Homemade Dog Food Recipes Cookbook for Sick Dogs



  • Simplified recipes for the crock pot.
  • 3 or more recipes for specific diseases.
  • Includes recommended supplements for each illness.
  • Specifies which meats & vegetables are recommended for each disease.
  • Can also be used for healthy dogs whose owner would like to home cook.


Includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

  1. Our recipes were specifically developed for dogs diagnosed with health problems such as Cancer, Kidney Disease, Pancreatitis, Seizures, Heart Disease and Liver Disease. *Please see our note below regarding chronic liver disease and the recipes in this book. 
  2. All recipes were created by a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner for dogs to provide your pet with exceptional nutritional value.
  3. Three helpful pages of tips & recommendations including recommended feeding amounts based upon your dog’s weight.
  4. Interchangeable meats, grains and vegetables for each illness.
  5. Recommended supplements that MUST always be included when home cooking for your dog.
  6. Suggested herbs and supplements for each particular disease or illness.
  7. A helpful Questions & Answers section also included in homemade dog food cookbook.
  8. Limited ingredient recipes to help support your older dog’s digestive system.
  9. Meals can easily be prepared in a crock pot, on top of the stove or in the oven.
  10. Instant download eBook (homemade dog food cookbook).
Cookbook for dogs

PLEASE READ IF YOUR DOG HAS CHRONIC LIVER DISEASE: The recipes in this cookbook for dogs are fine if your dog is in early stage liver disease and elevated liver enzymes.  However, they are not for dogs suffering from chronic liver disease such as Copper Storage Disease or Hepatic Encephalopathy when the liver produces too much ammonia in the blood or the dog starts to store copper in the liver.

Some symptoms of copper storage disease include yellowing of the eyes and skin. If you notice swelling in the abdomen area (ascites) or your dog seems confused or staggers; these can be symptoms of Hepatic Encephalopathy when the diseased liver starts to affect the brain. Both of these are very serious conditions and the recipes are not for these conditions.

In this case, please use our contact form for help with those diet issues.

Where to Find the Download Link Once You Purchase the eBook

As soon as you place the order, you’ll receive a receipt on your screen saying “Thank you. Your order has been received.” The download link is directly on this same page (receipt).

Scroll down to the “Order Details” section and you’ll see “Download: Homemade Dog Food Recipes cookbook for Sick Dogs”. Click there to download and save the organic dog treat cookbook to your computer.

However, if you have any problems, just click here to contact us and we’ll send you a copy right away.

We’re here to support you along the way! You’re not alone in your journey.

The organic dog treat cookbook is Available as an eBook or in a Hard Copy

The cost of homemade food recipes for sick dogs eBook is $9.99 which you purchase directly from us by clicking on one of the orange “Add to Cart” buttons on this page.


If You Would Rather Have a Real Paperback Copy of the Book (takes a few days)

If you’re looking for a “real” book aka a paper-back version of our dog food cookbook, then you have to purchase it from Amazon. Just make sure that you purchase the FOURTH EDITION of the book, so that you get the most updated dog food cookbook with all the benefits.

For some reason, Amazon shows all the previous versions as well and it can be confusing. The cost for the paper-back book is $13.33. Click here to purchase from Amazon.

60 Day Unconditional Risk Free Guarantee

Simply put, our book is not only the easiest tool you’ll find to cook for your dog, but of the highest quality in terms of what’s included inside the book.  We are 100% confident that you’ll love the book as much as we do.

If you are not satisfied for any reason, just let us know within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price of the eBook.

If you purchase the actual organic dog treat cookbook from Amazon and you want to return it – you must go thru Amazon, not YourOldDog.

If you purchase a hard copy of the book through Amazon though, you have to return it through them like you would any other Amazon product. Unfortunately, we can’t help with that.


Some of our top frequently asked questions

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Can I feed my senior dog these recipes if they have limitations on their phosphorus intake?

Yes! This book includes several homemade dog food recipes for dogs who need a low phosphorus diet!

Are the recipes in this book designed by a qualified canine nutritionist?

Yes!  Unlike other canine pet cookbooks written by well-intentioned dog owners, “Homemade Cooking for Sick Dogs” was written under the consultation of a certified nutritionist. Darlene Rudnick has been a student of nutrition since 1987 and her qualifications certainly speak for themselves!

While I too have been working with nutrition for dogs for many years, I do not hold a degree.  For this reason, I wanted to work with an expert on nutrition for pets, and Darleen has been studying nutrition health since 1987. Here’s Darlene’s credentials:

  • A Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition
  • Certification as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Conducts ongoing workshops on nutrition
  • Is an Instructor at the Southern Institute of Healing Arts
  • Owns and runs Purely Pets Wellness Center

Does my dog have to be sick to eat the recipes from this book?

Not at all! Whether your dog is suffering from current illness or whether they are completely healthy, the recipes in this book are designed to create well-rounded and appealing meals!

Just keep in mind that whenever you cook for your dog it is always recommended that you include the following healthy supplements:

    • Multivitamin Tablet or a Multivitamin Powder
    • Calcium
  • A good oil such as organic, cold pressed coconut oil

Can I feed my dog these recipes if they have 'X' blood creatinine levels & Kidney Issues.

Yes! The kidney disease recipes in this book are safe for all levels of Creatinine in the blood!

Can I feed my dog these recipes if he or she has elevated liver enzymes?

The recipes found in my book can be used for dogs with Early Stage Liver Disease. If your dog has elevated liver enzymes due to ammonia in the blood (Hepatic Encephalopathy) or he or she is vomiting bile due to early stage liver disease; these recipes can be used. The recipes ARE NOT MEANT for dogs who are STORING COPPER in their liver.

If you’re not sure, please ask your vet if your dog has copper storage disease. Also, dogs who are in late stage liver disease, may develop kidney problems and suffer seizures associated with their liver problems.

If this is the case for your dog, then the recipes in this book for liver disease ARE NOT recommended. I recommend talking to a pet nutritionist who can personalize recipes for your dog in either of these cases.

Is home cooking for my dog going to be expensive?

No! You’ll be surprised at how much money you will save by following the recipes in “Home Cooking for Sick Dogs.” Consider the cost of a bag of prescription dog food. Then consider the cost of treating uncontrolled health issues in your sick dog. Now consider the cost of basic nutritious foods and the long-term health of your pet…

Backed by nutritional science, the recipes in this book not only provide your dog with healthy, whole nutrition, but they also allow you to cater your dog’s specific needs by supplementing deficiencies caused by illness.


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