Ancestral Desiccated Beef Kidney


Kidney problems are among the most troublesome and painful illnesses that dogs can endure. Ancestral beef kidney for dogs is a super supplement.

Kidney Glandular is HIGHLY recommended for dogs with ANY kidney, bladder or other renal issues and disease.

Fortuitously, the consumption of desiccated beef kidney for dogs can help address the conditions that lead to sicknesses like urinary tract infections and even renal disease. Feeding a whole food lightly cooked, raw or partially raw diet is recommended in order to provide your dog’s kidneys and bladder what is needed to ward off and fight against disease.

Based on the ancient principle that “like supports like,” the ingesting of desiccated beef kidney for dogs draws on the wisdom of the ancestors to produce an entirely relevant health outlook. The philosophy is simple, with the consuming of one type of organ meat contributing to the health of the equivalent organ in the body of the consumer.

Therefore, the feasting of desiccated beef kidney efficiently and entirely underwrites the complete kidney health of one’s four-legged friend.

Ancient Wisdom with Modern Results

There are many reasons to doubt the wisdom of the ages, so to speak, and indeed it does seem that modern science has granted this world many gifts. But there is also logic in what the ancestors believed and how they practiced, with modern scientific studies revealing the health benefits of organ consumption in human beings and animals.

Before there were trendy superfoods, ancient peoples consumed animal organs as integral sources of nutrition and health. And the consumption of raw kidney was right in line with that wisdom.

For dogs, the consumption of desiccated beef kidney can lead to a host of health benefits. Found in handy capsules featuring freeze-dried New Zealand grass-fed beef kidney, this product aids dogs struggling with urinary disorders and a range of other kidney problems. The consumption of kidney even has detoxifying traits, which helps keep the organ operating at an optimal level.

Desiccated beef kidney for dogs contains “molecular bio-directors” that assist in drawing the body toward creating health tissue. This product is also high in B12 and selenium, which in turn contributes to the production of energy and healing for pets and humans alike.

Is beef kidney good for dogs?

Using Ancestral Desiccated Beef Kidney for Dogs

As a whole food supplement containing 100 percent whole pure bovine kidney in capsule form, this product is hormone, GMO and pesticide free and contains no flow agents or fillers. Using it is as easy as taking a capsule, which can be done a number of ways depending on the preferences of one’s animal. Some dogs are more apt to consume capsules than others, so pet families may want to consult a veterinarian for the best path forward.

The serving side for humans using desiccated beef kidney in capsule form is approximately six capsules per serving. Each capsule contains only bovine kidney and collagen derived from beef gelatin, which comes from the same source as the New Zealand grass-fed cattle.

Featuring healthy building blocks for kidney health, including organ-specific peptides, co-factors, proteins, and enzymes, desiccated beef kidney for dogs helps with the alleviation of various kidney issues and leads to overall better health. Desiccated beef kidney leads to vitality and an overall energy boost, too, which makes it the perfect supplement for a pet’s mealtime.

Weight 32 oz