Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Dog

Yes, that special and/or terrible day is right around the corner. While some of us may be celebrating Valentine’s Day with our sweethearts and some may be pining for some sort of affection, it’s important to remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love.

The second most celebrated holiday around the world (second to New Year’s Day, that is) is actually a celebration of love and affection for all things – even pets.

While your significant other might be fussy when it comes to your box of chocolates or your cheesy Valentine’s Day card, your older dog won’t be.

He or she will lap up any and all affection you send on February 14, so why not put a little effort into doing something special for your best pal?

There are a number of good ideas that you can consider, some of which cost a little money and some of which are just plain fun for free.

Give Time To Your Dog

One of the best Valentine’s Day treats is your time. Spend a little (or a lot of) time with your pooch this Valentine’s Day and show him or her some affection by hanging out. Go to the dog park or take a spin in the car.

If your dog is into getting more active, play around with him or her in the yard. Don’t be afraid to get a little muddy if the occasion calls for it.

It may sound weird to take the afternoon off to play with your dog, but the rewards are simply off the page and no Valentine’s Day gift or card can compare.

Better still, get the whole family involved and show your dog a little extra TLC and affection.

Try Some Treats

Treats are always a good option for Valentine’s Day. Dogs, like people, love getting spoiled with a little extra that they maybe shouldn’t have every day.

There are plenty of dog treat options that are healthy and delicious, plus they have a little naughty side to them that gives your four-legged friend a touch of something special.

Older dogs will require something soft and delicious so that his tender gums and teeth won’t be irritated. The last thing you want to do on Valentine’s Day is annoy your dog. Trust me. Anything from cantaloupe chunks to these mouth-watering sweet potato softies will make for a good treat.

Clothes: The Answer to Everything

When all else fails and the well of ideas has dried up completely, why not try some dog clothes? There are a number of options available to suit all dog sizes and types, from unique sweaters that you can have custom-made to suit your pooch’s personality to special dog collars that feature cute logos, tags and messages. (Valium)

There are some cool T-shirts that may do the trick if you’re perhaps trying to get your older dog noticed when he’s out on the town, for instance. Get creative and consider making your own dog clothes, if you’ve got the time and patience.

Love and Affection

Above all else, remember that Valentine’s Day is about love and affection. As the special day approaches and so many people scramble to stores for cards, chocolates and other goodies for their significant others, don’t forget to include your best friend in the fun.