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If we’re being honest, we’ll acknowledge that dog treats are often, well, bland. Oh sure, dogs might lap up the usual flavors and combinations because it’s what they’re used to. But most pet owners don’t know how great all natural dog treats can be because they haven’t been exposed to anything besides the typical store-bought fare.

That’s where these delightful, delicious natural dog cookies come in. You’ve never seen such flavors, such goodness. What’s more, these dog treats are made in small batches to ensure quality control and they are devoid of wheat, corn, artificial coloring, and preservatives. That makes them not only delightful but incredibly healthy for your four-legged friend.

And guess what else? These all natural dog treats are so good and so natural that even people can enjoy them.

What are the best natural dog treats?

Here are just some of the amazing Dog Treats & Chews flavors.

Peanut Butter and Banana Dog Treats

There are just three ingredients here: peanut butter, banana and oat flour. That’s it.

Oat flour is a great choice for these natural dog cookies because they are naturally gluten free and contain a protein that is easier for dogs to use and digest than standard wheat or corn flours. Also, the peanut butter included in these treats contains no xylitol. That’s a way big corporations sweeten up peanut butter in big batches, but these dog treats do not contain any such additives.

Bacon and Egg Dog Treats

If you’re salivating at the idea of a bacon and egg all natural dog treat, you’re not alone.

These delicious goodies for dogs (and people) feature real bacon and scrambled egg whites, just like you might have for breakfast. It also uses oat flour as a foundation, which is safer and healthier for your pet. With the taste and smell of real bacon and eggs, you really can’t go wrong feeding your dog these delectable treats.

Pumpkin Dog Treats

Pumpkin is a great food for dogs because it works as a digestive aid and calms upset stomachs. It’s a great source of fiber.

These all natural dog treats contain pumpkin and peanut butter as part of their all natural flavor complement. It’s infused with cinnamon, which contributes to heart health and the combating of diabetes. Oat flour is also included, along with eggs for added protein.

Apple Carrot Dog Treats

As you might already imagine, these all natural dog treats contain apples and carrots as part of a mouth-watering recipe. They are also finished with oat flour and contains no wheat, corn or soy. Each heat-sealed bag contains six ounces of these enjoyable treats, which come packed all the crunch of apple and carrot you’d expect from a top-quality, natural dog cookie.

Italian Anise Biscotti Dog Treats

If this sounds exotic to you, it is. This full-size, Italian-style biscotti treat for dogs is a really special item ideal for boxers, shepherds and Labradors but definitely appropriate for any pet. Made with love and passion by Salvatore and Cosmo, these dog cookies are just like Italian biscotti and feature many health benefits for your pet. They can even freshen breath, which is a major bonus for pet owners!

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