Pancreas Booster – For Healthy Function



  • 100% natural tonic designed to support the long term health of the pancreas.
  • Recommended for dogs who have experienced pancreatitis episodes.
  • Helps by creating the necessary enzymes vital to breaking down protein and fats.
  • Encourages the production of necessary horomones, naturally.

See ingredients and dosage below.

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PetAlive Pancreas Booster is a 100 percent herbal remedy designed to encourage pancreatic health and digestive functioning. Because the pancreas performs several vital functions, including the production of digestive enzymes and the production of insulin, its functioning is imperative. Pancreas Booster assists in these functions in a support role by producing the proper balance of enzymes and supporting healthy insulin production.

Many commercial pet foods contain large amounts of sugar and preservatives and therefore cause more problems for pets, leading to poor insulin production and pancreatic disorders. Pancreas Booster can help restore balance in terms of pancreatic health and can lead to proper and efficient production of enzymes.

Pancreas Booster may be presented to your pets in whole form or mixed in with food or a treat after opening. This is generally related to the preferences of your individual dog or cat.

A number of natural ingredients help make Pancreas Booster a quality natural supplement for your pet’s pancreatic health and well-being.

Bromelain has been researched for its capacity to support the pancreas, while goat’s rue contains amounts of blood sugar-supporting guanidine. Papain, an enzyme found in the papaya, can help break down meat fibers. Gymnema sylvestre is associated with supporting healthy blood sugar levels and fennel also has many of the same properties, plus its bitter principles aid in overall efficiency.

All products from Native Remedies’ Pet Alive line are made using the Full Spectrum Approach, which refers to a complement of standards and practices guaranteeing the usage of top-quality, lab-tested raw ingredients and high-standard manufacturing processes. The Full Spectrum Approach pledges products of excellent quality, efficacy and safety.
All products from Native Remedies’ Pet Alive line are not tested on animals and each individual ingredient is tested and researched for its safety and effectiveness.


Each capsule contains 355 mg of proprietary formula, which includes the following:

  • Gymnema leaf
  • Goats rue (herb)
  • Fennel (seed)
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Vegetable cellulose


Capsules may be given whole or opened and mixed with food or a treat.

Dogs under 20 pounds – half a capsule twice daily
Dogs 20 to 50 pounds – one capsule twice daily
Dogs over 50 pounds – one to two capsules twice daily

Response times can vary from dog to dog, but general improvement should be noticed within three to six weeks with regular usage.

It should be noted that this product has not been tested for safety during pregnancy or nursing.


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