Dog Allergy Kit


  • Founded by Dr. Ynge Ljung
  • Based on a complement of Western and Eastern medicine traditions
  • Treats hundreds of allergens
  • The first at-home allergy treatment kit

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Allergies are on the rise in pets, especially dogs, and The Allergy Kit offers a solution that will help you and your four-legged friend cope better. The Allergy Kit for dogs includes seven vials, a Red Cold laser and a free stress vial.

The Allergy Kit for dogs utilizes the laser to balance acupuncture meridians and to alert the body as to what allergy is being tackled, giving it a sense of direction. The essence of the kit is to “reprogram” the body to react to the allergy in a normal fashion, which in turn changes the essence of the allergy itself.

The Allergy Kit is a very unique system that can strengthen your dog with respect to resisting allergies, but caution should be used at all times. Consult your veterinarian for more information if you are unsure about the Allergy Kit.

The seven vials of the Allergy Kit start with the first vial to treat and address allergies to dog food, vitamins and genetically modified organisms. The second vial treats allergies to B vitamins, as well as beef, pork and food hormones. The third vial treats allergies to different grains (contact the manufacturer for more information on specifics). The fourth vial treats allergies to food coloring, herbicides, pesticides, and other additives. The fifth vial treats vaccine, bacteria and virus allergies. The sixth vial treats a host of environmental allergies, including fleas and fabric allergies. The seventh vial features a combination of the previous six vials, support for organs and endocrines.

As you can see, each vial treats a host of allergies in your dog and covers a lot of bases. It is integral to take the Allergy Kit in order and in entirety, however.




Specific usage instructions regarding the Allergy Kit for dogs and its laser system are available from the manufacturer, but there is a very specific protocol involved that should be followed to the letter.

All vials should be used in sequence. Do not skip any vials, even if your dog is not allergic to the elements treated in the vial. Each vial builds on the previous vial to train the body to alter its approach to allergens.


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