Superfood Desiccated Beef Lung for Dogs


How can Beef Lung help my dog?

Our desiccated beef lung for dogs is an excellent breathing and respiratory supplement for dogs. The lung contains arteries, capillaries and veins in the proportions that exist in the body, which makes it an excellent source for a veritable mountain of accompanying nutrition. As with the inherited nutritional concept of “like supports like,” the ingesting of lung tissue helps sustain lung health in the consumer. Among the most important, most nourishing organ foods in nature are the liver, bone marrow and lungs. Early humans preferred these parts due to their nutritive content and their animals ate from these pieces as well. Of particular interest is the lung, which contains an extra ordinary mass of differentiated blood vessels.

For your four-legged friend, this translates to the ground work of good respiratory health.

Dogs that consume lung tissue benefit from the concentration of building blocks, peptides and enzymes and are then capable of fighting off a host of lung afflictions. These illnesses include respiratory disorders like asthma and bronchitis as well as different situational difficulties like dust inhalation and allergic reactions.

There are a number of other lung problems that can impact dogs, including pulmonary edema. This build up of fluid in the lungs leads to damage of the organ. It is not limited to dogs of any age or type and can impact any animal, which makes finding the right lung support supplement all the more imperative. And because conditions like pulmonary edema have high recurrence rates, the use of desiccated beef lungs for dogs is worth a shot.

Is beef lungs good for dogs?

Grass-fed Beef Lung For Dogs

If lung health is a priority, grass-fed beef lung supplements for dogs, available as desiccated beef lungs for dogs, is the best answer. Those seeing intensive support for natural health will find beef lung among the most effective tools in the toolkit because it is foundational in bolstering the respiratory system and alleviating many of the respiratory conditions that can plague dogs of any age.

This product is a whole food product, including bovine lung and liver that is from pasture-raised cattle in NewZealand. These animals are grass-fed and grass-finished. They are hormone, GMO and pesticide free, resulting in an end product that contains no fillers, flow agents or other meaningless add-ons.

In humans, the supplement is managed in doses of one capsule – commonly taken with meals. Each capsule contains just grass-fed bovine lung and grass-fed bovine liver with collagen sourced from beef gelatin to bind it together. This product does not contain any stearates, binders, fillers, or lubricants either, so you can rest assured that you are getting a whole food for your animal.

The addition of liver in this formula makes this supplement a super food of epic proportions. With lung support from the bovine lung tissue as a foundation, the liver addition creates a treasure trove of vitamin B12, vitamin A, folate, and choline for your four-legged friend. One capsule of this desiccated beef lungs for dogs can aid in everything from lung function to digestive health to brain function.


Use one capsule for every 8-10 lbs of body weight. Will last a a 70 pound dog 25 days giving 7 capsules daily. Remember this IS A FOOD and can be mixed directly with your pets wet meal! You can open up the capsules and mix in with the meal.


Weight 32 oz

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