Why Dogs Follow

Why Dogs Follow Us From Room To Room

Ever wonder why dogs follow us all over the house? My dogs have their eyes on me at all times which is what prompted me to ask “does your dog follow you from room to room”? I not only have my own two dogs watching my every move; but my neighbor’s dog “Boo” too.

We pick “Boo” up on the way back from our walk and let her stay with us for a couple of hours each day during the week.

As I was working on the computer, all three dogs were sleeping.

I got up to get some coffee and everybody’s up. It’s as if they’re saying “we got movement”!

So, on the way in to get my coffee, Boo’s crossing in front of me; Maggie’s right behind me and Jenna’s watching me from across the room.

Why Dogs Do This

Dogs watch body language and follow their owners because they regard them as their pack leaders. When you move, they move.

This is what’s done in the wild and still done today with our domestic dogs.

Dogs are of course on the same family tree as wolves and the similarities of wolf behavior is often very much the same with our own dogs.

In a wolf pack, the alpha pack leaders decide everything including when it’s time to hunt and when it’s time to move.

The other members of the pack understand their positions within the pack and follow their leaders in almost every decision.

The pack is always watching the alpha’s movements and body language so that they know what their next move is.

You’re The Alpha

When your dog follows you from room to room or watches your every movement – this is why. He’s doing what thousands of years have taught him to do.

So the next time your dog is under your feet or following you from room to room, remember, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. Take pride in knowing that he considers you to be the Alpha Dog!

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