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When it comes to food supplements for pets, it’s hard to top desiccated beef liver for dogs. Liver is a superfood, one of the most nutritionally-dense food products in existence, and that makes this capsule form ideal for animal consumption.

Based on Tradition, Couched in Science

By subscribing to the notion that “like supports like,” the consumption of organ meat and material leads to improvement in the health of the corresponding organ. In other words, consuming top-quality liver would subsequently lead to an enhancement in liver function for the consumer.

The liver contained in this desiccated beef liver for dogs supplement is packed with nutrients because it is grass-fed and grass-finished and pastured raised in New Zealand. This means the finished product is GMO and hormone-free, containing absolutely no pesticides, fillers or flow agents. It is third-party tested for purity and 100 percent allergen free.

At the end of the day, consumers are getting a pure, top-tier product based on ancient wisdom yet couched in modern scientific techniques.

What are the benefits of desiccated liver?

The Goodness of Liver

Most people know that liver is a nutritious power-punch. First-class liver is loaded with vitamins, proteins, minerals, healthy fats, and other elements that support overall body health. The consumption of liver for dogs supports the synthesis of collagen, leading to better skin, hair and connective tissue strength. Liver also supports immune system health, brain health and, of course, liver health.

Grass-fed desiccated beef liver for dogs contains preformed vitamin A, folate, choline, vitamin B12, CoQ10, bio-available iron, and hyaluronic acid among other things. It features heme iron, which is a source of iron bound to the hemoglobin. This is a modest quantity of iron, but the consumption of spleen actually loads in a higher concentration.

Consuming liver supports pet health in so many ways that it’s impossible to keep track, but it also builds strong nutritional groundwork that supplements other organ meats. Liver is often found in other capsules and acts as an accommodating boost, kicking other meats and products into gear with a dose of the good stuff.

Desiccated beef liver for dogs supports healthy teeth, gums, fur, tendons, ligaments, joints, and the production of vital collagen.

Consuming Desiccated Beef Liver for Dogs

This desiccated beef liver for dogs is available in capsule form, with each serving supported by beef gelatin collagen. The recommended dosage for adult human beings is six capsules per day. The amount can be adjusted for pets based on size and need. As always consult a veterinarian with any specific questions about how much desiccated beef liver for dogs should be allotted.

Some pet owners adjust the dosage and add it to the normal food rotation, which provides a complementary boost of organ meat to a standard diet. Because many dogs do not have a source of organ meat, desiccated beef liver is a great place to get started. It will provide the nutritive base for other organ meats to come, including spleen, heart, thymus, and kidney products.

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