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Use essiac tea for dogs who have liver issues, need immune repair, diagnosed with cancer and disease (best supplement for cancer), ridding your dog’s body of toxins.

Essiac Tea is often thought of as one of the best natural weapons against cancer and other serious conditions.  This incredible tea gets its name from Canadian nurse Rene Caisse’s last name spelled backward. Rene observed an Ojibway (Native American) medicine man use a blend of four specific herbs on a cancer patient in the hospital where she worked. She was so amazed at the results that she decided to further research the herbal blend.

Rene along with Dr. Charles Brusch did extensive research at the Brusch Medical Research Center in Massachusetts on the tea and its tremendous health benefits.

Their eight-year research concluded that one particular tea formula always seemed to exceed the others. Our particular formula includes four herbs used in the original formula, plus four additional herbs.

If you feel you could use some additional help: We offer private consultations to help pet owners with diet (recipes) and choosing the right supplements based upon your dog’s condition. You can learn more about how to set up a private consultation for your dog at this link here:  Setting Up a Private Consultation

About Our Essiac Tea

Herbs are all organic, chemical-free, pesticide-free, non-irradiated, 100% fresh at all times.

Use: This product targets the immune system and supports immune response in dogs and people. Essiac tea is also known for naturally treating tumors, lymphoma and other forms of cancer in dogs. It also rids the body of toxins. Essiac tea dosage for dogs may help protect against disease.

Precautions: Essiac Tea dosage for dogs should be taken on an empty stomach if possible. It may cause nausea, diarrhea or digestive discomfort if consumed to close to mealtime or if drinking large amounts of water around the same time. Start with a smaller dosage and work up.

For Best Results Do This

In order to get the most from the tea and to lessen the chances of nausea: give 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.

Note: If your pet won’t drink the tea by itself, you can add the tea to the food wet or dry if necessary. It’s a matter of getting the tea into your dog to target tumors and disease.

You can also add some warm broth (beef, chicken, vegetable, etc) to the tea vs water as a way to entice your dog to drink it. Don’t overthink how much broth to add. It’s not going to affect how the essiac tea works.

Start with 1/2 of the recommended dosage and work up to the full dose over a period of a couple of days.


Pets weight: up to 15 lbs.
STARTING WITH 1/2 ounce of tea daily. If tolerated well, INCREASE TO 1/2 ounce twice daily. 1/2 ounce twice daily is the recommended dose for agressive conditions.

Pets weight: 15-35 lbs.
STARTING WITH 1/2 ounce twice daily. If tolerated well, INCREASE TO 1 ounce twice daily. 1 ounce twice daily is the recommended dose for aggressive conditions.

Pets weight: 35-55 lbs.
STARTING WITH 1 ounce twice daily. If tolerated well, INCREASE TO 2 ounces twice daily.

2 ounces is the recommended dose for agressive conditions.

Pets weight: 55-84 lbs.
STARTING WITH 2 ounces twice daily. If tolerated well, INCREASE TO 3 ounces twice daily. 3 ounces twice daily is the recommended dose for agressive conditions.

If your pet weighs 85 lbs. or more,
STARTING WITH 3 ounces twice per day. If tolerated well, INCREASE TO 3 ounces three times daily.  3 ounces three times daily is the recommended dose for agressive conditions.

TAKE NOTE: It’s easiest and recommended to make one gallon at a time which will easily last 2 weeks in the refrigerator. 

How long will the tea last in the package? The supplier says  1 year after purchase. However, they also mention that the tea will most likely still be effective up to 3 or 4 years from the time of purchase, but to be on the safe side, purchasing fresh product after a year is recommended.

Storage: Store unprepared tea in the package in a cool, dark place like a cupboard.

Weight 4 oz

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  1. Jana G.

    Jana G. (verified owner)

    I do believe it is helping my 3 year old mastiff with lymphoma

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  2. Debra R.

    My dachshund has lymphoma

    Debra R. (verified owner)

    I reached out to Janie from your old dog when Jax was diagnosed with lymphoma and she put together this protocol for him and essiac tea was one of the supplements she recommended. I honestly believe this stuff is the “magic” that keeps Jax cancer from spreading. He’s not supposed to be here. He did no western treatment for they gave him 1-2 months to live. He’s thriving remarkably at almost 10 months and still growing strong. There’s something to holistic care he’s living proof and i thank everything to Janie and her knowledge.

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  3. Lawrence C.

    Lawrence C. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and results

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  4. Donna P.

    Something Working!

    Donna P. (verified owner)

    I have been giving my 9 year old German Shepherd Essiac Tea everyday since she was diagnosed with Adeno carcinoma of the nose in early October 2019. Her prognosis at that time was weeks to possibly a few months. Since she was not having severe breathing problems and did not seem to be in pain, we opted to take a wait and see approach. I decided to start her on Essiac Tea along with some other Chinese remedies and vitamins and she is still with us. She has had minimal nose bleeds, no reverse sneezing and no difficulty breathing since starting this regime. Not sure if it’s helping, but doesn’t seem to be hurting.

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  5. David K.

    David K. (verified owner)

    High quality organic and clean very pleased also Jane is the best always helpful when it comes to you and your pet companion

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  6. Kat


    Since last December, my little dog Pedro and I have been on quite a rollercoaster ride with his health. Seemingly more lethargic than usual—mostly I thought because he protests the winter weather, but when he wasn’t eating and started losing weight I became worried. After a trip to our vet, his lab results confirmed elevated liver enzymes with a strong recommendation to get an ultrasound.

    The ultrasound on 1/7/2020 showed pretty much the worst, nodules on his enlarged liver and the report “indicated significant disease with multiple sonographic abnormalities including his Liver, Kidneys, Spleen, Gallbladder, GI Tract, Pancreas, Bladder.” as the ultrasound vet spoke in a quiet even tone as I fought back tears. Although no official diagnosis (I didn’t want to put him through the trauma of a biopsy) no wonder my little Petey had a wicked upset tummy and just wanted to lay down.

    We were prescribed Sucralfate (basically this gel that acts like a bandaid to his ulcers) and Omeprazole (over the counter antacid heartburn meds) with instructions to crush and mix these meds with water to give a “slurry” via syringe–lovely.

    Pedro, using what little strength he had left— used it to fight like hell to resist these meds. Thrashing, whining, growling, trying to bite (although he has few teeth). Eventually he looked at me with the saddest eyes of defeat, trusting me that I was doing the best for him. After the medication routine, he still seemed miserable and still didn’t want to eat.

    The next day we were back to our regular vet with the ultrasound update and prescribed antibiotics and an appetite stimulant. Great- now 4 meds for him to fight against.

    This wasn’t fair and felt like I was torturing Pedro trying to balance 4 meds and he still wasn’t eating well, the little strength he had left he was using to fight the liquid meds. I was sure that the meds were making him even sicker.

    After another day of this we were back to the vet because Pedro seemed weaker and was now constipated on top of it all. I explained and advocated how I believed the meds were making him sicker with the Vet’s response “these meds wouldn’t make anything worse” while they administered IV fluids to Pedro and sent us off with CBD oil, urgent care canned food and told us to get miralax for his constipation.

    I was DONE, that night I stopped giving Pedro any meds and tried the CBD oil, got him to eat the urgent care food while having a few arguments with my fiance about my decision.

    The next morning, my fiance erratically gave Pedro the ulcer medication because she thought it would help….(still upset about that) Pedro ate breakfast and then as we were coming back inside, projectile vomited (a first in 14 years for him) and once inside had an abrupt diarreia accident all over one of the dog beds partially digested food. (gross)

    My fiance scheduled a hospice vet who did a home visit later that day who validated me when I explained that I took Pedro off his meds. She agreed with me while giving me a small supply of an anti-nausea medication? She also gave Pedro a prognosis of 4 weeks-WHAT? I didn’t respond because I was in shock, I did not want to believe her and I was being polite since she was in my house. But, WHAT? 4 weeks? —That was 4 weeks ago as I write this.

    As soon as the hospice vet left my house, I started researching holistic health and at home remedies for dogs. I stumbled upon www. and reached out for help.

    I am so very grateful I did! Janie is wonderful and has coached me for about 4 few weeks now regarding Pedro’s health. As a result of following her recommendations, Pedro has been doing MUCH BETTER! Essiac tea has given Pedro a much better quality of life and Janie’s guidance brought my little dog back to life!

    Janie has provided me with thorough instructions, regarding supplements to purchase and recipes to cook from her cookbook. Pedro also NEVER fights me when syringing his supplements! She also highly recommended Essiac tea. I had no idea what it was and thought I could get it at Whole Foods, oops you learn something new everyday. I ordered it directly from Janie and within a few days the huge ulcer on Pedro’s lip went down! Pedro has been recovering and I am so very grateful for Essiac Tea and!

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  7. Dale


    I had Lhasas and over the years really learned how important good food and supplements are. Handro, my old guy died at almost 20 and his last 3 kids died last year at the ages of 17. I like to pass on my story that at the age of 15, my little Lhasa Apso named Handro developed a very aggressive squamous carcinoma in his nostrils.

    I had a holistic vet who suggested trying Essiac Tea because other treatments weren’t really feasible. I brewed the tea, gave him 1 oz 3 times a day. Within a week the tumor started to shrink and within a month it was totally gone showing no sign there had ever been anything wrong – and he lived another 5 years.

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  8. Georgie U.

    Georgie U.

    I am certainly not a dog but did myself have cancer. They wanted to do chemo and radiation and I refused it and returned home and ordered an elixir of essiac. I have been cancer free for 8 yrs.

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  9. Audrey B.

    Audrey B.

    My large lab developed a fast growing tumor on her front left paw and her holistic vet diagnosed it as Fibrosarcoma. The tumor appeared quickly out of no where. He said that he could place her on a supplement that he carried which would cost $200 a month. A surgeon opted to amputate the leg. I chose to take care of her myself.

    I started homecooking with meat and vegetables. I included the Essiac Tea twice daily. The tumor has shrunk tremendously. Initially when we measured her foot at the time of starting Essiac in August, it was 7.25" around the entire tumor and foot. Two months later, it was 6-3/4". Eight months later, I'm so happy to say that it's now 6.0". Her normal paw is 5-3/4". So, this is amazing.

    She is doing great. She had a thyroid issue and is on medicine for that too. She looks so young and she's nine years I run her every day and she is one happy girl and me too!

    I highly recommend using Essiac Tea if your dog has been diagnosed with cancer.

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