Burdock Root for Liver & Skin Problems


  • Kosher and organic
  • Highly recommended for dogs with liver problems.
  • Burdock’s organic compounds help the liver to do its job of clearing toxins from the blood.
  • Good for the skin.
  • One pound bag includes 1/4″ cut & sift pieces for making tinctures & decoctions.

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Burdock root is one of those magical herbal treatments you can give your dog for a number of ailments. It is mostly used as a preventative measure, ridding the body of environmental toxins and flushing pollutants away. It nabs free radicals in the liver, too.

Burdock root can also be used as part of your dog’s skin care regimen. It has been known to treat conditions like psoriasis and works internally to improve the overall look of your dog’s coat and skin.

Burdock root also purifies the blood and boosts the liver, assisting in overall kidney function along the way and alleviating stress on various internal organs.

It is a remarkably safe herbal treatment, too, and is especially good when used in its purest form – as in this offering from Starwest Botanicals.

Starwest Botanicals’ burdock root is a top-quality cut and sifted product from Croatia. It is available in a one-pound bag and is certified kosher and USDA organic. It is also certified organic by QAI and is filled with uniform pieces to ensure ease of use. The cut-and-sift method allows for sizes of about a quarter of an inch by a quarter of an inch, so this is an easy product to use in making teas, decoctions and tinctures.

Starwest Botanicals has been operating since 1975 and was founded in California. Its high-quality herbal offerings have built the brand a reputation of commitment to excellence and the company has only grown from there. They built their first herb mill in 1979 and began importing herbs in 1980.

Today, it is one of the largest suppliers of organic herbs in the United States and carries a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of its products.


Starwest Botanicals’ organic burdock root contains 100 percent organic, USDA-certified Croatian burdock root. It has been cut and sifted in uniform pieces and comes in a one-pound bag for a variety of applications. It is also certified kosher.


Please see our entire article here which includes directions and dosages for your dog.


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