Ancestral Beef Brain Glandular Supplement


The ancient belief that the consumption of healthy organ tissue will support the health of the corresponding organ has long formed the foundation of quality well being, even in animals, and that’s what makes desiccated beef brain supplement for dogs so exciting.

Consumption of Beef Brain Supplement as Food

Before you wince at the idea of consuming brains as food or start having visions of zombies bumbling through your head, the consumption of offal or brains as food goes back a long way. Like most other internal organs, the brain is a wholesome source of food and protein for human beings and animals alike. In fact, many cultures around the world consider brain a delicacy.

Brains are also nutritionally sound.

Mammal brains have a concentration of DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid with a host of benefits. Brains are dense in other nutrients, including bovine-derived phosphatidylserine. This compound has been shown to improve cognitive function in elderly people, plus it helps boost the enzymes responsible for transmitting cellular messages. It has also been shown to boost mood in adults.

As you can see, the consumption of brain matter as food can lead to the enhancement of brain function in the consumer. In other words, “like supports like.”

Focused Support for Natural Health

Desiccated beef brain glandular for dogs brings your canine back full circle to how things were before the incursions of modern life took hold. When your pet’s ancestors roved the plains and fields, they consumed whole foods and ate what was around them. The diseases borne out of today’s hodgepodge of popular science and marketing weren’t considered.

Thanks to desiccated beef brain glandular, you can give your dog focused support for natural health. The GrassFed beef brain provides 100 percent pure bovine brain including pituitary, hypothalamus and pineal glandular elements and lots of health benefits of beef brain. This leaves out any of the extra wonders from supplement companies, like stearates and silica, and sticks to the basics of natural health.

This Ancestral desiccated beef brain glandular for dogs is 100 percent freeze-dried and derived from New Zealand cattle, featuring a “nose-to-tail” production line that utilizes all aspects of the animal for maximum natural health support.

Consumption of Brain for Dogs

There are a number of ways to add beef brain supplement and glandular components to your dog’s diet, but one of the best ways is with desiccated beef brain supplement. This can be found in capsule form, often with liver, and can be added to your standard lineup of foods with ease.

The best way to administer capsules to your dog may vary, but you should always follow your veterinarian’s instructions if you have any misgivings. Freeze-dried New Zealand grass-fed whole brain extract capsules come in a suggested dosage of six capsules per day for human beings, so you’ll want to acclimatize that prescription for your pet.

These capsules contain grass-fed brain, pituitary gland, hypothalamus gland, and pineal gland along with the grass-fed liver. Collagen reinforces the capsules with beef gelatin. This product is 100 percent additive free and contains no stearates, lubricants, flow agents, fillers, or binders.

Directions & Dosage

One capsule for every 8-10 pounds of body weight. Example: one bottle will last a 70-pound dog 25 days giving 7 capsules daily. Can be mixed into food. Remember this IS A FOOD!

Weight 32 oz