High Protein Dog Foods

High Protein Dog Foods

High Protein Dog Foods – Should Your Dog Be On One?

High protein dog foods are becoming more and more common in the market place. The question is whether or not high protein foods are right for all dogs.

Personally, I would like to see more dog foods in the range of 28-31% protein. This would be ideal for the typical “not too active” family dog, while 33% and higher would work well for dogs that routinely work up a sweat! Highly active dogs performing agility, search and rescue and sled dogs typically do very well on the highest protein dog foods.

This is debatable topic amongst breeders, dog food companies and those involved in nutrition for dogs. It used to be that the standard recommended protein for dog foods was within the range of 20-25%. Now, many of the higher protein dog foods are any where from 31-42% protein.

It’s very difficult to find a high quality dog food that delivers high protein, but also stays within the range that’s not too high in protein – something sort of in the middle.

Prior to high protein and grain free dog foods, I think it’s safe to say that the 20-25% range of questionable protein wasn’t working too well for many dogs! My 10 best dog food list includes several excellent high protein dog foods.

You’ll know by your dog’s stool whether or not high protein dog food is working for your dog. If your dog has no soft stool issues or other problems, then chances are he’s processing the large amounts of protein just fine.

On the other hand, if your dog does have constant soft stool, then the protein level of the food might be too high. Don’t try and make it work; it either it does or it doesn’t. You’ll know by your dog’s stool consistency. Other excellent high protein dog foods include Acana (one of my favorites) and well worth trying.

Found A Great Dog Food Right In the Middle With A Nice Amount Of Healthy Protein

I was on a quest to find a nice dog food that would offer a highl level of QUALITY protein within the range of 28-31% and I did. Although they don’t make it themselves and it’s it’s not 100% grain free – it has an EXCELLENT profile.

Again, the only drawback for some would be that it is that they do not manufacture their own foods and Diamond manufactures it for them. The other drawback is that it includes a little grain.

Canidae Single Grain Protein Plus has a very nice line up of ingredients and I was extremely impressed. It’s NOT loaded with grain and it offers a comfortable level of high quality protein at 29%.

Don’t get hung up on the grain thing. If this food works for your dog, then you have a winner here!