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Epakitan is a calcium based binder made from shrimp and shellfish. Manufactured by Vetoquinol USA, Inc. to support kidney function and help slow down the progression of renal failure in pets. Typically these kind of binders are designed to limit phosphorus absorption and used when phosphorous levels get too high in dogs and cats.

As our pets get older, kidney efficiency often declines. Epakitan supports the kidneys by effectively decreasing the stress on the kidneys.

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Product Description

Unfortunately, when an animal has renal problems, any additional phosphorous absorption can further damage already unhealthy kidneys. So, it’s important to feed a low phosphorous diet and only supply filtered water as well.

Epakitan is a popular choice for pet owners seeking help in slowing down the progression of the disease and help increase life expectancy.

Use: For pets with impaired kidney function or Renal Failure. Can be used with other supporting kidney therapies such as Azodyl. Safe to use in pets with healthy kidneys for prevention, or those who have existing kidney problems.

Directions: Feed one scoop of powder twice a day mixed with food.

Precaution: No known side effects.

Ingredients: Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan

Tip: For dogs with Chronic Renal Failure, a low phosphorus diet and filter water are highly recommended.


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