Clear Allerqi Seasonal Allergy Formula


  • Recommended for seasonal allergies.
  • Formulated with Chinese herbs that cool heat held within the liver.
  • Supports normal skin function by balancing the dog's own defenses.
  • Helps manage your dog's symptoms and histamine levels naturally.
  • Symptoms of hypersensitivity include red skin, panting, warm weeping lesions and skin that is hot when touched.

*Dosage and additional information below.


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Just like human beings, a dog’s body also reacts the same way to allergies and hypersensitivities caused by a reaction to food, environmental (inhalant) or contact with the skin. The body signals the defense system which triggers an overreaction to the offending substance. It’s believed that hypersensitivities often cause intense heat in the body, seen as skin that is hot, red oozing lesions, panting and agitated.

Allergies According to Chinese medicine
We’ve all heard of Yin and Yang which is the balance of life. The definition of Yin and Yang are as follows: Yin symbolizes fluids, maternal, quiet, nighttime and passive elements of the body. Yang symbolizes heat, inflammation, active, male, daytime and hostile aspects.  This same theory applies to dogs.

According to Chinese medicine philosophy, the liver acts as a tap providing the continuous flow of energy aka Qi (pronounced “chee”), inside the body. So, when sensitivities lead to liver imbalance (Liver Qi Stagnation), the “tap” becomes overheated and causes the skin to become hot. The herbal blend found in Herbsmith Clear AllerQi ® adjusts the liver and eliminates the heat without hampering the dog’s overall endurance.

When allergies happen, this means the body is suffering from excessive yang (heat). As the heat rises, it eliminates the body’s necessary fluids aka Yin. This elimination of fluids leads to Phlegm in the body bringing about symptoms such as ear and eye discharge, bad breath, greasy coat and poor skin. Herbsmith Clear AllerQi ® clears up the oversupply of yang (heat).

With a healthy diet and regular maintenance, Yin is restored and vigorous skin and coat are preserved.

Herbsmith Clear AllerQi ® includes several Chinese herbs that eliminate the heat and cool the body, thus harmonizing the animal’s defenses to support and promote normal skin conditions.

Use: Scratching, chewing, runny eyes and ears, sneezing, etc.

1-30 lbs – ½ tsp. twice a day
31-80 lbs 1 tsp. twice a day
81-120 lbs – 1 ½ tsp. twice a day
121 lbs – 2 tsp. twice a day

1 – 30 lbs – 1 tablet twice a day
31-80 lbs – 2 tablets twice a day
81-120 lbs – 3 tablets twice a day
121 lbs – 4 tablets twice a day

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270 count tablets, 75 g Powder, 150 g Powder, 500 g Powder, 90 count tablets


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