Estate Planning for Dogs: How to Prepare for Your Loss

Today’s subject may be a little on the morbid side, but recent events have me thinking of the importance of estate planning for dogs. Considering our untimely demise is not an overly pleasant [...]


Getting Older with Your Dog: A Story of Pet Loss and A Dog Named Lennox

Our series on Getting Older With Your Dog was always going to come to this point, I suppose, but it’s never an easy topic to know how to bring up. Still, loss is an essential part of life and you [...]


When Your Old Dog Tells You It’s Time

For a year and a half I’ve been keeping tabs on “Brown” who had been diagnosed with nasal cancer in February 2011. But this old girl didn’t lay down and take it, she was a [...]


How I Cope When I Lose One of My Dogs

The death of your dog shouldn’t be taken lightly. My dogs are family and in fact they are like kids to me. When I lose one of them, I grieve and I grieve hard. The one thing I’ve [...]