Tick Herbal Protection Supplement for Dogs


  1. Safe, natural protection against biting ticks.
  2. Reduces tick bites.
  3. Kills engorged & biting ticks.
  4. Use only during tick season.

Use in combination with brewers yeast (added to your dog’s meal) and you will not need anything else for ticks or fleas!!

Tick bite protection and repellent supplement for dogs is an amazing all-natural alternative to the more expensive and chemical offerings found in most veterinary offices and pet stores. Unfortunately, as some pet owners know all too well, over the counter and veterinary purchased chemical flea and tick products for dogs have the potential to cause some potential lethal side effects like tremors and seizures. Why not try something safe and organic?

If you haven’t read my article on NATURAL LYME/TICK PREVENTION please do so at the link below. It’s very helpful!

Dog Lyme Natural Treatment Protocol

How to Treat & Prevent Tick Bites on Dogs Naturally?

One of the most common tick bite treatment for dogs is here. Composed of organic herbs like neem leaf (which repels ticks and reduces the amount of time they may bite your pet), garlic (naturally repellent for fleas and ticks and safe for your pet in small doses), astragalus root (strengthens the immune system) and cat’s claw bark (antimicrobial and immune booster) at old tick bite on dog. It also includes cayenne (reduces blood flow to the extremities), thyme herb (a powerful antimicrobial) and oregano herb (another strong antimicrobial).

What to use to prevent ticks on dogs?

This supplement offers three-layer protection by reducing the amount of old tick bite on the dog, providing antimicrobial protection and enhancing your pet’s immune function. It works from the inside out! If we are able to reduce the percentage of ticks that actually get onto your pet and bite, we can cut the risks of tick-borne diseases (such as Lyme’s Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever) almost in half.

If the tick does bite, the antimicrobial and immune functionality will promote healing so that your dog or cat’s body will be able to successfully fight off any potential infection. It is this type of holistic, whole pet approach that sets our Tick Bite Protection to supplement apart from all of the other flea and tick treatment dog products on the market.

How do You Treat a Tick Bite on a Dog?

Instructions for using this tick product for dogs :
Give 1 ml of our Tick Bite Protection supplement for every 50# of your pet’s body weight in the morning (with a maximum amount of 3 MLS daily). Give with food, if possible. This could mean either a small treat or a full breakfast meal. It’s best to start giving this supplement at least two weeks before the start of your area’s tick season so that your pet can build up their immunity. For the first week, give an additional dose in the evening.

Precautions of tick bite products for dogs :
Shake well prior to giving to your pet.

Do not give more than 3 MLS in a single 24 hour period.

Discontinue use at the end of the tick season.

Monitor for any unusual symptoms and contact your veterinarian immediately if any occur.

If you do find any ticks on your pet, monitor for fever, lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea and contact your veterinarian if any occur. This could indicate that your pet is suffering from a tick-borne illness.

Ingredients of Tick Treatment Products for dogs :
Active : Neem leaf (Azadiracta indica), Garlic (Allium sativum) Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceus), Cat’s Claw bark (Unacaria tomentosa), Thyme herb (Thymus vulgaris), Oregano herb (Origanum vulgare) and Cayenne (Capsicum annuum).  Inactive : organic alcohol, distilled water and garlic flower essence.
Our supplement contains only USDA, human grade organic herbs sourced from reputable manufacturers. Organic, human grade herbs provide the most bang for your buck, having the largest amount of beneficial properties than other, more synthetic or poorer quality herbs.

Weight 24 oz

2oz, 4oz

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