One of the most interesting of all the herbs for your senior dog is milk thistle. Called Silybum marianum or blessed milk thistle for dogs or Mary thistle or Scotch thistle or any variety of things, this annual or biennial plant is found throughout the world and has been researched for several medicinal applications.

organic milk thistle for dogs and cats

It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine to clear toxins and to soothe the liver, plus it’s a favorite in dubious Internet circles for its apparent ability to “slow cancer.”

Where can I buy milk thistle for dog?

HERBAL VET milk thistle comes in powder form making it easy to administer without having to play around with capsules and adjust the correct milk thistle powder dosage for dogs by yourself.  It’s also organic and comes with a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. You can purchase Herbal Vet Milk Thistle here on Amazon.

Milk thistle is safe to use and it yields a number of potential benefits. Some swear by it as a multi-purpose supplement, while its use as a liver detoxifier has been widely noted in natural health circles.

As usual, sifting through the anecdotal evidence can be tricky. What works for one dog won’t necessarily work for another. In terms of milk thistle, we do know that the flavonoid silymarin is the important piece of the puzzle because Silymarin releases toxins that can gather in the liver and assist in cell regeneration, which suggests that it can also help boost your old dog’s immune system.

Therapeutic Uses of Organic Milk Thistle for Dogs

The safety of milk thistle is worth mentioning here because it underlines how good an option this herb can be for your dog. Apart from cost and time, there’s no associated risk with using milk thistle. You can initiate a “try it out” approach to this treatment option, but other possibilities should also be considered if milk thistle isn’t effective.

  • The most common application for milk thistle powder dosage seems to be in the world of liver disease, which is more common in dogs than you might think. The silymarin helps release toxins in the liver and prevents oxidation, which is the increase of free radicals in the body. Because of its function as an antioxidant, many pet parents wear by milk thistle as a supplement for treating their dog’s liver disease.
  • Some pet owners have turned to milk thistle to treat what’s known as medication-induced liver damage. If your pet has been taking medications for a long period, it’s possible that long-term damage could result. Milk thistle supplements can help repair organ damage and can flush out residual chemicals left behind by extensive medicinal regimens.
  • There are a number of reports online about the use of milk thistle in dogs with inflammatory bowel disease, although most of the evidence is anecdotal. Due to IBD’s tendency to attack and inflame the liver and bile system in the pancreas, milk thistle powder dosage can help alleviate symptoms by flushing toxins and reducing inflammation. This suggests a usage in dogs with pancreatitis as well.
  • Organic Milk thistle powder dosage can be used to support the immune system. Because it scavenges for free radicals and works as a powerful antioxidant, milk thistle has been popularized to help stave off the effects of aging as well. Its capacity for preserving the antioxidant glutathione has made it a popular choice for those dog parents with aging family members.

How much milk thistle can you give a dog? 

article on milk thistle for dogs

The standard milk thistle dosage for dogs can vary from dog to dog, but research suggests that it’s best to seek out a supplement or a milk thistle derivative. Some anecdotal evidence asserts that a dosage of up to 200 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight can work wonders, while more conservative doses will also yield workable results.

Preventative Measures Before Using Milk Thistle Dosage for Dogs

As mentioned, milk thistle is a relatively safe option for your dog. There are no known side effects for moderate use of milk thistle.

There is, however, some evidence to suggest that long-term heavy use of this herbal treatment can lead to a suppression of liver function. This suggests that moderation is key, which is a good rule of thumb to follow in all herbal treatments.

Reasons to Use Milk Thistle for Dogs

If it sounds like I’m not jumping up and down about milk thistle, it’s because the efficacy of the herbal supplement isn’t overwhelmingly reported. There’s good evidence that milk thistle can work in conjunction with other treatment options to assist in the reduction of inflammation, but there simply are more attractive possibilities out there – like marshmallow root.

That said, milk thistle has a solid track record as a safe option and that can go a long way. My recommendation would be try milk thistle if your dog has liver issues. Using it on a healthy dog is not recommended, as there are no discernible supplementary benefits to speak of.

References: Herbs for Pets by M.L. Wulff-Tilford and G.L. Tilford, Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats by CJ Puotinen

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  • Rosalie R

    Would this help regulate alp levels? It was the only liver function that was elevated. Everything else was normal.

    • janie

      It can help ALT levels, yes. BUT, you really need to focus on diet and avoiding all vaccines and chemical flea and tick products. NO KIBBLE. REAL FOOD. Our cookbook can help. You can view it here. You should also include liver glandular and this one is HIGHLY recommended Liver Glandular for Dogs

      I hope this helps.

  • Beth

    Hi I have a 36.5 kg German shepherd with multiple issues including liver problems. I’m looking at starting him on milk thistle and my vet recommended the human variety but I’m unsure of the dose as it can be confusing?!

  • Helene Merker

    I have a 12 yr old Yorker that weighs 15 lbs and is diabetic. He is on insulin and it is controlled. He’s had bouts of pancreatitis that were successfully treated. His liver has been enlarged for awhile but now it is very large. Would milk thistle be a good choice for him? His liver numbers are fairly good so I haven’t been told he has a diseased liver but very large.
    Thank you

    • janie

      Hi Heline:

      Yes, milk thistle would be a good choice. Did you by chance view our article for diabetic dogs? Here it is and pay close attention to the food we recommend as a base food: Dog Diabetes Naturally

      I’m not sure what you’re feeding, but diet IS CRITICAL! If you use our search bar, you’ll find recipes for liver disease as well, but our cookbook would probably be a bigger help for you.

      I hope this helps Helene!


  • Josephine Testa

    Also read that milk thistle also helps shrink fatty tumors in dogs. Have you ever read that? Also have been using milk thistle (alcoholic free) for my Chauncy whom has had liver issues with this tincture. It brought his ALT levels down from 499 to 69 so I know it works. In fact the vet asked me what I did as he stated his prescribed medicine would never of done that.

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