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  • Mary Ann Michael

    Would like to know if I can use turmeric in my dogs food. She is a rat terrier and vet says she is about 15 years old(she came to my house and adopted me…lol, so I don’t know how old she really is. She has a skin problem. I don’t know if it is allergies or not. She is chewing on herself and has a horrible itch. Benedryl doesn’t seem to help her. She is also diabetic. If it is ok to use the turmeric, how much would I need to put in her food? I have had her to vet and he doesn’t seem to know what it is. Her skin gets red all over her body and sometimes she gets hives with it.

    • janie

      Hi Mary Ann:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s been an extremely busy two weeks.

      Anyway, you can certain add Turmeric to her food using a dosage of 1/8 to 1/4 tsp per 10 lbs of her weight. However, I think you’d be better off trying Calcium Montmorillinite Clay. Clay is very good at detoxing the body and the fact that she is a diabetic and her kidneys may not be as strong as they should be; I think the clay would be a much better choice for her.

      It’s a substance that I often recommend for dogs that have kidney issues and clay can certainly help the skin. If she’s 20lbs and under she would only need 1/2 tsp mixed with her food daily. You can read some testimonials here Mary Ann. Start slow and work up.

      It will detox the body and it’s also another excellent anti-inflammatory.

      If you still prefer to include some turmeric as well, you can. Just try to give them separately. One for breakfast and one for dinner. But again, I would try the clay first, then add the turmeric later once she’s used to the clay mineral.

      Keep in mind that diet, unnatural flea and tick products and vaccines all play a big part in weakening the immune system, causing disease and unhealthy skin. Feed her a lot of whole foods including more meat, egg and well cooked veggies such as green beans, kale, asparagus. Be sure to include a good oil daily. My favorite is Bonnie & Clyde. It’s pure.

      Please come back and let me know how it goes, if you decide to try it.


  • Laura

    Our 16-year-old Belgian sheepdog was just diagnosed with liver problems. He’s on several related and unrelated medications. The vet recommended Hills diet for liver. I have made our dog’s food for years – chicken, brown rice and peas, with some variations. Do you know a dog food recipe for dog’s with liver disease? I don’t trust manufactured dog food. Thanks.

    • janie

      Hi Laura:

      I’m real sorry to hear about your dog’s liver issues. I have to say though, you have done an outstanding job with him. A 16 year old Belgian Sheepdog is awesome.

      Anyway, I’m just curious if you follow an all natural protocol faithfully? I mean, I’m wondering what caused the liver problems in the first place? Chemical flea and tick products, vaccinations, etc?

      I share two free recipes on this page for dogs with liver disease (not for dogs storing copper). You MUST provide your dog with supplements Laura. Are you?


  • Diane Bouge

    Diesel is 11, for an Anatolian cross that is fairly old. He also has Diabetes Insipidus which he gets eye drops 2 times a day for. But his front elbows are kind of swollen and raw, I have been putting Calendula Salve on them, under gauze with vet wrap, and seems to be getting better. But can a dog take Yarrow for the inflamation, and pain??? They didn’t teach Holistics in Vet Practices 25 years ago! Thank You! Diane

    • yourolddog

      Hi Diane:

      I’m sorry to hear about your old boy. Hopefully the Calendula Salve works to heal the raw elbow. However, I would definitely look into DogLeggs which are used to help heal Hygroma’s, Sore Elbows and Calluses. Here’s a video about the product Diane.

      Remember to NOT allow him to lay on hard surfaces like cement or hard tile floors. Try and keep him on a nice comfortable bed when possible. I was thinking more about Turmeric for inflammation, but you can read my article on Yarrow here.

      I know what you mean Diane about them not teaching Holistic Medicine in Vet Practices 25 years ago. 🙂

      Please let me know how things go okay?


  • ankit

    my 12 year dog have neck cancer how can i treate them in home
    medicines are not effective

    • yourolddog

      Where are you located and how far along is the cancer? Is it a tumor or thyroid cancer, etc.?


  • Donna

    This is kind of an ODD thing 1 of my dogs is experiencing. I have looked all over the web with no luck. He is a 110 pound Pit/Rot named Dozer for good reason, he is a bull but a big baby. We have recently noticed something going on with the pads on his back feet. It is hard to describe but here goes. The big pads on the back feet seem to be blowing apart. They look like a squids tentacles, like a brush’s bristles, only they are soft and it just seems like his pads are separating. I wish I could post a picture, not sure if it is Vet worthy. I have spent so much at the vet on him due to a lifelong illness I hate to take him in for stuff that is not a big deal. If anyone has seen or heard of anything like this I would really appreciate some input. Thank you for this site.

  • Pam

    Hello Marianne
    Have you tried “Ginger” for your doggies upset tummy. (is a a good natural anti-inflam) I have found it always works whenever my dogs(one is 14yrs and the other is 9 years old) have had an upset tum or sick. I give them a “Blackmores” brand Travel Ginger Tablet (400mg) with a bit of honey or just put the tablet in with food.
    Wouldn’t hurt to try – hope it helps!
    Best Wishes

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