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The all natural herbal Cushings Combo Killer from Prana Pets is a three-product bundle designed to treat the symptoms of Cushing disease in dogs, providing complete support for total body health and comfort. This herbal combo bundle eliminates the symptoms associated with Cushings disease in dogs and includes the following three products:

  1. Adrenal Support
  2. C-Support
  3. CBD Oil

For best results, use the following dosages:

40 lbs & below: 350 MG
over 40 lbs: 500 MG

The Right Diet is Vital for this Disease

We also encourage pet owners to feed a healthy diet (not kibble or canned junk dog foods) which is vital to eliminating your pet’s cushing’s disease symptoms.  Since there are no specific recipes for cushings disease in dogs, except to feed a species appropriate diet, any of the recipes in our cookbook can be used regardless of which category or illness they fall under in the book. You can learn more about our cookbook here.

Desiccated adrenal glandular is also recommended to help with adrenal function. Simply open the capsules & sprinkle on the food. Adrenal gland is considered a whole food and your pet will enjoy it. You can learn more about desiccated adrenal gland here.

The Adrenal Support formula balances the function of the pituitary and adrenal glands, leading comprehensive health of the endocrine system. It also boosts a healthy appetite, reduces stress, addresses symptoms like disproportionate urination, boosts energy levels and stamina, and endorses healthy growth of fur and maintenance of good skin. This formula doesn’t just cover up the cushing’s disease symptoms of stress-related conditions, instead it restores vigorous adrenal system function, providing a firm approach to overall body health.

C-Support builds to optimum levels of vitality and energy levels in dogs, plus it supports strong immune system function. It also leads to a healthy appetite and encourages liver health for better digestion and cleansing. Because immune dysfunction can lead to irregular growth, C-Support helps address this issue by reinstating immune balance. This also leads to the mitigation of inflammation.

Finally, CBD Oil, like the other products, supports healthy appetite and addresses the problem of inflammation. CBD Oil can also help with the regularity of seizures and fights nausea along with other digestive problems.

You can’t go wrong with this kit if your dog has Cushings Disease and for treating naturally to avoid steroids along with other dangerous synthetic drugs typically used long term for this disease.

What is Cushing’s Disease in Dogs?

Also known as hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing’s disease generally impacts middle-aged and older dogs and is a disease of the endocrine system. The endocrine system can be referred to as a sort of chemical messaging service in that it is built from feedback loops of hormones that control organs. This is done through the transmission of chemicals through the glands.

Cushing’s disease impacts the endocrine system by producing too much cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the body. It is kind of like an alarm system in that it keeps the body aware of dangers and is present in periods of stress. It is also fashioned when the body has low blood-glucose concentration.

In most cases, cortisol finally tapers off and the body returns to a comfortable state. But in cases of Cushing’s disease, that cortisol prompt never stops going off and pets recurrently produce the stress hormone.

There are three basic cushing’s disease causes in dogs:

  1. A benign tumor of the pituitary gland, which stimulates the overproduction of cortisol
  2. A tumor in the adrenal gland that secretes too much cortisol
  3. Excessive medications, like steroids
  4. OVER vaccinating is also believed to be a factor

What are the Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease in Dogs?

There are some schools of thought that suggest Cushing’s disease is over-diagnosed in dogs. While there’s no evidentiary way to prove this, the symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs can be replicated by many other conditions. Tense dogs, those inclined to nervousness and the like, will naturally have higher levels of cortisol than other dogs. This may lead to a “false positive” of Cushing’s disease, so it’s important to note a full complement of symptoms.

Thirst and excessive urination is one of the most common and most abrupt cushing’s disease symptoms. This is logically because the dog’s body is kicking into high gear, with complex levels of stress hormones creating more bathroom trips – even in the middle of the night. Pet parents may notice more trips and at more unusual times.

Hair loss, weight gain, panting, lowered immunity, swelling in the abdomen, and changes in skin are also allied to Cushing’s disease. The belly may sag. Pets with Cushing’s disease may have low energy. Symptoms may be rather ordinary at first, which can make definitive detection a difficult process.

The Problem of False Positives

The problem of false positives in dogs is that the simple act of getting tested for Cushing’s disease can produce raised levels of cortisol because the experience is traumatic. In humans, they call this “white coat hypertension.” This is a form of apprehension present when patients see doctors, as people exhibit blood pressure higher than normal when in a clinical setting.

The same can be said for four-legged friends, who likewise react to a visit with the veterinarian with elevated symptoms. And these symptoms can lead to false positives of Cushing’s disease in dogs.

Because of this potential for false positives, it’s important to enter any cushing’s disease treatment in dogs course prudently. And that’s where this all-natural product comes in, as it addresses symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs without detrimental side effects.

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