Natural Calcium Supplement


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  • Pure Seaweed Calcium.
  • Easier to digest than bone meal.
  • Naturally contains the much needed magnesium to turn calcium into bone.
  • Convenient option for those that home prepare their dog’s meals.
  • Tested for purity.


Unfortunately, most calcium supplements can be pretty hard for dogs to digest.

For example, their systems aren’t designed to absorb large particles of calcium typically found in bone meal.  When using egg shells, they have to be crushed into a very fine almost powder, in order to be absorbed.  Large particles can’t be absorbed by the body and will pass as is through the body entirely, with no benefit to the dog at all.

Seaweed calcium is easier for dogs to digest, because it is made up of tiny fragments that your pet’s system can absorb much easier.  Seaweed naturally contains magnesium which is needed in order to turn calcium into bone.

100% Pure Seaweed Calcium with no additives or fillers of any kind.

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