Ancestral Pure Adrenal Glandular for Dogs


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Why & when should  you use Adrenal Glandular for your dog?

Considered a whole food for dogs with auto-immune conditions such as Cushings Disease or Thyroid Disease; feeding adrenal gland is highly recommended.  When either of these glands is in jeopardy, the thyroid or the adrenal glands, we recommend that you support both glands with the individual glandulars since these organs work together to maintain hormonal balance in the body.  So, if the adrenal glands are in jeopardy, feed both the andrenal glandular and the thyroid glandular and vice versa.

Adrenal Glandular supports and nourishes under-performing and otherwise weakened adrenal glands in your dog’s system by providing essential proteins and nutrients. Because the majority of domestic diets for animals is missing glandular supplementation found in wilderness-based consumption, Adrenal Glandular fills the gap and provides that extra benefit from water-and-food soluble vitamins, proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, and co-factors.

This product also supports your dog’s liver and contains liver glandular in general maintenance amounts of 250mg.


The adrenal desiccated gland supplement should be taken with food. Simply open and sprinkle on top of your dog’s food (preferably homemade or raw). Simply open the capsule and sprinkle on top of your dog’s food. Your dog will love it. It’s pure organ meat. They know!

Capsule form – 180 per bottle

Dosage is 1 capsule for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Amount per capsule:

  • Grass fed adrenal with liver (freeze dried) 500mg
  • Grass fed bovine adrenal 250mg

More details of Ancestral Supplements Adrenal:

  • Comes from Pasture raised catted in New Zealand
  • Grass fed & finished
  • NO fillers or flow agents
  • Pesticide, hormone & GMO FREE
  • 100% freeze dried
  • This glandular is NON-DEFATTED meaning it is untouched as these organs are in nature
  • Tested for purity by a 3rd party

What is glandular therapy?

Glandular Therapy

Adrenal Glandular functions as glandular therapy for your pet, which means that it essentially “feeds” your dog healthy glands in order to support the equivalent gland. In other words, feeding your dog adrenal glands would help support your dog’s adrenal glands.

Because most store-bought diets are missing this dynamic constituent, Adrenal Glandular ensures that your pet receives a safe and healthy alternative. In most cases, supplements are obtainable as either fresh tissue or tissue extracts to provide enhanced glandular function.

Scientific support for glandular therapy discloses via radioactive and dye studies that nutrients supplied by glandular supplements are generally absorbed whole and are therefore concerted in target tissues. Laboratory studies further reveal that improved healing rates are possible due to a rapid uptake of “tagged cells” by distressed organs in contrast to healthy organs. This suggests an opening for glandular therapy, which can help provide direct nutrient support to distressed organs.

In other words, your dog’s system is plainly seeking assistance from glandular therapy. That’s where Adrenal Glandular comes in.

Glandular therapy, such as what is obtained through use of Adrenal Glandular, has been noted to have a “sparing effect” on multiple health problems in pets. Glandular therapy has been used to assuage hormone deficiency without overwhelming natural function, as this approach purely boosts the glandular function already present in the body. Glandular therapy does not impede supplementary hormone production, which can be a side effect of out-dated pharmaceutical treatments.

Pure Clean Ingredients

Ancestral Adrenal Glandular only uses freeze-dried, certified-pure New Zealand glandular tissue from pastured cows that are hormone-and-antibiotic free. Glandular therapy should only be utilized with products that come from animals raised free of the risks associated with confined animal feeding operations. This is due to the proliferation of diseases and contaminants found in shared facilities, which in turn undermines the integrity of Adrenal Glandular and other glandular therapy products.

Adrenal Glandular uses only freeze-dried (lyophilized) New Zealand bovine liver and adrenal tissue. This product is free of flow agents and synthetic chemical ingredients.

Weight 32 oz

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