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The 10 Best Tricks That Dogs Do & Most People Don’t Even Know It

My List of the 10 Best Dog Tricks

Dogs are masters at doing tricks and I don’t mean the obvious ones that we teach them to do like give paw, lay down, roll over, etc.  Although traditional dog tricks are cute and clever, I think the following things are just a few of the reasons why human beings realize that dogs truly are special:

  1. Studies show that people who have had heart attacks and have a dog (or cat) live longer than those without a pet. Lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels are noticeable in males that own pets than those that do not.
  2. Dogs lower blood pressure and actually help with physical recuperation.
  3. We all know that stress is bad and has a huge negative affect on our health. When under stress, our bodies release higher doses of unhealthy chemicals such as cortisol and norepinephrine which is bad for the immune system. Research shows a connection between both of these chemicals and a buildup of plague in the the arteries which is a tell tale sign of heart disease. Bottom line; dogs help reduce stress and increase levels of the nerve transmitters serotonin and dopamine which provides a calming, comforting affect.
  4. Dog owners are less likely to suffer with depression than those without. They make us smile and make us laugh.
  5. People with Alzheimers experience less anxiety outbursts when there is a dog in the home.
  6. Sixth on the list of 10 best dog tricks: Seeing eye dogs are the eyes for the blind, while signal and hearing dogs alert the deaf. Mobility assistance dogs are really incredible by helping dial phones, load/unload washing machines, retrieve items, pull wheel chairs, etc. Seizure alert dogs actually alert dog owners that a seizure is coming on. Medical alert dogs alert dog owners that a heart attack, seizure or diabetic attack is approaching. Autism service dogs keep autistic children from wandering from home; they get help if the child does, let the child know that his name is being called and so on. Read more about service dogs.
  7. Dogs are date magnets by naturally starting conversation. (Keep the following trick in mind though when you do meet someone!)
  8. Dogs know! Listen to your dog if he doesn’t like someone that you just meet. Their instincts are incredible. Remember that famous quote: “If your dog doesn’t like someone, you shouldn’t either”.
  9. At one time it was thought that dogs and cats caused allergies and if your child was sensitive to pets, then it was a good idea not to have one. Studies now show that kids who have direct contact with animals and are raised around pets whether in the home or on a farm, have less chance of asthma and dog allergies. *My own thought on this – the body builds a natural defense to the allergen.
  10. They keep us in shape. Why? Because we’re supposed to walk our dogs daily regardless if they have a large yard or not. We get exercise; they get exercise. Another famous quote: “If your dog is overweight, you’re not getting enough exercise.”

How’s that for some great dog tricks!