Kidney Glandular


  • One of the safest, most effective therapies for your pet’s kidney health.
  • Nourishes weak, stressed and under-performing kidneys.
  • Pure, safe antibiotic and hormone free kidney tissue from New Zealand cows.

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One of the safest and most effective Holistic therapeutic methods available for your dog (or cat) with kidney problems, or to simply support healthy kidneys.

The belief behind using glandular therapy is that when these glands are taken internally, they cultivate and support the same gland within the body. We strongly recommend that you limit ALL organ supplementation to only pastured, or at least grass finished (not just grass fed) animals.  It’s very important that your pet ingest organ meat from animals who lived out their lives on a pasture and were fed a diet that was biologically appropriate for their particular species.  This eliminates the risk of disease and other threatening contaminants which are often found in confined farming practices.

Our Kidney Glandular supplement is certified PURE New Zealand Glandular freeze dried tissue taken from cows that were raised free range and antibiotic and hormone free as well as porcine free. For animals in the wild, eating glands is a vital part of their nutrition.  For example, when a dog consumes kidney gland, it will prosper from the many fat and water soluble vitamins as well as enzymes, co-factors, proteins and fatty acids specifically for kidney health.

Size: 25 gram container (powder).

The Benefits of Using Kidney Glandular  for Your Pet

  • A safe and effective therapeutic way to provide kidney support to both ailing or healthy kidneys.
  • Excellent way to nourish weak, stressed and under-performing kidneys.
  • Kidney tissue provides vital micro nutrients.
  • May have the potential to slow the progression of degenerative disease and promote healing of already damaged tissue.
  • For your pet’s safety, our glandular is certified PURE New Zealand gland and tissue taken from animals who were antibiotic and hormone free and lived free range.

How Does Glandular Therapy Work for Pets?

Glandular Therapy involves the feeding of glands, tissue and organs from healthy animals to both dogs and cats. Given as either tissue extract or fresh tissue to help improve the organ involved.  The idea behind glandular therapy is to strengthen the weakened organ or gland in question.  Glandular therapy increases organ/tissue function, tone and activity.

What Do Studies Show?

Dye and radioactive studies have shown that vital nutrients from a glandular supplement are typically absorbed intact or only slightly degraded while accumulating in the tissues of the organ or gland involved. Lab studies have detailed accelerated improvement of tagged cells or their components by traumatized glands or organs vs normal glands and organs.  These studies have lead to a

Radioactive and dye studies have demonstrated that nutrients from a glandular supplement are routinely absorbed intact or only partially degraded, and that these constituents can concentrate in target tissues. Laboratory studies have documented a more rapid uptake of tagged cells or their components by traumatized organs than normal organs, leading to enhanced healing rates. These observations have lead to a growing interest in glandular therapy for both dogs and cats.

Are Glandulars Safe?

This is a very safe form of supplementation with no apparent side effects.  This is considered a natural, whole food supplying vital nutrients that have a beneficial The safe, natural, whole food doses of supplemental nutrients have a beneficial result associated with various various health problems involving glandular insufficiency.

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