Essiac Tea for Liver & Immune Health, Tumor Support & Ridding Body Toxins (1lb in four 4oz packets)


  • It contains 8 anti-cancer herbs.
  • Protects cells and increases antibodies to fight disease.
  • Detoxifies the body by purifying the blood and removing waste from the liver.
  • It helps to improve organ and tissue function and restore a strong immune system.
  • It eliminates parasites throughout the body.
  • Increases energy and builds strength.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory.

Dosage and additional information below.

Essiac Tea is often thought of as one of the best natural weapons against cancer and other serious conditions. This incredible tea gets its name from Canadian nurse Rene Caisse’s last name spelled backward. Rene observed an Ojibway (Native American) medicine man use a blend of four specific herbs on a cancer patient in the hospital where she worked. She was so amazed at the results that she decided to further research the herbal blend.

Rene along with Dr. Charles Brusch did extensive research at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Massachusetts on the tea and its tremendous health benefits.

Their eight-year research concluded that one particular tea formula always seemed to exceed the others. Our particular formula includes four herbs used in the original formula, plus four additional herbs.

Our herbs are all organic, chemical-free, pesticide-free, non-irradiated, 100% fresh at all times.

Use: This product targets the immune system and supports immune response in dogs and people. Essiac tea is also known for treating tumors in dogs. It also rids the body of toxins. Essiac tea dosage for dogs may help protect against disease. In order to get the most from the tea and to lessen the chances of nausea: give 2 hours before a meal or 1 hour after a meal.

Ingredients: Blessed Thistle, Burdock Root, Kelp, Red Clover, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, Turkish Rhubarb Root, Watercress.

Precautions: Essiac Tea dosage for dogs should be taken on an empty stomach if possible. It may cause nausea, diarrhea or digestive discomfort if consumed to close to mealtime or if drinking large amounts of water around the same time. Start with a smaller dosage and work up.

Note:However, if your pet won’t drink the tea by itself, you can add the tea to the food wet or dry because of essiac tea is good for dog tumors also. It’s a matter of getting the tea into your dog. You can also add a little warm chicken broth to the tea vs water as a way to entice your dog to drink it.

Start with 1/2 of the recommended dosage and work up to the full dose over a period of 5 days.

1-15 lbs. – ½ oz. daily.
16-35 lbs. – 1/2 oz twice daily
36-55 lbs. – 1 oz twice daily
56-85 lbs. – 2 oz twice daily
85 lbs. or over – 3 oz. twice daily

TAKE NOTE: You want the tea to stay fresh in the refrigerator, so you don’t want to make too much at one time. For dogs over 85 lbs, you can purchase the 4 oz. bags that make more tea at one time and dogs this size require more tea.

Weight4 oz