Many people think it’s what is being taught, or not being taught in veterinary schools. Whatever the problem; there is definitely a problem!

The oath that veterinarians take to “first do no harm” seems to have gone by the wayside.  It’s hard to believe that most traditional veterinarians blatantly refuse to even consider the harm that OVER-vaccinating our beloved pets can do. After receiving the rabies vaccine, your once healthy dog is suddenly paralyzed in the back end, or has a major tumor growing from the injection site, behavioral issues out of the blue, chronic yeast and skin problems, allergies, chronic stool issues and the list goes on and on. Yet, the vet insists that it has nothing to do with the vaccine. Hmmmm!

Twenty to thirty years ago, our dogs didn’t suffer like this from over vaccination. Vets didn’t push these vaccines like candy. Something changed.  $$$$$$$$$.

This is not about being anti-vaccine – instead we’re talking about NOT OVER VACCINATING our animals. We’re talking about offering titer testing through ALL veterinarians to check if the dog has enough of the vaccine already in the body before just vaccinating again and again! We’re talking about titer tests being accepted to replace an unneeded vaccine.

Just imagine for one minute how many times one shelter dog is vaccinated when they go in and out of shelters! This explains why so many of these animals have chronic health problems.

Why can’t my dog walk after having the rabies vaccine?

What are the side effects of the rabies vaccine for dogs?

The following infographic outlines known side effects associated with the rabies vaccine that can be both acute or chronic. One of the most frightening side effects is rear end paralysis which can take place just hours after the vaccine.

dog rabies vaccine damage

Rabies vaccine adverse reactions can happen immediately, hours, weeks and even months later. Vomiting/diarrhea, swelling around the face or location of the injection, rear end paralysis, seizures, lethargy, allergic reaction, anaphylaxis, loss of coordination, hair loss, skin conditions including yeast infections, scabs, flakes and pimples, site injection pain, pain throughout the body, tremors, behavioral changes, IMHA, shock, fever and death are believed to be associated with this vaccine.

Reversing Rabies Vaccine Damage & Driving Change

dog rabies vaccine rear end paralysis help

Use the following protocol to try and reverse your dog’s symptoms:

1. Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate or Ester C ONLY) for immune health. Vitamin C is believed to play a role in helping this condition tremendously. However, for dogs with serious illnesses such as rear end paralysis, doubling the dosage is often recommended. You must move slow when feeding vitamin C because it WILL cause diarrhea. Start with the dosage below and slowly move up every couple of days until you’ve doubled the dosage. You should always watch the stool. If your dog gets diarrhea at any point, back it down and stay there.

  • Pups or Small Dogs: 250 mg daily
    Medium Dogs: 500 mg daily
    Large Dogs: 750 mg daily
    Seniors: 500-1,000mg a day for every 40-50 pounds of body weight

2. Bentonite Clay – You’ll find the dosage on the link we shared for pets. This clay must be wet in order to be activated, either with wet food or using water to make a paste. DO NOT use a metal spoon to mix or a metal bowl to feed when using either of these detox formulas. They will be absorbed into the formulas (they naturally absorb heavy metals, etc) and you don’t want that going back into your dog’s body. We recommend feeding the clay daily for at least 6-8 weeks and use it for general maintenance for one week every 6-8 weeks.

3. Anti Vaccinosis Formula that includes Thuja and Silicea

4. Use a Rabies Nosode of Lyssin or Lyssinum 200C potency for dogs who have rabies vaccine damage. Use it for two weeks or until your dog returns to normal. If your dog experienced problems with the rabies vaccine, you should avoid this vaccine in the future. Tell your vet that you want a waiver due to the health problems it caused for your pet. Here is a link to the brand I recommend: Lyssin or Lyssinum rabies nosode 200C for dogs

For healthy dogs about to get a rabies vaccine, follow this protocol before the vaccine:

DOGS 100 lbs – 150 lbs: 5 pellets at a time (this is a single dose)
Give one dose of 5 pellets a day for 3 days prior to the rabies vaccination. Also give one dose on the day of the vaccine and daily for one week following your pet’s vaccination.

FOR DOGS 50 lbs up to 100 lbs: 4 pellets given at one time (this is a single dose)
Give one dose of 4 pellets daily for 3 days prior to rabies vaccination. Also give one dose on the day of the vaccine and continue daily for one week following vaccination.

DOGS 15 lbs – 50 lbs: 3 pellets at a time (this is a single dose)
Give one dose of 3 pellets a day for 3 days prior to the rabies vaccination. Also give one dose on the day of the vaccine and daily for one week following your pet’s vaccination.

SMALL DOGS UNDER 15 LBS AND CATS: 2 pellets at a time (this is a single dose)
Give one dose of 2 pellets daily for 3 days prior to rabies vaccination. Also give one dose on the day of the vaccine and daily for one week following your dog or cat’s vaccination. 

5. One of our success stories for reversing rear end paralysis also included using Transfer Factor which is very helpful for immunity and this is critical for dogs suffering from ANY reactions caused by vaccines. It helps nutritionally to naturally build a strong defense to fight disease and illness, cope with stress and improve bone health. You can learn more about it here on Amazon.

6. DIET– You have to feed your dog a good diet, especially now. Recovery begins in the gut! You have to feed either a home made meal, raw, dehydrated or a blend of all. To ignore this is doing your dog a big injustice.

7. Water Therapy is an excellent addition to all of the above to help build and stimulate muscles.

8. Acupuncture is another excellent addition to all of the above and help with the flow of energy through out your dog’s body.

Support the Vets that Are Trying to Drive Change

Please support Dr. Robb. He is pioneer in driving this change to new levels. The list of other wonderful, caring vets that are on the same page as Dr. Robb is growing. You can see it here.

Also, if your dog or cat has experienced a problem that you believe is associated with the vaccine — LEAVE AN HONEST REVIEW ON YELP OR DO A GOOGLE REVIEW ABOUT THE VETERINARIAN’S OFFICE THAT GAVE THE VACCINE!  One way we can make a difference is by sharing reviews since most people today are looking at testimonials. This is the only way that other pet owners will know.

Tell government agencies what happened to your pet (this is critical)

Sharing your story at these government agencies is a big help.  They MUST know what is happening:

Additional Vaccine Research

UK Research: At one point the UK conducted an ongoing health survey on thousands of dogs. “The Canine Health Census” aka the health survey uncovered a correlation between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis in dogs after vaccination. Sadly, this once popular Census was easily found on Google, but not anymore. You can find the article information here in this book from British author Catherine Driscoll: What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines

According to the Census”, 69% with rear end paralysis in dogs ended up that way within three months of a rabies vaccine.

We’ve shared other articles on the problems with over vaccinating. Although correlation we know isn’t fact, with numbers like this – we would hope that we would hear more about it. As we read further, the message grew even stronger.

Back in 2008, there was also an article published in Whole Dog News (can’t find this on Google anymore either) regarding how cases involving back problems, rear end paralysis and hind end weakness in dogs are increasing. The article talked about specific cases of dog owners who had put their dog’s to sleep due to lameness and rear end paralysis – not connecting the two right away. In many cases the problem was associated with old age.

According to the article, the rabies vaccine causes demyelination which is the self-destruction of the insulation surrounding the nerves of the central nervous system.

When this happens, it disrupts the signals being passed by the nerves. This is what leads to many of physical and mental problems as well that we are now seeing in dogs. Fear, aggression, phobias, paralysis, epilepsy and so on.

India Research: Apparently there is plenty of research done in India due to the large number of animal bites and rabies vaccinations. Reports indicate that many of these people develop autoimmune and neurological problems. Symptoms often associated with Multiple Sclerosis as well as acute demyelination disorders appear with an incidence rate of 1 in 300. Even though these numbers are based upon human incidents; dogs are most likely in this same range.

Please think about this for a minute. The above incident rate was based upon individual people receiving one single vaccine.

It shouldn’t be surprising that there could be a connection between the rabies vaccine and rear end paralysis. Here’s an example from the article which would be based upon a dog receiving a rabies vaccine yearly:

“By age 10 the average dog would have received 10 rabies shots, leading to a 1 in 30 chance of developing this condition.” The author goes on to say “This is much more in keeping with what I have sadly observed.”


This insanity has to stop. Share this with every dog and cat owner you know. Get in on the fight with Dr. Robb!  The greed has to stop for our pet’s sake.

For additional information on vaccines, click here.

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  • bumbl

    Unfortunately vets make sure that titer test is way too expensive as well. Not just do no harm gone by the wayside, but let’s charge as much as we can so the shelters fill up and then all the dogs can die. My distaste for society and it’s greed these days is very bad.

    • janie knetzer

      I completely agree Bumbl! The greed is over the top. I had a battle with my own dog’s vet (who likes to call himself holistic when it fits) regarding over vaccinating. He said “well, I have a cat and a bat got into the house and bit the cat and the bat did indeed have rabies”. I think they all use this same story too. I’ve seen it repeated online.

      I also heard this same story from several of our readers: “the vet said that I must of tweaked his spine” meaning the dog’s. How nonchalantly they say it and too have seen this repeated online. I think they learn in veterinarian school how to cover their rear ends.


  • MAri

    To get my 12 year old springer spaniel groomed I had to get him a rabies shot. I quit getting the other shots several years ago due to worries about overvaccinating. But no rabies shot meant I couldn’t get him groomed! OMG the guilt! Within a week he had trouble getting up, then started walking
    Like a “drunken sailor”, then could not walk, paralyzed from waist down. I called the rescue I got him from 10 years ago and state coordinator said to bring him to their vet immediately. Bottom line, they believed spinal cord damage and didn’t offer me hope that he could recover or mention the vaccine connection to the paralysis, so we put him down. The guilt now that I have seen all this is worse than ever. I feel like I killed him! My baby boy! Will look into exemption if ever get another dog as I lost my bAby to this horrid vaccine.

  • Lisa Frances Chociej

    In 2015, I found a dog on a craigslist ad that I thought would be a good Service Dog for me. I owner trained her, etc. Took her to my holistic and homeopathic vet to see if she was really healthy.
    This vet said she had ‘severe damages’ from the vaccines she’d had in her previous home. Gave us some detox treatments. and a Letter of Exemption.
    But at around mid 2017, I knew I needed to start searching and find a Service Dog prospect puppy asap, as her health and behavior issues were worsening. July 2017, I brought my puppy home from a breeder, who’d agreed to use just nosodes with him, thank YHVH.
    In November 2017, about 3 months after I had to retire my older SD, she passed away from gran mal seizures. The Hol-Hom Vet said that these seizures were her last and lethal Adverse Reactions to the vaccines she’d had.

    My puppy is now 15 months old and we’ve used 99.99% nosodes and one rabies vacc based on his weight at 6.5 months old and a titer test. Titer test results show he’s at or above the Internationally Accepted Level of Immunity against rabies. I hated to do that, because I know that even just one vaccine can harm / kill. We’ve been doing detox with him, too, to minimize bad effects.
    Not vaccinating him again. We will only re-titer every three years.

    In honor of my now deceased, older, Service Dog, I’ve set up a Petition that basically pleads the USA laws be updated to match the science asap. Please feel free to sign and share. #FreedomsLaw must exist.

    • janie

      Hi Lisa:

      I’m sorry to hear about your dog that passed. It’s very sad that this continues to happen. We have horror stories weekly. I had one today and his dog was paralyzed at the age of eight. His head and back end are completely paralyzed. He spent $1800 and the vet basically said he doesn’t know what is wrong. He went to two other vets and a specialist who wanted to euthanize him because they won’t admit or even consider that these issues are related to over vaccinating.

      It’s tragic and the laws really need to be changed. I will check out the page you shared.

      Warmest regards,

  • Ryan

    My English Springer Spaniel received a rabies shot on 8-24-18 has paralysis the following day, it progressed and now he can’t hold his head up 8/27/18. I have taken him to three vets. Please help thanks Ryan

  • Marcy Tierney

    Help! My 11 yr old yorkie got her rabies Tuesday. Wednesday she couldnt walk. Vet thinks I’m crazy & that it’s a temporary side effect. I lost a yorkie to the rabies vaccine 12 yrs ago and was told the same thing. What can I do to help her?? Any holistic treatments to help reverse the paralysis???

    • janie

      Hi Marcy:

      I sent you a private email.


  • Jennifer Waters

    Anyone who knows me, knows I love my dog. Cano is 8 yrs old.
    Against my better judgement, because you have to prove rabies vaccinations are up to date to take you dog camping, I took him to get what would be his 2nd rabies shot. For the last three days Cano has been barely able to walk on his hind legs. He also has a lump the size of a grape at the injection site. Never again will he be given this or any other vaccine. When I brought him in they said he was completely healthy, he’s had absolutely no injuries, no stumbles, falls, or anything else! I’ve had to carry him up and down stairs to bring him out. When he does attempt to walk it’s at an extremely slow pace. I have been massaging the area and trying to do leg exercises on him. Tonight he was able to go for a walk around the corner without his legs giving out, but after was wore out. As it turns out this is a real thing with the rabies vaccine.

  • Glen

    Our 2 year old Pomeranian has lost the use of her hind legs a week after her rabies shot. She was the runt of her litter, and weighs only 4 pounds. She is the sweetest, most living dog I’ve ever had. Seeing her like this is devastating. Is there anything that can be done?

    • janie

      Hi Glen:

      I sent you a private message.


  • Kim

    My Love Jake a Husky mix 15 healthy years old,had vomiting so I called in home vet and we sedated and took in for tests,
    After x Ray’s etc.he was given meds and special food. Told vet 3 times I didn’t want rabies shot because of age and vomiting. When we got home he followed my son to go in the yard. After 5 5 steps he fell and went paralyzed in hind legs. All night he was in terrible pain. We had to put him to sleep the next day. He was happy and fine the day before. 5 steps! I am beyond devastated. I feel so guilty. Now I know why he didn’t want to go to vets.


    • janie

      Oh Kim, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Get in on the movement with Dr. Robb at and fight this terrible money making scheme of over vaccinating our pets.

      My thoughts are with you.


  • Barbara

    My dog (Husky/Lab) got the Lyme and Lepto vaccs 2 weeks ago. She is 8 going on 2 – extremely athletic and energetic. The next morning she couldn’t walk. Vet gave benadyl/steroid. Recheck was today, and she’s still not 100%. Can’t get on the bed (she sleeps with me), can’t jump on me when I come home (always knocked me down) and can only walk about 1/4 of the distance she used to…all happened overnight. Vet says anything caused by the vaccine would be gone by now, so this has to be something she already had. She doesn’t understand why she can’t do what she used to, and gives me a worried look. I don’t know what to do, or if there is anything I can do. I am devastated. She is 8, but not “old”. We had so many more travel plans, but now we can’t.

  • Sarah

    My poor father is freaking out. Please help. My Daddy took his beloved Toby, a ridge back mix who is 11 years old to the vet because he had diarrhea and vomiting longer than a day. My Dad has never taken Toby to get his vaccinations regularly he’s maybe gotten them three times his whole life before this vet visit. He took him to the vet and of course they said he needed his vaccinations and now Toby can’t move. My father is crying non stop regretting taking him and feels awful he let them give him the shots. He said I just wanted them to help him and they are the experts but now my dog is dying. Please reach out to him if you can. I will leave my email because he is too distraught right now. Toby is not eating drinking or moving on his own at all a day after getting his shots.

    • janie

      Hi Sarah:

      I’m very sorry to hear about Toby. I sent you a private email.


  • Bethany Zigler

    We took our (then one year old) dog to the vet in November of 2016 to get his Rabies vaccination at a year old. He went paralyzed the same night. He’s three now and still has not recovered. We have tried so many different treatments and have had absolutely no luck. He can’t use the bathroom now. He’s in diapers full time. I would love to know what your protocol is so we can try it on our sweet Jack Russell.

    Also can I just say that I am astonished that so many people have the same issue. It’s absolutely heart wrenching. I am so glad that you are working to raise awareness and support Dr. Robb in his attempt to change the laws around the Rabies Vaccine. Thanks for all that you are doing!

    • janie

      Hi Bethany:

      I’m so very sorry to hear about your dog. This is awful!

      I received your email earlier and will be responding to that privately. Thank you for your very kind words.


  • Mindy stobart

    My dog cost is 8 1/2 He is a blab ( Bassett hound/lab he had his rabies today and his nails trimmed. Almost immediately he could not walk. He can walk some tonight . I’m so scared what do I do ? Is there any remedy for this? He has NEVER had a problem with shots until today. Please help us.

    • janie

      Please use my “contact us” form Mindy and share the following information:

      How much he weighs and how often you have vaccinated him and for what. Also include what you feed your dog which is vital to recovery.


  • Cheryl Bronnson

    Hello, I have a two year old Golden Retriever named Ryder. Last year 2 days after his rabies shot, he was outside walking extremely oddly. It looked like his hip was out of place and he could barely walk. After 10 or so minutes, he walked normal. This year, 1 day after the rabies shot, he couldn’t walk and was dragging his rear end down the hall, trying to pull himself down the hall with his front legs. It looked terrible! His back legs were folded and in a sitting position. After about 15 minutes, he walked with a limp and then normal. I told my vet about this. He said it wasn’t from the shots. Now today- about 2 months after the rabies- he couldn’t walk again. His back legs looked paralyzed and he was shaking all over. The back legs looked deformed or out of place. I was shaking too just watching this. After 10 or 15 minutes, he limped first and then walked normal. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared to even give meds for fleas, tics. Last year my dogs had fleas, so I have to give something. Any thoughts, ideas? My poor baby- hes only two!

    • janie


      Why are you getting a rabies vaccine every year on your dog? What other vaccines are you getting yearly? What state do you live in? What do you feed your dog and do you include ANY supplements?

      Regarding fleas and ticks, you can use natural. I will share some information later once you respond.


  • Haley

    Hi, My 10yr old Chihuahua named Jada got her 3yr rabies vaccine on 5/2 and by 5/5 she was getting weak in the hind end. As of 5/8 she was losing control of her hind legs. I had no idea that rabies vaccines could cause this kind of issues. After hearing Iso’s story I am hopeful that Jada will have many more years with me. Can you tell me exactly what Iso did and used to help regain the control of his hind end? All suggestions are greatly appreciated!

    • janie

      I’ll send you a private email Haley.


  • Cindy

    I took my dog Shrek to get his rabies shot so we could get him licensed and I noticed two days after he acts like he got hit by a car in the rear end but did not and walks weird in the back I’m very worried

  • Larissa

    Hi, I like all of you need more info. The same thing happened to our dog. She went for her shots and 2 days later her back legs gave out and she couldn’t walk. I was told it was disc disease but reading here I’m not sure I believe it is. I decided to not uthenize her yet and it is going on to two weeks since. She has regained some ability in her legs and can go to the bathroom outside again. She cannot do stairs thought so she has a ways to recover, if she even can?!?! After reading more I am concerned from what I’ve read that evenly she will just go down hill as the shot keeps ruining her body. Is there something I can do to help her out more so she won’t? Is that wrong info? will she improve more if she is off of everything and doesn’t get more shots? I haven’t seemed to find much info that guides a person what to do to once it happens. What happened in your situations? Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Maria

    I have a 10 year old golden retriever and I always felt vets over vaccinated dogs. Although I have got her rabies shots at the required times, I don’t the other vaccinations they want to give her after reading an article by Dr. Becker a long time ago. I have to say I never heard of this reaction to the rabies vaccine and it scares me.

    My question if, if I get the titer test for her and she has sufficient antibodies, then I don’t get the vaccine? How will I know how many antibodies are sufficient? I am sure if I choose not to get the vaccine for her the vet will try to pressure me. How do we handle it? Also, being a skeptical person, can I be sure the vet will give me the true results of my dog’s titer test?

    • janie

      Hi Maria:

      They know these vaccines can last a life time. The titer test is done on humans to identify the amount of antibodies left in the body. Why don’t they want to use for animals, because it cuts into their bottom line. This goes for both the manufacturers of the vaccines and the veterinarians.

      DO NOT BE PRESSURED!!!!! My recommendation for you is to have a consultation with Dr. Robb. He does them for $50 per 30 minutes and up, depending what you order. It’s not expensive. He will walk you through the process and share insight with you that you will welcome. Protect your old golden, please!

      Also, like you, I’m a skeptic and not always trusting of those traditional vets that agree to do a titer. How do we know they will share accurate, honest results? We don’t. And what makes the skepticism even greater is that they only care about vaccinating for money. They don’t care about your dog’s age, illness, prior illness, size or anything else. YET, if you read on the AVMA’s website, you’ll see the warnings!

      Just residual money coming in is the concern!

      Here’s a link to talk to Dr. Robb. You won’t be disappointed. Consult with Dr. Robb

      I’m not sure if this helps, but I hope so!

      The following should give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, even though this was for the Connecticut legislature, the crises the vaccines cause are across the board no matter where you live!,%20Liz-TMY.PDF


  • Michele

    I took my 10 year old Beagle/Shis-Tzu mix for his rabies shot on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning I noticed he was not walking right. He has had prior back issues and so I thought, maybe he strained his back. By Sunday afternoon, his back legs were totally paralyzed . But I could see this was not a back issue. He didn’t have any pain and was not shaking like he does when he hurts his back. As a matter of fact, he seemed fine….except for his back legs. I called the Vet. and asked if it could be from the shot and they said “no, the rabies shot won’t cause any neurological issues.” He is having a hard time relieving himself but eventually gets there (that makes me nervous) It is now Wednesday and I left a message with my Vet. letting him know that I am frantic ( he is closed on Monday & Tuesday) I am so torn on weather to bring him back or….I don’t know ??? I have heard the cold laser treatments can help. any feed back is much appreciated. …heartbroken

    • janie

      Hi Michele:

      I sent you a private email today. The vet’s always say that the shots aren’t causing any issues. How in the world can we have so many, SO MANY coincidences? The dogs are fine before and on deaths doorstep after the shot(s). They’re protecting their butts. That’s what they are doing!


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