Ancestral Desiccated Beef Heart


Dogs can, just like their human counterparts, experience a range of health problems – even heart disease. It may seem strange to consider a dog with heart disease, but it’s actually quite common in the canine world. That’s where a supplement like desiccated beef heart for dogs comes in, as this product can support heart health and contribute to overall improved cardiovascular condition.

Heart Disease in Dogs

While dogs may not generally be associated with the human risk factors of heart disease, like smoking or the consumption of an overly fatty diet, canines can still experience a host of conditions. The most common is valvular disease, which typically impacts small breed dogs over the age of five and accounts for three-quarters of all heart disease in dogs.

There is also the preventable heart-worm disease, as well as myocardial disease. The latter characteristically affects larger breeds.

Obviously, there are different symptoms for heart disease in dogs. Depending on the nature of the condition, pets may experience significant fatigue, difficulty breathing, a reduced willingness to exercise or be active, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and even coughing. Early heart disease is symptom-free, which makes supporting whole heart health all the more vital.

Is beef heart good for dogs?

Ancestral Desiccated Beef Heart for Dogs

There are a number of things that can be done to improve a dog’s heart health, but ancient wisdom opens the door to the path of consuming desiccated beef heart. This product, available as a supplement in capsule form, utilizes the ancestral principle of “like supports like” to bring whole health to consumers.

In the ancient world, the consumption of one type of organ meat was utilized to supplement the corresponding organ in the consumer. In the case of desiccated beef heart for dogs, therefore, the consumption of beef heart would support the health of the heart in the canine.

Featuring grass-fed and grass-finished beef heart from New Zealand, this desiccated beef heart capsule includes beef liver in supplementary measure to help contribute to holistic health. This product is high in CoQ10, collagen, elastin, vitamin B12, and a host of proteins and peptides found in heart tissue. These elements, especially the super enzyme CoQ10, help build a complete picture of heart health in canines.

The dosage of Ancestral desiccated beef heart for dogs may vary, but the standard human dosage of this product is three to six capsules per serving. For more specific instructions regarding canine usage, consult a veterinarian.

A six capsule dosage of desiccated beef heart contains the basic nutrition of one raw and fresh whole beef heart that one might classically get from a local butcher. The dosage can be taken with or without food and technically counts as a food source, so use accordingly.

The consumption of desiccated beef heart in capsule form can help support ideal blood pressure, mitochondrial health, connective tissue health, and so forth. This product even supports the energy level of dogs, which leads to further benefits and can help revitalize tired dogs and breathe new life into older pets.

Weight 32 oz