the health benefits of chlorophyll for dogs

The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll for Dogs

Chlorophyll is a pigment found in plants and algae and the health benefits of chlorophyll for dogs are amazing to say the least. Chlorophyll is what gives plants and algae their green color. We know the importance of using chlorophyll for people, but using chlorophyll for dogs is just as important to our pets health as well.

You’ve heard how green foods are good for you. They build a strong immune system. The same is true with plants and algae. We believe that’s why dogs often seek out grass, herbs and other plants while grazing. Like other animals, dogs instinctively know what they need and what is good for them. (  

The benefits of adding chlorophyll

  1. Protects against cancer (this is a biggy)
  2. Regenerates red blood cells
  3. Provides energy for your dog
  4. Cleans and detoxifies the bloodstream and eliminates free radicals
  5. Cleans the digestive tract
  6. Heals wounds
  7. Fights infection and disease
  8. Helps with colon health and stool problems
  9. Cuts out grazing and grass eating
  10. Helps with oral health and gum disease
  11. Every organ in the body benefits from it

Different Forms of Chlorophyll You Can Use for Dogs

There are a number of ways to make sure that your dog is getting his or her daily dose. The addition of barley grass can provide some of this wonderful green element. 

Other options include the crushing of a tablet to be placed on top of your dog’s food or the addition of liquid chlorophyll to the dog’s water. IF YOU CHOOSE TO FEED BARLEY GRASS AND LATER NOTICE MORE SCRATCHING — STOP THE BARLEY GRASS AND SWITCH TO ANOTHER GREEN FOOD SUCH AS SPIRILINA OR CHLORELLA! Spirilina and chlorella are forms of algae like we mentioned above.  

One of the best supplemental forms of clorophyll is found in Micro Algae with 13 years of studies to back up the incredible benefits of this particular form of algae. You will never go wrong in using this formula for your dog. Learn more about BioPreparation Micro Algae here.

As with the addition of anything new to your dog’s diet, proceed with care. Adding chlorophyll certainly has its benefits, but it’s better to err on the safe side and start with small dosages and increase over the next couple of days until you reach the full dosage.

NOTE: DON’T get sucked into thinking that feeding your dog those rawhide treats they now have on the market calling them chlorophyll treats are an alternative – THEY ARE NOT! There’s a tiny bit of chlorophyll in those amongst a lot of ingredients that aren’t good for your dog including rawhide and sugar. GIVE THE REAL DEAL!

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