Many people think it’s what is being taught, or not taught in veterinary schools.  Whatever the problem; there is definitely a problem!

The forgotten oath that veterinarians took to “first do no harm” seems to have gone by the wayside.  While some veterinarians may believe that these vaccines are needed; greed on behalf of just as many are believed to be causing the escalation in rear end paralysis, disease and death for our beloved pets.

One of the most frightening side effects is rear end paralysis which can take place months after the vaccine.

Please, join in the fight with Veterinarian, Dr. Robb to help change the existing rabies law; in which you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the vaccine is causing disease, paralysis and early death.

While veterinarians will argue and use their degree to say they didn’t do anything wrong and the rest of us don’t know what we’re talking about; it only takes common sense to realize that if your dog was healthy before seeing the vet, and then became sick or paralyzed after receiving the vaccine, even if it’s months later (and you’ve made no changes to routine, etc), then isn’t it safe to assume that there’s a problem the vaccine and how often your dog has had the vaccine in his or her life.

Plus, pet owners are being robbed of hard earned money for repeat visits to the veterinarian to try and correct the health issue that was very likely caused by the vaccine itself.

Further down in the article, you’ll also receive “hope” from a dog named ISO who was paralyzed by the rabies vaccine; although it was denied by the vet who nonchalantly said “I must of accidentally tweaked his spine”.  Another message we received on 2/13/18: “My pitbull got the rabies shot and is now paralyzed in the back end. Vet says it’s impossible that the vaccine caused it. What can we do?”

Think about this article the next time that vet tech says “Is your dog up to date on it’s vaccines?”  Or, “your dog is over due for it’s vaccine.”


Support Dr. Robb here!  There are many veterinarians including the renowned Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Jean Dodd  and many other good, decent vets who have now joined the movement for change. A change that demands titer testing before ever re-vaccinating. A titer test shows how much of the vaccine is still in the dog’s body.  Almost always, there is no need to re-vaccinate.

Titer testing is common in people and should also be used for our pets. NO EXCEPTIONS!  The movement also pushes for a cut off date for revaccinating a dog after a certain age.  Many, many senior dogs die after the vaccine.

In late 2017, we received an urgent message from woman whose 12 year old dog was forced by a county in the state of Illinois to vaccinate her older dog. Begrudgingly, she complied, Her dog died the next day. She of course was devastated and rightfully angry.  This is just one of many stories we routinely receive.

Pharmaceutical companies and veterinarian’s are NOT BEING held accountable for the harm caused to our pets.  Lawyers won’t take the cases because they don’t pay enough. Only when big pharma and veterinarians see the effects of this harm in their bottom line, will we see justice.

Our best option is to support Dr. Robb at and help him and the other ethical veterinarians who are fighting for change.    Also, opt for a titer test through Dr. Robb FIRST, before agreeing to vaccinate your dog and learn just how much of the vaccine is truly left in your dog’s body and if it’s really needed.  Titer tests can be ordered here:  Order a Titer Test.

If your dog or cat has experienced a problem that you believe is associated with the vaccine — LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW ON YELP OR DO A GOOGLE REVIEW ABOUT THE VET WHO GAVE THE VACCINE!  One way we can make a difference is by sharing reviews since most people today are looking at testimonials. This is the only way that other pet owners will know.

The Correlation Between the Rabies Vaccine and Rear End Paralysis

At one point the UK was conducting an ongoing health survey on thousands of dogs. “The Canine Health Sensus” aka the health survey uncovered a correlation between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis in dogs.

According to the Sensus”, 69% of dogs with rear end paralysis ended up that way within three months of a rabies vaccine.

We’ve shared other articles on the problems with over vaccinating. Although correlation we know isn’t fact, with numbers like this – I would hope that we would hear more about it. As I read further, the message grew even stronger.

Back in 2008, there was an article published in Whole Dog News regarding how cases involving back problems, rear end paralysis and hind end weakness in dogs are increasing. The article talked about specific cases of dog owners who had put their dog’s to sleep due to lameness and rear end paralysis – not connecting the two right away. In many cases the problem was associated with old age.

According to the article, the rabies vaccine causes demyelination which is the self-destruction of the insulation surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system.

When this happens, it disrupts the signals being passed by the nerves. This is what leads to many of physical and mental problems as well that we are now seeing in dogs. Fear, aggression, phobias, paralysis, epilepsy and so on.


Need help with your own dog?  Reach out to us here using our “contact” form. We will do our best to help you like we did for Iso!  See Iso’s story below…

Meet ISO Who Was Paralyzed by the Rabies Vaccine

In late summer of 2017, one of our readers contacted us for help with his 3 year old boxer named ISO who was vaccinated with the rabies vaccine and ended up paralyzed in the back end. The owner was of course devastated.  We started a protocol for ISO and his owner followed our advice very carefully and did everything to a “T”.

6 weeks later, ISO was again walking and wrestling with his siblings.  Here’s a video of ISO when he first started to walk again.  His owner shared this video with us.

 Additional Research

Apparently there is plenty of research done in India due to the large number of animal bites and rabies vaccinations. Reports indicate that many of these people develop autoimmune and neurological problems. Symptoms often associated with Multiple Sclerosis as well as acute de-myelination disorders appear with an incidence rate of 1 in 300. Even though these numbers are based upon human incidents; dogs are most likely in this same range.

Please think about this for a minute. The above incident rate was based upon individual people receiving one single vaccine.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there could be a connection between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis. Here’s an example from the article which would be based upon a dog receiving a rabies vaccine yearly:

“By age 10 the average dog would have received 10 rabies shots, leading to a 1 in 30 chance of developing this condition.” The author goes on to say “This is much more in keeping with what I have sadly observed.”

You can read also read the original article from Whole Dog News here.


This insanity has to stop. Share this with every dog and cat owner you know. Get in on the fight with Dr. Robb!  The greed and willingness to deliberately cause our pets harm in order to make more money, is beyond words.

Sometimes the best weapon is “being informed.”

For additional information on vaccines, click here.

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  • Danielle

    I brought my Japanese Chin in for his annual appointment on Wednesday of last week and he was due for his rabies and lyme vaccines. Moments after receiving both shots he proceeded to vomit on the floor. The vet then said that she was afraid that he may be having a reaction to the vaccines and gave him a shot of Benadryl. He was standing funny with his butt down after the shot so she then said that isn’t normal and brought him up on the exam table to check his vertebrae and hind legs. He was slow to flip his paw over when she was testing it and she said that he may have the beginning of paralysis and he may need to see a neurologist, but did not say that it had anything to do with the shot. I brought him home and over the next few days he was having a very hard time walking with both hind legs, they were crossing over one another and he was standing on the tops of them without realizing it. I returned to the vet that following Monday and she did another exam and stated that he has partial paralysis and wanted me to go have a consultation with a neurologist where they would probably want to take MRI’s and whatever else they would need to diagnose him and would probably need surgery if he has a bulging disc or tumor in the spinal column. I asked how he could be fine when I brought him last time and now he can hardly walk and all she could say was that he has partial paralysis and that I needed to see the neurologist. I had to work the next couple of days so she did give me Rimadyl 25mg and Gabapentin 100mg to give him daily. I still have not been to see the Neurologist since she explained that just a consultation was going to be over $100 and then whatever tests that they needed to run would be additional. After giving him this medicine he is still not walking right and stumbling because his hind legs are literally crossing behind him and dragging as he walks sometimes. Anything that you can do to help would be greatly appreciated, we are all very upset and don’t know what to do for him. Thank you Danielle

    • Mrs. Robin

      My Sydney was 1/2 black pitbull 1/4 blue heeler and 1/4 shepherd. We spent many years of my unmarried life together. She was always a good travel dog as she didn’t bark or howl needlessly when left alone. She was truly my companion. She protected me, she went on all hikes with me and she did live to be 16. A few months before she was to turn 17 she got a shot because, reluctantly, I thought she had not had one in six years and we had moved near a wild woods area. One day she could not eat, next day she wouldn’t even drink. The next day she couldn’t walk! We tried to put her up on her back legs but she would just fall over. She was almost blind but still full of love and life. It was sad and that 17th birthday was missed by three weeks. I did decide to have her put to sleep with me by her side gently pretending like we were doing something nice and it was a very cozy room, at least. i told her i love you papoody (nick name) and she shut her eyes and was gone. Now i have an 8 year old 1/2 Irish Terrier 1/2 shepherd and just this year i stopped her shots. Now she is illegal in our city but our city never even enforces laws they should (much less ones they should not even have) and i guess on that, i am lucky. They will never check although we have always gotten TWO rabies tags each year. Her pup is only 18 months younger than her. I don’t think I will be giving him one his next time around either. But what about all the other shots they get? Should we just avoid the rabies shots? It is very moldy here, lots of moss and mushroom type things and i wonder if this area has unique diseases due to that…? Maybe there are medicines i should have and the ones they give instantly i should say NO! or, i have heard giving them a shot in the leg is better because at least they will only get a paralyzed leg if the vet will give the shot in a back leg??? Know any truth to this??? i did read it in an article here or maybe at Care2.

  • Sarah H

    Hi, I have a 4 year old French Bulldog and 1 month ago he got bundle of shots, rabies included. They did them all at once. I was bullied into getting them because I was already 1 year overdue. 3 hours after the shots Wilbur couldn’t use his hind legs. I have been back and forth to the vet about 12 times, they have put him on antibiotics, prednisone, and Gabapentin on and off for the last month.

    Throughout the month he has been on a rollercoaster going from not walking at all, to getting better for a day or so and then back to not be able to move. I have him off all western medication now for 4 days, and have isolated the pain to his rear right leg. Right where the shot was injected there is a huge knot in his muscle. Now off medication he only uses 3 legs and will barely put any pressure on his back right leg. He is shaking in pain for much of the day and now can not get up on his own.

    I started him on activated charcoal this morning but I just wanted to see if anyone could help me get on a good regiment of holistic options. I have read a lot but I am just not sure where to start and which options to use. Any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated, I just feel awful for him and I am determined to get him better.

    Also Does anyone have any success stories, I have only read 1-2 and would love to hear more about 100% recovery and if it is possible.

    • janie

      Hi Sarah:

      I’m sorry to hear about your boy. This makes me soooo angry. It’s completely unnecessary!

      Anyway, did you take a look at the video int he article with ISO who was paralyzed and is now walking and playing? We consulted with his owner for about 6 weeks until ISO was walking again.


    • Jess

      Hi Sarah,
      I am sorry for what you went through. We are dealing with the same situation with our 2 year old pup being unable to move his back legs. Could you tell me how is your dog and share some things that worked for you. I am really worried and like you, I cannot find many success stories.

  • Michelle

    Our foster kitten went to the vet 2 weeks ago to be spayed and get the required rabies vaccine. She has never recovered. She is unable to use her back legs, and is very apathetic. We feed and H20 her with a syringe. She is able to use the litter box, though. I believe the vaccine has done this to her, I am so relieved to find your site and info. How do we healher like you all did with Isso? We love her so much and feel so sorry for her. Help!! Thank you.

    • janie

      Hi Michelle:

      I’ll send you a private email. Diet is huge part along with certain supplements and detox. I plan to add this to the article, but just haven’t had the chance. I’ll email you tomorrow.

      I’m so very sorry about your kitty. Spread the word on the danger of vaccines. Go to and support Dr. Robb in his efforts to fight this cruel, unnecessary practice. Educate yourself and understand that it’s all about money.



  • Michelle St. Cair

    Thank you.

  • Jess

    I took my dog for his rabies shot on Sunday evening. On Wednesday morning he woke up unable to move his back legs. He got his vaccine last year and because we were one week late they said he had to come again in a year and they did not give him the three year dosis. He was limping Monday and Tuesday and now he is half paralyzed. This is so sad and the most frustrating thing is that the vet does not think this is related to the vaccine. She thinks he injured his back (while sleeping??) He is taking some meds the vet game me. Praying for the best and hoping this is temporary and the remedies I got him (Lyssin and Milk Thistle help him detox)

    • janie

      Hi Jess:

      I’m very sorry to hear about your dog. Your boy needs more than Milk Thistle and Lyssin.

      I will send you a private email to communicate a little easier.


  • Michele

    I took my 10 year old Beagle/Shis-Tzu mix for his rabies shot on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning I noticed he was not walking right. He has had prior back issues and so I thought, maybe he strained his back. By Sunday afternoon, his back legs were totally paralyzed . But I could see this was not a back issue. He didn’t have any pain and was not shaking like he does when he hurts his back. As a matter of fact, he seemed fine….except for his back legs. I called the Vet. and asked if it could be from the shot and they said “no, the rabies shot won’t cause any neurological issues.” He is having a hard time relieving himself but eventually gets there (that makes me nervous) It is now Wednesday and I left a message with my Vet. letting him know that I am frantic ( he is closed on Monday & Tuesday) I am so torn on weather to bring him back or….I don’t know ??? I have heard the cold laser treatments can help. any feed back is much appreciated. …heartbroken

    • janie

      Hi Michele:

      I sent you a private email today. The vet’s always say that the shots aren’t causing any issues. How in the world can we have so many, SO MANY coincidences? The dogs are fine before and on deaths doorstep after the shot(s). They’re protecting their butts. That’s what they are doing!


  • Maria

    I have a 10 year old golden retriever and I always felt vets over vaccinated dogs. Although I have got her rabies shots at the required times, I don’t the other vaccinations they want to give her after reading an article by Dr. Becker a long time ago. I have to say I never heard of this reaction to the rabies vaccine and it scares me.

    My question if, if I get the titer test for her and she has sufficient antibodies, then I don’t get the vaccine? How will I know how many antibodies are sufficient? I am sure if I choose not to get the vaccine for her the vet will try to pressure me. How do we handle it? Also, being a skeptical person, can I be sure the vet will give me the true results of my dog’s titer test?

    • janie

      Hi Maria:

      They know these vaccines can last a life time. The titer test is done on humans to identify the amount of antibodies left in the body. Why don’t they want to use for animals, because it cuts into their bottom line. This goes for both the manufacturers of the vaccines and the veterinarians.

      DO NOT BE PRESSURED!!!!! My recommendation for you is to have a consultation with Dr. Robb. He does them for $50 per 30 minutes and up, depending what you order. It’s not expensive. He will walk you through the process and share insight with you that you will welcome. Protect your old golden, please!

      Also, like you, I’m a skeptic and not always trusting of those traditional vets that agree to do a titer. How do we know they will share accurate, honest results? We don’t. And what makes the skepticism even greater is that they only care about vaccinating for money. They don’t care about your dog’s age, illness, prior illness, size or anything else. YET, if you read on the AVMA’s website, you’ll see the warnings!

      Just residual money coming in is the concern!

      Here’s a link to talk to Dr. Robb. You won’t be disappointed. Consult with Dr. Robb

      I’m not sure if this helps, but I hope so!

      The following should give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, even though this was for the Connecticut legislature, the crises the vaccines cause are across the board no matter where you live!,%20Liz-TMY.PDF


  • Larissa

    Hi, I like all of you need more info. The same thing happened to our dog. She went for her shots and 2 days later her back legs gave out and she couldn’t walk. I was told it was disc disease but reading here I’m not sure I believe it is. I decided to not uthenize her yet and it is going on to two weeks since. She has regained some ability in her legs and can go to the bathroom outside again. She cannot do stairs thought so she has a ways to recover, if she even can?!?! After reading more I am concerned from what I’ve read that evenly she will just go down hill as the shot keeps ruining her body. Is there something I can do to help her out more so she won’t? Is that wrong info? will she improve more if she is off of everything and doesn’t get more shots? I haven’t seemed to find much info that guides a person what to do to once it happens. What happened in your situations? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Cindy

    I took my dog Shrek to get his rabies shot so we could get him licensed and I noticed two days after he acts like he got hit by a car in the rear end but did not and walks weird in the back I’m very worried

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