Many people think it’s what is being taught, or not taught in veterinary schools.  Whatever the problem; there is definitely a problem!

The forgotten oath that veterinarians took to “first do no harm” seems to have gone by the wayside.  While some veterinarians may believe that these vaccines are needed; greed on behalf of just as many are believed to be causing the escalation in rear end paralysis, disease and death for our beloved pets.

One of the most frightening side effects is rear end paralysis which can take place immediately or even months after the vaccine.

Please, join in the fight with Veterinarian, Dr. Robb to help change the existing rabies law; in which you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the vaccine is causing disease, paralysis and early death.

While veterinarians will argue and use their degree to say they didn’t do anything wrong and the rest of us don’t know what we’re talking about; it only takes common sense to realize that if your dog was healthy before seeing the vet, and then became sick or paralyzed after receiving the vaccine, even if it’s months later (and you’ve made no changes to routine, etc), then isn’t it safe to assume that there’s a problem with the vaccine and how often your dog has been given the vaccine in his or her life?

Plus, pet owners are being robbed of hard earned money for repeat visits to the veterinarian to try and correct the health issue that was very likely caused by the vaccine itself.

We receive countless emails from desperate owners who thought they were doing the right thing.  Here’s one that we received on 2/13/18: “My pitbull got the rabies shot and is now paralyzed in the back end. Vet says it’s impossible that the vaccine caused it. What can we do?”

Think about this article the next time that vet tech says “Is your dog up to date on it’s vaccines?”  Or, “your dog is over due for it’s vaccine.”


Further down in the article, you’ll also receive “hope” from a dog named Iso. He was paralyzed after being given the rabies vaccine; although it was denied by the vet who nonchalantly said “I must of accidentally tweaked his spine”.

You’ll also receive hope from a 12 year old dog named Sam who was given a combination vaccine (NEVER ALLOW THIS) of rabies and distemper. Sam couldn’t move the next morning and was declining rapidly.


Support Dr. Robb here!  There are many veterinarians including the renowned Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Jean Dodd  and many other good, decent vets who have now joined the movement for change. A change that demands titer testing before ever re-vaccinating. A titer test shows how much of the vaccine is still in the dog’s body.  Almost always, there is no need to re-vaccinate.

Titer testing is common in people and should also be used for our pets. NO EXCEPTIONS!  The movement also pushes for a cut off date for revaccinating a dog after a certain age.  Many, many senior dogs die after the vaccine.

In late 2017, we received an urgent message from woman whose 12 year old dog was forced by a county in the state of Illinois to vaccinate her older dog. Begrudgingly, she complied, Her dog died the next day. She of course was devastated and rightfully angry.  This is just one of many stories we routinely receive.

Pharmaceutical companies and veterinarian’s are NOT BEING held accountable for the harm caused to our pets.  Lawyers won’t take the cases because they don’t pay enough. Only when big pharma and veterinarians see the effects of this harm in their bottom line, will we see justice.

Our best option is to support Dr. Robb at and help him and the other ethical veterinarians who are fighting for change.    Also, opt for a titer test through Dr. Robb FIRST, before agreeing to vaccinate your dog and learn just how much of the vaccine is truly left in your dog’s body and if it’s really needed.  Titer tests can be ordered here:  Order a Titer Test.

If your dog or cat has experienced a problem that you believe is associated with the vaccine — LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW ON YELP OR DO A GOOGLE REVIEW ABOUT THE VETERINARIAN’S OFFICE THAT GAVE THE VACCINE!  One way we can make a difference is by sharing reviews since most people today are looking at testimonials. This is the only way that other pet owners will know.

The Correlation Between the Rabies Vaccine and Rear End Paralysis

At one point the UK was conducting an ongoing health survey on thousands of dogs. “The Canine Health Sensus” aka the health survey uncovered a correlation between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis in dogs.

According to the Sensus”, 69% of dogs with rear end paralysis ended up that way within three months of a rabies vaccine.

We’ve shared other articles on the problems with over vaccinating. Although correlation we know isn’t fact, with numbers like this – I would hope that we would hear more about it. As I read further, the message grew even stronger.

Back in 2008, there was an article published in Whole Dog News regarding how cases involving back problems, rear end paralysis and hind end weakness in dogs are increasing. The article talked about specific cases of dog owners who had put their dog’s to sleep due to lameness and rear end paralysis – not connecting the two right away. In many cases the problem was associated with old age.

According to the article, the rabies vaccine causes demyelination which is the self-destruction of the insulation surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system.

When this happens, it disrupts the signals being passed by the nerves. This is what leads to many of physical and mental problems as well that we are now seeing in dogs. Fear, aggression, phobias, paralysis, epilepsy and so on.


Need help with your own dog?  Reach out to us here using our “contact” form. We will do our best to help you like we did for Iso & Sam!  See the stories below …


Meet ISO Who Was Paralyzed by the Rabies Vaccine

In late summer of 2017, one of our readers contacted us for help with his 3 year old boxer named ISO who was vaccinated with the rabies vaccine and ended up paralyzed in the back end. The owner was of course devastated.  We started a protocol for ISO and his owner followed our advice very carefully and did everything to a “T”.

6 weeks later, ISO was again walking and wrestling with his siblings.  Here’s a video of ISO when he first started to walk again.  His owner shared this video with us.

Another Success Story

natural treatment for vaccine reaction in dogs

Jay contacted us back on 3/28/18 regarding his 12 year old Golden named Sam who was given a combo vaccine of rabies and distemper. Here’s his original message:

“I brought my 12 year old golden retriever, Sam into the vet for his distemper and rabies vaccine around 7:00 pm Monday 3/26/18. He walked up the steps and went to bed like he normally does that night with no issues. The following morning he couldn’t move at all and was panting heavily.

We called the vet and explained to them what was going on and they said that it was more than likely a reaction from the shots. They recommended Rimadyl 25 mg and Tramadol and said to give it a few hours and if no improvement take Sunny to the ER. They explained that sometimes that the dog will get better in a couple of days without doing anything and to call them immediately if he started vomiting or diarrhea. I explained to her that he couldn’t move his head and asked how was he going to take pills? She replied to open his mouth and stick them down his throat and that would work fine.

Well I wasn’t going to do that in fear of him not being able to swallow, so I took him to the ER around 8 pm on Tuesday 3/27/18. He couldn’t walk so we had to carry him to the vehicle. They did an ultrasound of his stomach area and x ray of his front leg as that appeared to be where most of the pain was coming from. They couldn’t find anything substantial and said it was probably a reaction from the shots. They sent us home a with Gabapentin and Rimadyl and said to check with his normal vet in 1 1/2 weeks.

Amazingly, Sam actually walked out of the vet on his own and back into the house with a little wobble. I assumed it was just adrenaline. This morning when he woke up I tried to get him him up to go outside. He was barely able to get his front parts off of the ground. I helped him with his rear legs but each time he was wobbly and fell over. He was exhausted and has been sleeping ever since.

We are devastated as a family. Please offer any help you can . This same thing happened to him after his last vaccine 3 years ago but to a much lesser extent. His symptoms at that time were nausea and lethargy and he wouldn’t move or eat. When we took him back into the vet then they did some tests and said it looked like cancer and he was going to need chemo and it didn’t look good. There was no mention of it being a possible side effect from the shots.

After the shots three years ago, Sam went back to his normal self about two weeks later with no treatment and the doctors said it was a miracle and couldn’t explain it. We just thought that all of our prayers had been answered and didn’t think that a simple vaccination could have been the cause.”

Update 4/25/18 from Sam’s owner when we checked to see if Sam was doing any better:

“Yes he is. Thank you for asking. He still isn’t 100 percent. But he is back to around 80 percent. Thank you so much for getting back to me and for your quick response and information. I don’t know if he would still be with us without your useful information. Thanks again.”

Additional Vaccine Research

Apparently there is plenty of research done in India due to the large number of animal bites and rabies vaccinations. Reports indicate that many of these people develop autoimmune and neurological problems. Symptoms often associated with Multiple Sclerosis as well as acute de-myelination disorders appear with an incidence rate of 1 in 300. Even though these numbers are based upon human incidents; dogs are most likely in this same range.

Please think about this for a minute. The above incident rate was based upon individual people receiving one single vaccine.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there could be a connection between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis. Here’s an example from the article which would be based upon a dog receiving a rabies vaccine yearly:

“By age 10 the average dog would have received 10 rabies shots, leading to a 1 in 30 chance of developing this condition.” The author goes on to say “This is much more in keeping with what I have sadly observed.”

You can read also read the original article from Whole Dog News here.


This insanity has to stop. Share this with every dog and cat owner you know. Get in on the fight with Dr. Robb!  The greed and willingness to deliberately cause our pets harm in order to make more money, is beyond words.

Sometimes the best weapon is “being informed.”

For additional information on vaccines, click here.

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  • Marcy Tierney

    Help! My 11 yr old yorkie got her rabies Tuesday. Wednesday she couldnt walk. Vet thinks I’m crazy & that it’s a temporary side effect. I lost a yorkie to the rabies vaccine 12 yrs ago and was told the same thing. What can I do to help her?? Any holistic treatments to help reverse the paralysis???

    • janie

      Hi Marcy:

      I sent you a private email.


  • Jennifer Waters

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love my dog. Cano is 8 yrs old.
    Against my better judgement, because you have to prove rabies vaccinations are up to date to take you dog camping, I took him to get what would be his 2nd rabies shot. For the last three days Cano has been barely able to walk on his hind legs. He also has a lump the size of a grape at the injection site. Never again will he be given this or any other vaccine. When I brought him in they said he was completely healthy, he’s had absolutely no injuries, no stumbles, falls, or anything else! I’ve had to carry him up and down stairs to bring him out. When he does attempt to walk it’s at an extremely slow pace. I have been massaging the area and trying to do leg exercises on him. Tonight he was able to go for a walk around the corner without his legs giving out, but after was wore out. As it turns out this is a real thing with the rabies vaccine.

  • Glen

    Our 2 year old Pomeranian has lost the use of her hind legs a week after her rabies shot. She was the runt of her litter, and weighs only 4 pounds. She is the sweetest, most living dog I’ve ever had. Seeing her like this is devastating. Is there anything that can be done?

    • janie

      Hi Glen:

      I sent you a private message.


  • Kim

    My Love Jake a Husky mix 15 healthy years old,had vomiting so I called in home vet and we sedated and took in for tests,
    After x Ray’s etc.he was given meds and special food. Told vet 3 times I didn’t want rabies shot because of age and vomiting. When we got home he followed my son to go in the yard. After 5 5 steps he fell and went paralyzed in hind legs. All night he was in terrible pain. We had to put him to sleep the next day. He was happy and fine the day before. 5 steps! I am beyond devastated. I feel so guilty. Now I know why he didn’t want to go to vets.


    • janie

      Oh Kim, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Get in on the movement with Dr. Robb at and fight this terrible money making scheme of over vaccinating our pets.

      My thoughts are with you.


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