the old dog photo contest for december 2011

The Old Dog Photo Contest For December 2011

I Love Old Things!

I love anything old including furniture, t-shirts, trinkets, people and of course old dogs. I have a huge soft spot for these old furry boys and girls and I just can’t help myself.

While one of the hardest things about being a pet owner is to watch our dogs and cats get old; by the same token, I get great joy from the memories we have built with them.

Like many of you, our dogs are right up there with the rest of the family members and they matter just as much! This contest is about celebrating their lives and the happiness that our old dogs continue to give to us on a regular basis.

Don’t Be Offended If Your Old Dog Doesn’t Win – Enter Again!

I’ve thought long and hard about having this contest automated and having the winners picked randomly, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

Although easier, automated contests aren’t human and I feel that this contest is very personal, not only to myself and the other judges, but to those who take the time to share the stories and pictures with us as well.

So, please know that just because your dog wasn’t chosen as a winner doesn’t mean that we didn’t like the photo or we didn’t think your dog was cute (that would be impossible for us), etc.

You can count on the fact that we loved your photo and your story, but it comes down to making a decision and that’s the hard part of this contest.

The Old Dog Photo Contest December 2011 Entries

Yep, these old fur kids are cute alright, just look at them!
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Here’s The Lucky Winners For December 2011

Molly is the lucky winner of the $20 gift certificate from our sponsor and friends You’re cute Molly and what a great picture and story too! Molly is 12 years old and she was and is her owner’s first dog. Congratulations Molly!

Our next winner is “Jenny”. Sure, this sweet 13 year old has slowed down a bit according to her owner, but she’s still spunky for an old girl! The adorable Jenny is the winner of a 4 pack of Power Paws! These cozy little socks with tread on the bottom are a great edition for any older dog. Congratulations Jenny and thank you for entering.

The adorable little “Shweeps” is our next winner and she has won a $15 gift certificate from our sponsor and friends Barbara’s Canine Catering I want to send a huge “THANK YOU” to Jennifer for rescuing SweetPea only 9 months ago and at the age of 10+ years old. APPLAUSE EVERYBODY!! Jennifer has given this little girl a new life and Shweeps is slowly coming around too! Congrats little Sweetpea and we’re sooo happy for your new life.

Our final lucky winner is the quite handsome boy named “Champ”. A true golden he is! Hey Champ, you’re the winner of a $15 gift certificate for Barbara’s Canine Catering from your friends here at You can treat yourself to some treats on us! Congrats pretty fella.