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D Mannose is a nutritional supplement that’s known for its vital role in supporting urinary tract health in people and pets, naturally. I use it myself, but thankfully haven’t had the need to use it for my dogs, yet anyway. Excellent choice for dogs and cats that are prone to UTIs.

It’s a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits such as cranberries and other berries, apples and peaches. Unlike antibiotics, D Mannose is safe enough to use daily and doesn’t destroy good bacteria in the gut.

According to Dr. Mercola, Pure D mannose is ten to fifty times stronger than cranberry though. It’s also non-toxic with zero adverse effects.

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Studies show that D Mannose reduces the risk of recurrent urinary tract infections as well as preventing them.

According to Washington University School of Medicine, urinary tract infections start once E. coli (which lives in the digestive tract and anal area) moves to the bladder, then passes through the protective cell coating which lines the bladder.

Then once urination starts, it eliminates the E. coli from the bladder. Unfortunately, all the bacteria doesn’t always get eliminated because its lectins adhere the E. coli to the bladder wall and can’t be easily rinsed away with urine flow.

Studies also show that bacteria levels in rats were reduced in one –two days. That’s pretty good.

What D Mannose Does

  • Supports your pet’s urinary tract health
  • Helps to maintain a normal balance of flora and healthy pH levels in the urine
  • Also beneficial to the immune system and digestive health
  • Helps eliminate reoccurring UTI’s

Use: For urinary tract health in people, dogs and cats. It’s also safe to use daily and safe to use with prescription medicines. Can be used as a prevention tool, or to treat existing urinary tract problems.

1-20 lbs – ½ tablet daily
21-40 lbs – 1 tablet daily
41-80lbs – 2 tablets daily
Over 81 lbs – 3 tablets daily

Precaution: No known side effects.

Ingredients: 100mg Cranberry Extract (from Vaccinium macrocspon), 150mg D Mannose, 35mg Vitamin C Active Ingredients

Tip: Include foods that add moisture to your dog’s daily diet. Dry food is not recommended. Raw and dehydrated diets provide the much needed moisture that dogs and cats require for optimal health.


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