Bentonite Clay Natural Binder for Kidney Health


  • Natural alternative for elevated BUN levels & the effects of failing kidneys.
  • Gentle and soothing.
  • Natural BINDER for neutralizing blood toxins.
  • Helps with the symptoms associated with kidney disease including stomach upset & loose stool.
  • Can be used as a preventative supplement for optimal kidney health.

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Bentonite clay for dogs is often called “healing clay” and for good reason. It can be used internally and externally making it a versatile option for both you and your dog actually.

You can even use the same product, as the calcium bentonite clay powder is made from animin. There are different usage instructions, but this clay product is unique in that it is safe for internal use.  Our bentonite clay is great for dogs encountering kidney problems.  Because chronic kidney disease effects 10 to 15 percent of dogs, bentonite clay becomes all the more important as your dog gets older.

While traditional medicine can provide relief in coping with symptoms of kidney disease in dogs, the addition of calcium bentonite can add an extra layer of respite. Research also shows application in overcoming the effects of osteoporosis in dogs and there are no contraindications in using it, which makes it a safe option for all – even nursing and pregnant dogs.

Because all clays originate from volcanic ash, disclose to high temperatures has allowed the micronutrient inside to drop one critical molecule of water. This turns to a negative ion, which allows the micronutrient to enter the cell through the cell membrane after ingestion. This is a scientific way of explaining that bentonite clay is effective because it gets right to the core of the matter.

What does this mean for your dog?

Put simply, bentonite clay is among the most versatile and effective treatments on the market for managing symptoms related to kidney disease and one of the safest products to use. Calcium bentonite clay neutralizes toxins that enter the body and moves through the digestive tract, attracting harmful bacteria, parasites and allergens along the way and flushing them right out of the system. It is a natural detoxifier.

Bentonite clay has been used for dogs with arthritis, yeast infections, kidney disease, allergies, dental concerns, SARDS, itching, and a host of other conditions.


Bentonite clay is made from pure calcium Montmorillonite clay.


Bentonite clay can be added to your dog’s food. It is tasteless and odorless and can be sprinkled directly on top of the food. A small amount of water should be added if your four-legged friend consumes dry kibble.

Specific usage instructions are as follows.  Add to wet food.
Dogs less than 20 pounds – 1/2 teaspoon
Dogs 20 to 50 pounds – 1 teaspoon
Dogs 50 to 90 pounds – 1 tablespoon
Dogs over 90 pounds – 1 to 2 tablespoons

For more advice on kidney disease, read our article here.



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