There are a handful of supplements that all dogs need daily and one of them should provide a healthy dose of chlorophyll for your dog.  This article discusses the tremendous benefits of adding super foods that include this powerhouse of health benefits to your dog’s daily diet and why your four legged friend must have it.

What is chlorophyll?

First, a little bit of background is in order.

Chlorophyll is actually the green pigment found in the chloroplasts of algae and plants.

It is critical in the process of photosynthesis, helping plants absorb energy from light sources.

But it’s also extremely helpful for human beings and  animals.

50 or so years ago, scientists started to unpack some of those benefits. They discovered that chlorophyll could fight certain infections, like strep or staph infections, and learned of some more cosmetic benefits like the combating of bad breath. It fought gum disease and got right of putrefying bacteria in the digestive tract. It was even linked to the healing of wounds, stimulating protective tissue growth.

So, what are the benefits of chlorophyll for dogs?

Now that you know a little more about chlorophyll in general, you might be wondering if it’s safe for dogs. After all, there are plenty of substances out there that are good for people but are simply no good for dogs and other pets.

The good news is that chlorophyll is not only safe for your dog; your dog needs it to thrive.

Consider the things we already know chlorophyll does, for instance. It keeps your dog strong with a healthy immune system.  This is critical because a strong immune system guards your dog against illness and disease.

The benefits of chlorophyll for dogs are pretty much the same as they are for people:

  1. Protects against cancer (this is a biggy)
  2. Regenerates red blood cells
  3. Provides energy for your dog
  4. Cleans and detoxifies the bloodstream and eliminates free radicals
  5. Cleans the digestive tract
  6. Heals wounds
  7. Fights infection and disease
  8. Helps with colon health and stool problems
  9. Cuts out grazing and grass eating
  10. Helps with oral health and gum disease
  11. Every organ in the body benefits from it

How do I give my own dogs chlorophyll?

There are a number of ways to make sure that your dog is getting his or her daily dose. The addition of barley grass can provide some of this wonderful green element, while alfalfa is also beneficial. We’ve talked a bit about alfalfa for dogs before, as some of you may remember.  Either form or both is good.

Other options include the crushing of a tablet to be placed on top of your dog’s food or the addition of liquid chlorophyll to the dog’s water. With regards to dosage, I give my 100 pound lab 1/2 teaspoon in the am with her food and another 1/2 teaspoon with her dinner.  IF YOU CHOOSE TO FEED BARLEY GRASS AND LATER NOTICE MORE SCRATCHING — STOP THE BARLEY GRASS AND SWITCH TO ANOTHER GREEN FOOD SUCH AS SPIRILINA OR CHLORELLA!

As with the addition of anything new to your dog’s diet, proceed with care. Adding chlorophyll certainly has its benefits, but it’s better to err on the safe side and start with small dosages and increase over the next couple of days until you reach the full dosage.

NOTE: DON’T get sucked into thinking that feeding your dog those rawhide treats they now have on the market calling them chlorophyll treats are an alternative – THEY ARE NOT! There’s a tiny bit of chlorophyll in those amongst a lot of ingredients that aren’t good for your dog including rawhide and sugar. GIVE THE REAL DEAL!

Here’s another article that includes more information on the benefits of chlorophyll for dogs.

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  • Paulina

    I have a 4 pound, 18 month young maltese can u tell me how much liquid chlorophyll I can safely add to her water (to help clear her brown eye stains, particularly) please? thank you

    • janie

      Hi Paulina:

      I would try add a few drops of the liquid chlorophyll (2-3) to her water and see if it helps.


  • rogerio

    Hello I’m from Brazil and I have an 8 kg dog with hypothyroidism, say that chlorophyll is a spectacle for this disease and various dermatitis?

  • dianna

    so i can go to a health shop and buy chlorophyll off the shelf for my dog?

    • janie

      Yes, providing it’s natural and comes from a good source.

  • Kim

    I just purchased liquid Chlorophyll, based on my breeder group 2 tablespoons a day was fine for my 62 pound girl. I just put it in her food, it would be wasted in the community water bowl. Now as I read your article I see how my other girls can benefit from it also.
    They range from 70 to 90 pounds. I was going to start them all on a tablespoon per meal, is that too much?

    • janie

      That should definitely be okay to start Kim, then work your way to the 2 tablespoons for each of the other dogs as well.


  • Max Jones

    I had no idea that chlorophyll was so important for dogs, and that it could help prevent cancer! I’ve been looking into some green algae dog treats, and I think these have the necessary vitamins in them to help protect our dog. I’m going to have to do a little more research into the green algae dog treats, and if they do indeed have chlorophyll, I’ll have to make an order!

  • Carla Ferrier

    There is also a company called that offers spirulina wafers in addition to a complete supplement (longevity)) amongst other things. The cost is reasonable and free items are given when you get to certain dollar amounts. Just another available option.

    • janie

      Hi Carla:

      Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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