet meals. NO KIBBLE OR CANNED DOG FOODS.

Body Weight     Amount

<20 lbs               1/2 tsp

20-50 lbs            1 tsp

50-90 lbs.           1 Tbsp

>90 lbs.               1-2 Tbsp

Some pet owners have also begun to experiment with clay baths for their pets. Using bentonite clay externally is harmless and can produce some great results, like an improved luster to the coat. It can also assist in the treatment of external conditions, making it a miracle product straight from nature itself.

Learn how to use Bentonite Clay to clean your old dog’s teeth here. HAVE LOTS OF CLEAN, FILTERED WATER AVAILABLE FOR YOUR DOG ESPECIALLY WHEN USING CLAY.

Weight 13 oz

13oz, 64oz

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