Ancestral Sheep Thymus for Dogs


Many may not have heard of the thymus, let alone the role of the thymus extract in dogs, but this specialized primary organ of the lymphatic system plays a huge role in the immune system. Further to that point, beef thymus extract for dogs plays a huge role in the health of a pet’s thymus.

What is the sheep Thymus Extract for dogs?

The thymus is a big part of a dog’s defensive system. T cells mature in the thymus, a specialized lymphoid organ in the immune system, and that supports the adaptive immune system. The adaptive immune system is where the body comes up with the tools it requires to fight off pathogens and build immunity to certain conditions.

When the thymus is not functioning well, dogs are not “learning” the immunity controls normally set by T cells. There are several subsets of T cells and all of them have their own specializations, which makes their functioning a vital element of total body health. T cell types include the effector cells, which respond to stimuli, and the white blood cell boosters known as T helper cells. There are also killer cells, which eliminate virus-infected cells and even tumors.

The thymus in dogs is at its largest before adolescence. After that period passes, the organ shrinks down and degenerates into fat tissue. The generation of lymphocytes does carry on throughout adult life, however, even if the stoutest boosting of immune function is more essential for younger dogs.

The thymus is an integral tool for acclimatizing a puppy’s immune system. As dogs age, the beef thymus extract is less necessary because the immune system has adapted to developing needs.

Even so, there are those who believe that poor thymus function – even as the organ shrinks – is to blame for frequent infections. For those people, there are a number of supplements to employ.

What is Ancestral Sheep Thymus Extract supplement do?

Desiccated sheep thymus extract for dogs, available in capsule form, is a whole dietary food supplement from 100 percent pure thymus. The sheep are pasture-raised in New Zealand and are grass-fed and grass-finished, accounting for the purest form of thymus available on the market today. The capsules are hormone and GMO-free, with no fillers or flow agents.

For adult humans, one dosage of desiccated beef thymus is six capsules. For dogs, the dosage should be modified with the guidance of a veterinarian. He or she will take a dog’s size and weight into account and address any supplementary needs for dogs with low immune function.

Desiccated sheep thymus works by boosting cell-mediated immunity and subsequently giving the immune system a little kick. By observing ancient wisdom that “like supports like,” the feeding of pure desiccated beef thymus is believed to positively impact the thymus.

Cell-mediated immunity, as generated by a healthy immune system and a “knowledgeable” thymus, fights a veritable army of infections, diseases and other health difficulties. By reinforcing a pet’s immune system and delivering top-tier complementary support, desiccated sheep thymus may be the ultimate pet supplement.


Weight 32 oz

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