Repair & Strengthen for Disease & Skin


  • Contains organic ingredients recognized for their potency against disease, digestive and skin issues.
  • Helps support & restore your dog’s damaged GI tract to normal due to yeast overgrowth, leaky gut and ulcers.
  • Helpful for rebuilding muscle mass.
  • Speeds up recovery.


Repair and Strengthen provides optimal nutritional support for weakened dogs that need additional help in restoring their immune health and resilience.

Use: For food allergies, leaky gut, yeast overgrowth, muscle wasting, GI tract issues and other conditions that cause deterioration in the body.

Active Ingredients: Six Hour Colostrum, Cold Pressed Whey Protein, Freeze Dried Aloe Vera.

The 6 Hour Colostrum used in Repair and Strengthen is the real deal. It’s the first substance discharged after the birth of a calf. Pure Colostrum includes generous amounts of long chain amino acids that produce incredible healing elements.

The Whey Protein Isolate used in Repair and Strengthen is 100% pure and comes from grass fed cows. The amino acids found in whey protein help with cellular generation and repair as well as the production of glutathione. The concentrated form of glutamine helps heal the digestive tract lining.

The Aloe Vera used is organic, preservative free and freeze dried. Aloe helps soothe a sore, sensitive digestive tract.


Dogs: Give 1/2 teaspoon per 20 pounds two times daily. For best results give 5-10 minutes prior to meals. Mix with a little warm water to create a paste. If your dog eats the paste alone, that’s great. If not, you can add the paste to a little cheese or other tempting food.

For dogs with severe problems, you can double the dosage, but start by using the recommended dosage and slowly work up over a few days. For long term use, only feed 5 days a week.

Precautions: Should your dog’s condition get worse, consult with a holistic veterinarian.

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Weight 4.4 oz

4 reviews for Repair & Strengthen for Disease & Skin

  1. Susan King

    We started using this product with the Daily Multi for our 12 year old terrier mix. He has had repeated bouts of intestinal issues and was on prescription dog food – – expensive and full of toxic ingredients. Janie has been a huge help along the way! His gut seems to be healed and we switched to home made dog food along with these 2 supplements. No more diarrhea or rumbling or vomiting. So thankful!!!!!

  2. Susan King

    Janie has been an amazing resource! Our 13 year old terrier mix had suffered repeated bouts of inflammation of the colon. After reading Janie’s information, I knew he needed something besides the expensive “prescription” toxic dog food that was supposed to help dogs with sensitive tummies. We used the Repair & Strengthen along with the Daily Multi Plus. And I began making his food. He is so much better!!! I am certain his gut is healed after one month! We are still talking with Janie to figure out some easier food options when we are traveling. She is so knowledgeable and cares so much. It has made a world of difference!!

  3. Mary Frank (verified owner)

    My husband purchased this product for our older dog Heidi who had a lot of digestive problems. She would belch and throw up a lot.

    We came back and bought the Daily Multi Vitamin and the cookbook too. We’ve seen such a difference in Heidi. She’s not throwing up anymore and no more stinky burps.

    We used to feed her kibble. Janie recommended that we change her diet and now she eats all home made. At first we were stressed thinking it was going to be hard to cook for her (since we hardly cook for ourselves any more) but the recipes are easy.

    We’re very grateful to Janie for her guidance with getting our girl Heidi on track. We will continue to use this site for Heidi in the future.

  4. Alane Gabriel (verified owner)

    I can not stress enough how amazing this product has been for my dog!

    After a super healthy 10 years of activity, she was diagnosed with the first stages of liver disease. She was fragile and would have to pee every 10 minutes and had a very hard time. She had lost the twinkle in her eyes and somehow she just accepted that it was her time to go. But not me!

    So her Vet gave her a ton of meds that I did not like because I was afraid they would cause more damage than good. So, amazingly it was an attendant at this pet store who told me what to do about it. Milk Thistle, Natural foods and REPAIR AND STRENGTHEN. Within the first three weeks the constant peeing stopped completely and 2 weeks later the body shaking and constant thirst for water stopped as well.

    It has been three months on this product and this is the second time I got it for her. She is back to being herself again! She is active, happy, nothing hurts and her voracious appetite is back to the same one I remembered.

    She thinks she is a pup again, lol! Thanks guys for offering such a great product! My dog greatly appreciates your help to get her health back again…

    • yourolddog

      Hi Alane:

      Thanks so much for sharing your testimonial. I’m so glad you like “Repair & Strengthen” and that your girl is feeling better. 🙂

      You’re welcome Alane and we’re glad to help!!


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