Milk Thistle for Elevated Liver Enzymes



  • Most recommended herb for liver problems.
  • Contains organic milk thistle.
  • Easily absorbed tonic.
  • No side effects.
  • Very gentle for long term use.
  • 90 day guarantee included.

See additional information and recommended dosage below.

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The therapeutic uses of milk thistle dates back centuries.  It’s a very safe herb for dogs and is exceptionally helpful for liver problems.

Milk Thistle is by far the best option for dog’s diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes or other liver related health problems. Your dog’s liver is what filters contaminants from it’s body.  Unfortunately, like every other disease, there has been an increase in liver disease in dogs due to the use and overuse of anti-inflammatories, steroids, heart worm medications, chemical flea and tick products, vaccinations and a poor diet.

This amazing herb includes strong antioxidant properties which is one reason why it detoxifies the liver so well.  It’s recommended that dog owners cleanse their dog’s liver every 6-12 months even if there is no evidence of  liver disease.   A healthy low fat diet for your dog is a must if your dog was diagnosed with liver disease.  Avoid prescription foods, dry foods and commercial canned foods.  Either cook for your dog yourself, or look into a raw diet.

If your dog’s ALT enzymes are elevated, then this  product is recommended.  It includes a 90 day money back guarantee.

How long will a bottle last?

  • 1 bottle will last dogs up to 50 pounds for over one month.  Close to 45 days depending on the weight of the dog.  A 99 lb dog will get 15 days from one bottle.


Give once daily.  Administer 1 drop for every 1 pound (o.5kg) of your dog’s body weight up to fifty pounds.  Dogs over 50 pounds should receive 1 additional drop for every 2 pounds.


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