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You can choose a donation amount in the drop box below. The cost for a Private Consultation is $125.

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Contributions can be made here on this page as well. The cost of a private consultation is $125.00.

This page is set up specifically for those that would like to purchase a private consultation or make a donation to our website to help us continue our work on educating pet owners about the MANY benefits of using natural remedies to help their old dog.

We spend a great deal of time with those pet parents that reach out to us and our goal is to stay with you until you feel comfortable moving forward with your pet on your own. We also spend a great deal of time on our blog articles to make sure that they TRULY make a difference. For us, it’s not about just putting content out there. The content we put out there, matters to us!

We want you to know that we are honored to help you on your natural, holistic journey to better health for your dog. We take great pride in each and every private consultation we do.

If  you don’t want a private consultation, but simply want to donate, we truly APPRECIATE your generosity and any contribution that you decide to make. This helps us to help older dogs everywhere!

How to Set Up a Private Consultation

Because of the time-consuming nature of this service, we respectfully charge a $125 consultation fee to compensate for the time it takes to work with you and your dog, ongoing. There’s no expiration for our consultation, meaning we work with you ongoing for as long as you need us. We’re here for you whenever you need us. No expiration!

If you would like to participate in this beneficial service, please reach out to us using our contact form here after purchasing your consultation and let us know that you would like to start right away.

We will then forward you some questions via email that will help us to better understand what may be going on with your best friend. We don’t replace your veterinarian’s advice; we simply offer some other natural alteratives for you to consider.

Setting up a Phone Appointment

Once you’ve completed the questionaire for your private consultation, just reply back back to us with your answers and we will schedule a phone appointment with you as well. We typically communicate by phone once at the beginning stages of the consultation. This helps all involved to better understand the situation.

We will work with you tirelessly to develop a personalized protocol for your dog. Our goal is NOT to send you the protocol and be done with you; instead we stay with you on your journey. We communicate to see how things are going. You are free to email Janie with any questions or concerns. You are not alone on your journey.


Just in case you didn’t know ….


When our dogs get older, the process of maturing can be difficult to navigate for even the most loving of pet owners.

After your dog has seen your vet and you’re left wondering where to go, that’s where we come in. We help you navigate through that process of dealing with your sick senior dog.

We work with you to help you develop the right diet (based upon your dog’s sickness), herbs and supplements and other natural remedies as part of your best friend’s healing plan. Again, we ARE NOT replacing your dog’s veterinarian’s recommendations, we simply share nutritional guidance and natural ideas.

As a valued supporter, you’ll be giving to the cause of supporting senior dog health and nutrition in natural, holistic and healthy ways.

Those who frequent know they can trust that our passion for pets will always be a guiding light by providing the best information possible. This will always be our primary principle.

Old Dog Care

A Little More About Us

Founded by Janie, this site has become a flourishing community for senior dog owners over the years. Bound by the common love for pets, this community has shared in the joys and struggles of our furry family members. From using herbal treatments to managing pain to exploring the stresses and trials of pet loss, continues to be a prominent resource and gathering place.

Janie’s 30 years of experience have been a benefit far and wide, as she’s lovingly shared her passion for pets with anyone and everyone. From her resolute exploration of studies in whole nutritional health and herbal therapy to her relentless desire to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine and stress relief for senior dogs, we are ever guided by Janie’s zeal for helping ease pain and extending the lives of old dogs everywhere.

If this is your passion too or if you are inspired by the work you see on YourOldDog, consider participating today. Know that your contribution is cherished and utilized toward the continuous construction and maintenance of this incredible resource. Whether through the authoring of a cookbook or the establishment and maintenance of a growing online store, continues to grow with each passing moment.

How Your Contribution Helps

Your input and donations help in distributing information that puts pets first and leaves the corporate-led spin behind. With our developing resource of educational blogs, beneficial articles, workbooks, products, and other online resources, we here at are proud to offer an alternative that works.

Along with our enormous selection of online resources, we also offer consultation services. These include ongoing private email consultations and telephone calls to help pet owners discuss their dog’s serious health concerns and how we can help by providing nutritional, herbal and holistic recommendations.

Here at, we can help with numerous concerns in a direct and productive way, working with you from start to finish.

As Sydney Jeanne Seward said, “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”

Watching those most faithful friends live through their twilight years is not always easy, but with the right tools, we can ease pain and suffering and create many happy memories with our senior dogs. By contributing to today, you’re helping the discovery, preservation, and provision of many of those tools and giving back to a community that loves and cares about pets as much as you do.

Private Consultation & Donation

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